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  1. Mark moger, once a loving boyfriend, A happy man with a promising life. Took a trip to China with his girlfriend Emily, after an unforgettable week he proposed to her and of course she said yes. Mark has felt like he is the happiest he has ever been and on their way back the plane suddenly shook and for unknows reasons communications were out. Not long after the plane crashed in the middle of the ocean all Mark could remember was flames, people screaming swimming for life rafts, it was then where he saw Emily on one of them and passed out. Mark awakes on a beach with no explanation why, where he is, or where is Emily. He is in shock, panic and feels nothing but fear. He is sure that Emily made it too and decided to look for her on the beach, where he saw something, a human like creature but not quite human attacking and eating another man. He started running along the road hoping someone can help him hoping someone can explain to him what Is going on. He came across a big city, and his story begins.
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