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  1. Server issues and connection issues. So I gave up
  2. With the op? When was this? If this was yesterday I was having serious connection issues, I had to re log.. When we got attacked same again connection issues always get spikes when Multiple people come into range it sucks. I gave Peter water and my hatchet as good will.
  3. How ridiculous. Its clear to tell that the report is over with.
  4. You would say that! Just like you think we would say different. Proper jokes. Dude you are behind a keyboard you certainly wouldn't bully me out of game That footage is brilliant by the way.. We both riddled the hell out of you and I saw blood pouring from your body yet you took no damage.. Massive lag spike when you all came in for both of us yet nothing for you. Then you have the cheek to mock my PVP.. You lot cry when alone its actually quite satisfying.
  5. ? Dude he was talking to us and ts was coming through voip. You boys are all mouth in a group and bully the civilians Im doing my bit. Next time he gets a bullet.
  6. We had recently been held up and managed to escape and take one of them out.. He had a green armband in his pocket saying he wanted to roll with us we seemed like good guys... He was dressed funny and acting weird. We were moving on when we ran into another local.. We were asking him simple questions and when asked about a group affiliation he didnt comply. To risky for us anyone could be around. we held him up and asked him to go into the house for further questioning when we heard him on a different coms communicating giving our location away. We asked him to take his clothes off so we could see if he had a green armband which he didnt.. He said you have to let me go you cant do anything as I am a compliant hostage in which then I replied I could execute you if I wanted. I had a change of heart as I am here to restore order and peace.. Asked him to drop his mosin in the house and head the opposite way. after about 10 minutes we realized we were being tailed.. Held up in said house wandering what the hell was going on.. No communication or role playing as they only had defense rights as we stated we are not here to cause any trouble. We are allowed to take precautions.. I only reported this as It was unfair due to him using coms when we are in a role play situation trying to get to the bottom of it and move on and he kept going quiet for minutes. Yet we let him be still and tried carrying on with our interrogation. You are all liars and get away with pretty much anything its brilliant!
  7. Your friend said we robbed him? We left his mosin in the building we didnt need to take anything it was precaution and once again we were right. We took nothing off him we recently bumped into locals who tried to kill us hiding green armbands in their pockets.. We had to check him and see if he was doing the same... We let him go but before that we heard him having a conversation through another comms which isnt allowed due to being engaged in rp... I mean you got their pretty quick and knew were we were heading. Pretty sure you only have defense rights and we weren't attacking. Pretty lame.. See you in chenarus.. Plenty more of you to kill.. Taken my fair share out today
  8. Fair enough guys.. I was having serious issues logged back in as soon as I could
  9. Server and location: SOSNOVKA Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Midday maybe Your in game name: Ritchie Grimes Names of allies involved: Maksim Kuznetsov Name of suspect/s: ?? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Me and a friend were being followed, we headed to the house to take up safe haven and locked the doors... These 2 guys ran up to the building and loaded their weapons... We said we dont want trouble they said absolutely nothing unlocked the door ran up and killed us??? We were trying to get to the trade post....
  10. Grew up in the UK, a town called Bournemouth I traveled a lot working as a carpenter.. I moved to Australia to make a new life as I was looking for something more, I enjoy seeing different culture it helps me to understand people better. I was there for a bout 6 months when I decided to take a two week vacation to Mongolia for some down time and views. I was there a week before it started happening. People started acting aggressively and attacking each other. Hungry for what it seemed human flesh. There were people dead everywhere or or so it seemed before they then got up and began to move quicker than an average human. I knew in the back of my mind what was happening I have seen enough movies but experiencing it was intimidating. I decided to run to the highest building and wait it out for a couple of days using what was available in the apartment. After 3 days I decided to move on and head for the boarder where hopefully there would be a checkpoint. As I arrived at the boarder not knowing where I was heading I was stopped and held up and stripped of my things by a band of stinky ruskys. I was Kidnapped and transported for what felt like weeks with a burlap sack over my head and a cut out mouth piece where I would be fed and watered. The engine was killed off. There was frantic shouting in a foul tongue and the screams of what sounded like a 1000 of angry wife's. we were overrun, through the screams and endless gun shots I was cut free by someone unknown. I ripped off the burlap sack to see chaos I sat in the back weighing up my options.. I decided this was my moment, I grabbed this bag and a loose carpenters hatchet and leaped from the back. I managed to escape and headed for the forest. I was walking for a day feeling dazed, hungry and confused. There was a big billboard with an advert about a place called Chenarus, I have never heard of this place but could see a big set of factory buildings in the distance. I decided to head there and begin to find survivors and explanations.
  11. Server and location: Vybor Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Late afternoon, maybe. Your in game name: Ritch Grimes Names of allies involved: 0 Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was having major connection issues, left it 10 minutes after rubber banding for 5 minutes.. I logged back in and was instantly killed.. Should have been a hostage situation if anything as I was exposed in a high populated area. Probably wanted my gear.
  12. Initiated!? I never fired a shot. I was overwhelmed by how many players were there I was trying to get a screen shot as with my years since launch I have never come across that many people in one spot. I am still learning the whole role play aspect but by my eyes there was none at the specific moment. I have no beef with anyone I was listening in just about to press F12 and you opened fired with no RP involved being surrounded like that. In all honesty they done the right thing by spraying him down you cant just come into a place full of civilians firing. Unfair actions. I am over it now, just seems like a lame ass move you knew what the consequences would have been you made no attempt to communicate. Poor sportsmanship.
  13. Server and location: The locked dayzrp server in Grishino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): around midday surely. Your in game name: Ritchie Names of allies involved: I was with the guys that defend the town. Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Some Russian. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So I bumped into a guy called Doc Issac.. Apparently he was the trader of the town with reports of high activity I asked if I could tag along with him to the town.. He was pretty cool answered all my questions as I am a NUB to role playing on dayz. We came into the town everything was all great they had a prisoner and the bandits had fucked off... Im sorting my gear trying to trade for an M4 stanag mag. They grouped up at the end of the road so I headed over to check it out.. Some random guy was just strolling in and everyone was hammering questions at him he was clearly hostile saying its not their town... There was a massive bunch so I decided to try and take a screen shot, why me I dont know but I am not happy.. A fire fight and loosing your gear yeah all cool but like this is lame as and makes me want to role with the guys that play that way. He shot me dead on the spot I lost 6 hours worth of gear and its my first time back on dayz in a fair few years as I stopped after about 2 years playing release. Saw a video heard about this server liked the idea so thought Id give it a try. Right up until that moment I really enjoyed being back...
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