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  1. Grazo

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Cheers Bratr! Slava Chernarus ❤
  2. Grazo

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    My apologies! Was early ? What camps?! Cough cough camp hope ?? Love it Mak! Haha was a ball back in those days!
  3. yeah we named you gerry...because well...Yuri sounded too much like Urine to us haha
  4. yeah we were getting off for the night ? was fun though Gerry! haha
  5. Grazo

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    why were you scared of us ? ? ZBOR i mean...we were friendly guys! hahaha
  6. Was good running with you also ! we ended up having to hunker down for the night and we got off...bloody marvellous
  7. Good night last night with the gentlemans club...ran into the district... was a bit sketchy, asking such men of status about things they wouldnt know about..but tallyho! onwards and upwards
  8. Archie was brought up in the outskirts of Glasgow ... a place called Bearsden. He was well born and his upbringing was was very noble. He would often be classed as blue blooded due to his social demeanour and background. He loved hunting, and would often travel around countries that weren't governed by the EU and was free to hunt and shoot. He found himself and his friends in Chernarus on a hunting trip when this who fiasco blew up. Due to his immense shooting skills he managed to get free and him and his closest pals are still to this day, surviving.
  9. Ex CDF - trying to survive. Jiri was based in western Chernarus, was sent to officer school in Miroslavl to complete his officer training. was later deployed to the black mountains area to protect an outpost from Chedaki. Once that mission was complete, the outbreak occurred and he was later moved to chapaevsk to protect nato workers. at this point the base was over run and jiri lost a lot of his men. he then found himself wandering the plains of south zagoria ot see if he can meet up with any of his fallen comrades.
  10. Grazo

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    hmmmm.. ZBOR coming back?...i think so ?
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