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  1. Redgars' backgound is an average background like most. Redgars' childhood was a fun and happy one, everyday he'd go outside with his friends from the street or school and do like pretending to be an Assassin from Assassin's creed and parkour everywhere, which only got him into trouble a few times hahaha or he'd ride around with his friends getting into mischief. Redgar was pretty athletic in his childhood and would often play Football at the local field with friends while also being apart of his local Football team. He would also do various types of athletics such as shot put, running and long jump. Sometimes he'd play his gaming console for an hour on his favourite game Call of Duty, but eventually he started enjoying gaming so much that he'd spend hours and hours on it not going outside which didn't help his physique. When Redgar grew up a few years he'd spend most of his day playing games when he wasn't in school. Back to the gaming soon. Redgars' days in school were some of the most fun he'd ever have, not the learning but the lunch breaks playing sports with his friends such as basketball and handball. Redgar only like one subject in his whole time in school and that was Ancient History, Redgar was fascinated in the old civilisations and how that came to be but eventually he went through what every teenager goes through, the Rebel stage. Redgar skipped most of his days from school and went swimming or driving with his mates. This infuriated his parents when they found out sending him to a boarding school for a year. A year in a boarding school made Redgar how much he screwed up and how much he missed his family. Once finished his year in Boarding school he came home and started looking for a job to start his new life, not long after that he was employed at a retail bottle shop which didn't pay that much but was a start, he saved enough money to buy himself and his Brother Ake a ticket Czech Republic where they were supposed to meet up with some old friends who moved there for College. This is when everything changed. The Zombie outbreak began, Redgar and Ake were both new to this unknown land but had luckily met up with one of their friends Jora. Jora took them to his house in the hills where they saw their other friend Fridrick getting torn apart by the dead. They all had nowhere to go seeing as there house has been ransacked and is full of the dead. They spent a few months on the road scavenging as they went until they meet a new group of people who took them into their camp. Finally they had some civility back, but still worried about their parents back home in Australia. About 3 weeks go by when suddenly everything changed again, a man from the camp came back from looting screaming and bleeding, turns out another group had jumped his looting team taking most hostage and killing the rest. Redgars group decided to fight back and asked for volunteers to help get back their people, a few people put their hands up but not many, Redgar decided that he'd help out seeing as they were so kinda to take them in, Ake asked to go but Redgar didn't want to risk him as well. The next few days were brutal, in these days Redgar got his first taste of blood and decided that killing is not for him unless necessary. With the survivors rescued they headed back to camp, while walking near the camp they heard screaming and flames, the dead have attacked killing a few while most ran, Redgar searched and searched for his Brother but couldn't find him dead or alive. He could bare to think about his brother out there possibly alone. And this is where Redgars story begins in Chernarus.
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