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  1. My name is Anton Valentin (pronunciation: ahnTON vahlyenTEEN) I am a 34 year old male I have lived in Chernarus my whole life. I started a family there with my wife and 3 kids. My wife Alina (ahLEEna) and I had 2 sons Viktor (VEEKtor) the oldest at 13. Vlad (VLAHD) our second oldest son at 12, And Veronika (veerahNEEkah) our little girl who was only 6. I loved them they ment everything to me. We were living a life a poverty though. I tried to change that by joining a life a crime. I got good at processing drugs for local gangs. Eventually I got very good at it and a Chernarus Mob had me processing drugs for them. I met up with a man named Hank Waylon, he bought and smuggled our processed drugs into the United States with my connection to the mob. Together we all made a lot of money it seemed as if I have now made a living that could pay not only the bills but a future for my kids like schooling and a good college. Things went south though when we started fighting with a rival mob. They had me kill people for them and I became very good at it. They found that I was a better killer than drug processor and had me start doing more of that than anything else. I have to admit at the time I liked it, I felt powerful. Soon though I started killing people who weren't just rival Mob members but also their families. I was starting to have doubts of the person I became I wanted out, but it was too little too late. The mob I was in and the one we were fighting soon made peace but only if they got blood for blood. My mob knew I wanted out so to give them their blood for blood they gave me and my family to the mob of who I killed many of them and their families. I was forced to watched as the tortured and killed my family. They would carve my sons apart, they would rape my wife in front of my own two eyes, and little Veronika they made me watch as they slowly drowned her in a tub of water. I wanted nothing more to kill theses men who did this I was set on taking my revenge. They had it setup afterwards that the man I met Hank Waylon and I were busted on a exchange to trade his currency for our product but this one was framed intentionally to arrest Hank and I. We were arrested by Chernarus officials and imprisoned on a island within Chernarus. Hank and I were given the same cell due to overpopulation. I got to know Hank better we became brothers for the 4 years we served. I reflected a lot on the crimes I committed and the lives I took I wished to somehow atone for my crimes and try to live a life where I helped people. It was almost like my wish came true an outbreak started within Chernarus we didn't hear much but rumors within the prison the guards told us little. Soon though it got worse and worse and some guards left to stay with their families and soon the guards were becoming scarce. Hank and I managed an escape and got out, we later heard rumors of a riot and some bad stuff going down there though we never returned. At first I went to seek out the men who killed my family but I soon found that the outbreak took them before I could. I Remembered how back at the prison I wished I could live a new life start over and help others. The outbreak provided me with a perfect opportunity of just that. Hank decided to stick with me and the two of us set out to roam around helping those in need and defending those who could not.
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