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  1. I am Hank Waylon I was born In Tennesse I lived in a life of poverty, couldn't afford my damn cheese so I became a drug smuggler. By the way I always love me some pepper jack cheese. I met a man named Anton Valentin he had connections to the Chernarus Mob. I smuggled a lot of drugs for them. I became a very wealthy man, but I wanted out. I didn't have much of a family I wished to start one. All though I didn't want to start one while I was a criminal. So I was to make one last big score. I met with Anton but something wasn't right. He seemed off I didn't know why. I trusted him though and went through with the deal. Out of no where Chernarus officials swarmed us. We were arrested and sentenced to a prison on A island. We were there for four years until we heard rumors of a outbreak of some sort. The guards kept to themselves and did not say much. Anton and I made a plan of escape before the prisoners could take over. We luckily got out to only find a world of destruction. Men were roaming the Earth to only eat flesh. We would hear rumors of what later happened at the prison but never went back to learn the truth. Anton was the last family I had so I stuck around with him. We went out to try to help others and do the best we could to save lives within chernarus.
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