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  1. Alstin comes from a family that have all been or served in the military, he didn't just want to be like the rest of them and just do the same thing, so he study in the fields of computer engineering and marketing, wanting to have an easy life and not stress out. Life was easy and all but when all you do is stay home all day and look at TV it gets old fast. He left america and traveled the world wanting to see what else is out there and see what destiny had in store for him. Stating from Texas to Germany to see the holocaust, to Egypt to see the mummies and pharaohs of old. After hearing about the weather and beautiful forest and landscape russia had to offer he tough it would be nice to shake it up a bit, something new other than the ocean and the heat. I traveled place to place looking for a nice cite , i heard about Chernarus from some locals telling me that the place i described sounded just like it, down to the weather no less. So i packet my stuff and took a buss, everything was going ok till we hit a traffic jam, everyone was getting impatient so i got out and told the driver ill just walk. It was good idea since the next thing i see is a horde of people running, people screaming and others biting each other! I told myself its just some prank the locals are pulling, but when you get jumped by a women that has half her face ripped off and is screaming at you, thats something you cant fake. So i ran from the traffic into the woods, loosing my stuff along the way from the dam thing ripping my back pack off; but hey whats more important your water and snacks and passport or your life.
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