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  1. Thank you for your fast answer guys.
  2. Hello everyone, I was trying to meet a friend in game, got loads of stuff, set up my game with my hotkeys ect.. Tonight I do the update, when launched the game I could see my character in the main menu with all my stuff but when I spawned in game, I lost all my stuff, got a new character and I have a new escape menu, I can't even set up my keys or nothing. Did I do something wrong ? Thanks for your help.
  3. Helloooow ! I'm Dan from France, I played with this community a few years ago, now I'm back with a friend ( another french role player ? ). Can't wait to meet you guys in game ! Ps : I met a guy last night, I was lagging out and trying to set my keys; set up the game before starting to RP. Sorry to you, I didn't RP much; I wasn't ready yet. ( I'm the Franck guy ).
  4. Frank Boulon (or Buck) was born in Paris, he was very serious student, always had very good grades at schools. He was even aiming to be surgeon, but when he got to high-school, Frank started to look at girls, to have a little more fun , to go out. He only lasted one year in university and never got to be a doctor. When he dropped out of school, his parents kicked him out. With no real plan for his future , Frank join the French Army in 2014 ( Armée de Terre Française ). After a few years in different barracks, he finally became a medic. He was sent in Afghanistan in may 2016 to join his new squad on the operation Enduring Freedom under the american government commandment. His mission was to maintain order in different cities, he didn't see much action. Franck spent a year with his Squad, made friends and things were actually easier than he thought. He was 27 years old when it all started. Or ended. ----------------------------------------------------------- July 2017, Frank was under a tent in a US base close to Kaboul. He was taking care of a kid who cut his arm when his Sergeant, Pierre Dubonchamps came rushing. - Buck ! You need to follow me right away, something has happened in Chernarus. They are waiting for us for a briefing !! MOVE MOVE MOVE ! A conflict between Chernarus and Russia had began, OTAN had called for help. Frank, his squad and some US soldiers had to pack up quickly, and 2 hours later, they were on the plane heading to Chernarus. The 11th July, the squad landed in Balota. Thing were a lot worse than they were told. Frank and the other soldiers were sent to help the refugees and maintain peace. They didn't even get to unpack, they were sent straight away in the North East . All they knew was that people were rioting. That day, the 80 soldiers that landed in Balota, only 30 survived the '' riot ''. A week later, only 2 were left. Franck had no idea what really happened, how bad things were around the world, if he still had a family. It seemed like they were alone, him and his Sarge. He believed the infected ruled the earth and knew they had no other choice to find help from the other survivors. Closer to the living ,stay away from the dead.
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