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  1. Born in Chernogorsk in 1990. Caucasian-big men with curly hair and blue eyes. In his first years of life, he had a normal chernarussian kind of childhood, a lot of friends and a kind family. In his puberty he started developing his current personality due to personal experiences, he became more selfish and cold. Evgeny always had a logical-mathematical type of view of everything, and that was who led him to start his studies in Electrical Engineering. He had plans of making a good career and get a job in the growing Industrial side of Elektrozavodsk with ties to Electrical engineering, but that comes to an end with the beginning of the civil war in 2009. Desafortunely, he lost contact to his family and became a lonely wolf, obviously, he made some friends, which he considerate more an contact or an extra hand to survive. Liberal-type mindset, rare in the Chernarussian lands, but low-key. Besides this, always give a hand to those in need, not for mercy or empathy but nothing more than personal benefits. Sadly or not, this is the kind of man that survives in this tough world
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