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  1. I was born and raised in England. Taught to survive by my dad. At the age of 10 was when i took the life of my first animal. I had to do this in order to survive as i came from a poor family and selling animal meat and the animal pelt was the only way i was able to make my money. As i got older i took a turn and decided to join the military. After many tours i moved on to special ops off the grid missions with my partner, who i was like a brother to me, for the government. After an injury i returned to my home town and started to hunt again. My friend also left, I lost contact with him but i believe he is working as a prison guard in Russia. 3 days ago i left to start a new life in Russia and the environment was perfect and was a home plenty of different types of animals. I got there and everyone was acting strange. They were eating each other. They were robbing each other and some were even killing each other. I dont know what happened but what i do know is... I have to survive.
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