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  1. Resentful

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Gray Crimson IFF
  2. * Gray climbs out of his tent and picks his Radio out of his bag and paces around the area* Ah Rourke, it's been really hard to keep in touch with my Boss as his radio is quiet damaged and he's always out looking for supplies and helping people, but i will notify him immediately when possible just hang tight a bit. He said he'd be back later on. * Gray releases the PTT, puts his gear on and attaches Radio to belt and walks into the kitchen to make some tactical Bacon*
  3. Resentful

    Morse Broadcast. [Open Freq.]

    *Gray hears the morse code from his radio on his belt and writes down the code and translates it* * He reads over it, takes out his radio and presses the PTT* BZZZZst * he curses and wacks the thing then presses the PTT again* * A boy sounding around 15 or seventeen you can't tell talks but sounds highly mature* "Hello is it working now, AH ok good, i am Gray Crimson of the Interpol i have just translated your message and i'd like to see if you'd like to meet up with us as we have similar goals to help the people in need if you'd like to meet up and at least start an alliance for supply's so we cold keep a stash and help people along the road and complete our main goal that is to help people in need with food and drinks, My radio is always on standby so if i hear your Morse code give a warning so i get everything" Crimson Out * he releases the PTT, Attaches it back onto the belt and gets back to his meeting with his lieutenant*
  4. If i was recording in which i wasn't becuase we where only building a base which isn't really exciting i wasn't on the other side of the wall the whole time and even if i was there you may of said all of you but in rp you wouldn't know i was there because i was on the other side of a wall. This isn't really getting anywhere so i'm just not gonna reply unless asked. Seems to be so many loop holes that people exploit just like you.
  5. * hears the transmition* * presses PTT* ah yes thank you so much but i believe we'd get to pick the time and you enjoy your fun times because i just listened to Rourke and you pulled of a very convincing imitation for a second there but good luck with what you think is a joke. *stops pressing PTT* *rolls eyes and attaches radio back to his belt*
  6. he wasn't talking to me we was talking to the guy running around the fence then shot me thinking it was either him or his friend.
  7. *Radio Crackles* *same voice as before but with a bit of a less serious tone as if he's not taking you seriously* I believe making the perfect solider is easy to make from a young mind than a older mind filled with other things than just how to shoot a gun *radio crackles again* *hears frequency tone from his belt and presses done on the PTT* Perfect i'll get in touch with my superiors * Release PTT and puts radio back into belt holder*
  8. I will not reply to any other comments unless asked to by an admin or moderator. I'm not blaming the server crash i'm only blaming you for coming back after leaving the area and still deciding to shoot at me. even if my friend shot at one of you my character had no recollection due to him "being asleep" and as soon as i wake up and go around the corner and turn back i got shot dead no time to think at all. i was only on for 20 seconds or so. I will not respond to any further replies unless asked by staff.
  9. you guys totally left the area in rp and gave us 60 seconds you guys are the ones that decided to come back when we spawned in and when i tried to move the items you shot me so just to recap, you made us count to 60 while you left the area after 40 seconds the server crashes. we log back in i grab stuff and my teammate shoots your friend but i haven't logged in yet. i spawn in grab loot and get mowed down at the side. Even though i totally complied i wasn't finished in the area and was only in for 50 seconds and got killed when you decided to come back and kill us.
  10. the first guy you killed was me trying to get more stuff you left behind so you basically rdm'd me there when you ran around the corner and shouted killed one
  11. *Crackle of the radio* *voice of a young man speaks around the age of 15* Yes hello, ah yes Rourke Let's make this as quickly as possible. I am speaking to you as I am Gray Crimson sergeant first class of the Interpol and have been requested to ask you if we could organise an interview with you so our name could be out there as protectors of the foreign people. we've heard rumours that we haven't been identified by you guys under any of your categories so we'd like to get that cleared up so we could be known as peaceful and ready to help. get back to us when possible, either contact jakob falk or myself, thanks Sergeant first class of the Interpol, Gray Crimson out. *Crackle goes off again and no voice is heard*
  12. Server and location: Server 1 / Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 20/11/2018 22:28 GMT Your in game name: Gray Crimson Names of allies involved: @ornberg @BudFather Name of suspect/s: In logs but i know it's the New Irish non official group Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No sorry our word against theirs Detailed description of the events: We started building a base on the outskirts of Novaya when a group of 5 or more guys came up to us and asked us to put our hands up but due to them not being an official group they can't have kill rights on us without being a group. While in the base we where building but only me and ornberg while budfather was outside in the area when they asked us to put our hands up. Bud saw someone with a gun and asked why he had his hands up then got shot on site them 3 people proceed to walk into the building and but us in a corner and demand us to work for them even though they are not an official group yet. they demanded a working car and 6 weapons but they had no reason to come after us as the Interpol had no intention of ever harming this group unless needed they said in 60 seconds we can move then proceeded to leave the area then the server crashed. Me and ornberg the remaining survivours left the area with the stuff they left behind but when they spawned back in i was still in the area and shot me dead even though i complied with everything he asked. Ornberg was shot on a hill outside and got shot (he'll provide his POV) . if you need an even more detailed description i'll put down everything i remember but i kinda shortened it
  13. i believe i have posted the pov but i'll put in more detail Grays POV: i wake up after getting a radio call from my captain so i get out of yellow house at tisy and through the radio i hear my captain (ornberg) say that he is being robbed so to save my captains life i decide to engage the person pointing the gun at him and kill him then the other enemy runs behind the sleeping barracks and shouts "why did you shoot him, we weren't gonna do anything" but due to defence rights because my captain had no gun out and they where pointing guns at them i got kill rights on them END POV
  14. as soon as ornberg went over to that car and you raised there guns and demanded you to step away from the car you gained defence rights defence rights state that you and anyone you have recently RP'ed with gain them So i gained them aswell so i shot at the guy holding up my friend that i could see
  15. Resentful

    favorite initiation lines?

    that's your favourite yeah but i think you are a little more aggressive than just "hands up"
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