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  1. i believe i have posted the pov but i'll put in more detail Grays POV: i wake up after getting a radio call from my captain so i get out of yellow house at tisy and through the radio i hear my captain (ornberg) say that he is being robbed so to save my captains life i decide to engage the person pointing the gun at him and kill him then the other enemy runs behind the sleeping barracks and shouts "why did you shoot him, we weren't gonna do anything" but due to defence rights because my captain had no gun out and they where pointing guns at them i got kill rights on them END POV
  2. as soon as ornberg went over to that car and you raised there guns and demanded you to step away from the car you gained defence rights defence rights state that you and anyone you have recently RP'ed with gain them So i gained them aswell so i shot at the guy holding up my friend that i could see
  3. Resentful

    favorite initiation lines?

    that's your favourite yeah but i think you are a little more aggressive than just "hands up"
  4. Agreed and I’m away to bed I’ll answer any questions when i wake up
  5. If you listen to the video you sounded extremely aggressive so to my friend it sounds as if you where initiating on him in which I responded by firing at the person to save his life. In a real life situation when someone is being that aggressive and you feel threatened miss communication will take place but due to the circumstances I would try saving my captain especially since you where pointing guns at him and his hands where up
  6. Nope if it’s with your group it’s fine you see streamers do it all the time
  7. I was the person who shot the gun at your friend and in my perspective my capitan (ornburg) said in our radio call (discord) he was being robbed so due to kill rights you initiated on a member of our group so there for i had full rights to initiate on both of you
  8. that's why i have said that some people won't build bases so have no use for nails so they'd trade them or if you wan't to build a base create a shop that uses nails as a currency to get enough to build your ideal base but cigarettes are a good idea aswell
  9. Looking on the groups page i seen the national bank of Chernarus then i see their main objective is to bring a currency into the server and with a bit of thinking and a few videos on youtube i think nails would be the best option. since you can get up to 50 in each box you'd have a good amount and also because they are used for base building they're extremely helpful so you can decide weather to keep them to build a base or have no use for them so you can just cast them away or buy stuff. that's my idea for a currency if you have any other suggestions let me know or post it on the suggestion forum.
  10. Resentful

    The Protectors

    The Interpol will stand above all and protect the ones who deserve it.
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