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  1. I was a ‘normal’ kid. The sort of kid that just was. Nothing more nothing less. Went to school, did as I was told, Kept out of trouble and went home. Sleep School home sleep repeat. I wasn’t in the school football team or an outstanding pupil or exceptional in any way… I was just Chris. From a young age it was just my Mum and my other brother and me. My Dad lost the fight with a long term illness when I was 5 and that was the start of ‘normal Chris’. Some people would have rebelled and tried to make themselves heard or stand out from the crowd. Anything to get attentions that they so longed for. For me it was different. I wanted what other kids had so badly. The stable home, the nice things the extra income provided. The holidays away and trips to the sea side. We had so little and lived pretty much on nothing. The wages came in and went right out again. The simple things in life became luxury. A tin of beans on toast as a birthday treat was such a special thing. As I grew up I gravitated towards activities and careers that meant I could either be alone with my own thoughts or be an alter ego where the people I was with had no idea the pain I had gone through in life and what life had been like. They only saw the confident guy in front of them leading them on hikes or tending to their wounds as a community responder. It was easier that way. I could be who I wanted. I could have the courage to do almost anything, but it never lasted. The end of the day would bring it all flooding back and the hollowness would set in. I trained further in medicine and took on some good roles in wilderness emergency response. Completing my training as a winchman for the rescue helicopters operating in my county allowed me to take my skills to really remote areas and gain a wealth of experience in treating some of the most horrific injuries in some of the most trying locations with little to no back up other than the helicopter you were swung from on to the precarious ledge or into the crevasse with nothing but a hand held radio and a rucksack full of medical kit. I furthered my training as a helicopter pilot and ended up flying those paraffin rescue budgies. I wasn’t getting as hands on with casualties unless we were in a ‘land on situation’ in which case I could get my hands dirty. Those were good times. The best of both worlds. I made some good friends over the years. The sort of friends you could not see for a couple months and then on your next reunion it would be like you had just met the evening before in the pub. True friends. The sort you can trust your life with. We did loads together and it brought us closer. I think we were all running from something to be honest. Me, from my hollow past. Pat, well there’s an interesting one. He had some troubles in his past and had some left over ‘issues’ from his time in the military. Never got over seeing so many dead kids at the roadside. This drove him to go the extra mile for others. Sometimes to the point of utter insanity. His heart was in the right place tough. BT from a lonely life a bit like me but not the hand of fate though. A choice his parents made. He was an only child and hated being alone. He loved the gang and the extended family it came with and despite his frustrations with Mike, couldn’t bring himself to leave the gang. Mike was running from…well to be honest he had everything. The big house, flash car, good wage, a solid family and the confidence of a serial killer! Don’t get me wrong he was a supper bloke. Honest to a fault and truly dependable. To be honest he was the ring leader of our ‘wolf pack’. He got us into most of the things we did and often most of the trouble. If there was trouble he could find it without looking. But he was always there to get us out of it too. Mostly by some half arsed last minute ‘plan’ he would concoct on the spot and made it look like it was always what he planned to do. And damn he’d get away with it. Most of the time anyway. That’s kind of why I’m here. Mike was watching some rally on his 78 inch TV and called me to see if I wanted to come round for a beer and watch it with him. He got all excited when some advert appeared on the TV. "Go to Chernarus, a people in need of your help. It's so beautiful", it said. "help restore this land and its people to what it used to be". "We need your Help ", "You can make a difference". Mike got so excited. I mean really really excited. I tried to steer him way from the idea as I could see it ending up as another one of his ‘exciting adventures’ for us all...... and I was right. HE sorted our flights and even got us all to take basic Russian lessons at night school every night for a week before we went. For all the good it did us. After all that time I could ask “Where is the bakery” and How much is a beer” and “Can you please show me to the bus stop”. Nothing like what we truly needed when we got there. I don’t want this to sound like an attack on Mike. He Meant well and his heart was pointing in the right direction. He wasn’t to know what was going to happen. It started off well with time spent at the borders going from camp to camp helping where we could. Building toilets in the refugee camps and handing out supplies and clothes to families. It was rewarding but it was so tough. Pat was really struggling with it all. I thought he was going to go home early. He would have done well to have gone back as we all would have. If only we had known what was to come the next night. We woke to Russian soldiers forcing everyone to evacuate the refugee camps. Shouting in Russian as well and all I could think was “Can you please show me to the bus stop”. It was utter chaos within the crowds of the scared and confused. We were forced onto large military trucks without any of our belongings, passports or any sort of supplies. The only saving grace was that I was there with ‘the wolf pack’. As confused and scared as we were, we were considerably better off than so many others. Especially those with small children or frail relatives. It was hours in the trucks following the coastal roads in complete and utter darkness. No headlights torches or anything. Every now and then we would be herded out of the trucks and shouted at in Russian. Each time we got out there was distance gunfire but it was getting closer. Most of the people with us were crying or looking more and more shell shocked, unable to comprehend what was happening. And then it happened. The screaming. A nightmarish shrieking like the very fabric of reality being ripped apart to let in some hellish abomination of God knows what. Reality was not the only thing being ripped apart that night. The ‘things’ came with the screaming and they ripped the soldiers to shreds. No matter how much they emptied magazine after magazine into the oncoming hoard, they kept coming. We all ran. I never thought I could run that fast. If I had known I could have done something with that gem of a skill and my life and not ended up in this hell hole. I still strikes me as odd that no matter how strongly bonded our ’wolf pack’ was we simply deserted each other to our own indiscriminate fates in a single heart beat. I ran like my life depended on it because it truly did and kept running till I was away from the screaming. Alone again. Only this time I desperately didn’t want to be alone. I wanted to be with the lads. That was probably 5 months ago now. I’m not sure really. I’ve lost count and lost the will to care either. I don’t know what fate has come of them. I desperately hope they are ok and that they got away. I need to find them. It’s all I have now. The nations of the world have abandoned this small part of the globe but I’ll not abandon them. I miss my friends, I miss my family back home…assuming there is still a home left and this chaos hasn’t spread across the world. I will do anything in my power to find them and I know they will be doing the same. The ‘Wolf pack’ will be together again… and when it is I’m going to find a helicopter fly out of this god forsaken hell hole.
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