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  1. is it no possible to build a bridge yet?
  2. @Dino Didn't witness to much as i was keeping an eye out for any possible threats outside peters farm. Just wanted him to spread the message we were looking for Cherna Liska but all got slightly messy as it was our first RP as a group together. After knocking peter out (i couldn't say who this was) we made sure he wasn't going to die and also left his stuff outside. I love peters RP hence why we paid a visit a second time where he stated it was good RP as we went in together with more of a plan of action to make the experience for all a lot clearer and more fun. Id hate to see this go any further as we are all slightly in experienced but we are trying to improve and as stated we did improve on the next occasion. Cheers.
  3. I was part of a British task force who was ambushed by unknown militia whilst on a mission to transport packages by ground vehicles to a location which held UN medics. Little was said about what we was transporting but i knew it was something odd. Whilst on route around 2:30 am we was ambushed at a checkpoint which we thought was a allied checkpoint. Once we slowed down the front and back vehicles holding 1 and 3 section was hit by RPG and we were trapped, i was badly hit my small arms fire and passed out. I came to on bandaged poorly with zip tied wrist behind my back. Later on after a week or so of being literally given rain water and scraps, it seemed our captives were ambushed. Quickly realising they were occupied with something crazy un explainable i took the opportunity to do a runner. I kept moving quietly and swiftly over unfamiliar terrain until i hit a coast line. After encountering these people that wasn't quite with it and tried to have a taste of me I've decided to put up shop and survive with my outer surroundings. Nervous and afraid ive decided numbers count and hoping i can find some of my comrades who hopefully survived. If anythign i want to find my closest comrade and get the hell out of here.
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