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  1. JoeyS

    Groups Represented by Spongebob Screens

    el oh el
  2. JoeyS

    S1: Camp Eden - Killed while complying and no RP

    pov- me and ornberg pull up to take some hostages and question them about what other groups have been up to, so we pull up and initiate one guy doesn't put up his hands after me telling him to multiple times so I shoot him 2 or 3 times before he finally puts them up and gets in line with the other hostages after a couple of min one of the hostages drops his hands and leaves them down so I killed him, then all of a sudden ornberg starts shooting hostages for whatever reason so I start sprinting around in fear of being shot when I see a guy aiming his gun at me from around a fence, we exchange shots and I hit him a couple of times and he disappears into the darkness I run around for a bit trying to find him when I realize that a shed door is locked I spray a mag into it and a body comes through the wall I then hear some bandaging noises coming from inside the shed and spray a little bit more knowing that it was another non complying hostage. I then gear up and leave the camp
  3. JoeyS

    S1: Camp Eden - Killed while complying and no RP

    I'm in discord if you kinda people would like to talk to me, not to sure why random people where getting gassed
  4. JoeyS

    S1 - RDM- Pustoshka - 01:35ish 28-04-2019

    don't remember much but here is my pov - we where taking shots from the trees I see-saw guy in a bush that one of our guys called out was shooting at him so I kill him, about 5 min later I'm following some dude and get gunned down.
  5. JoeyS

    Joey's Frag Movies

  6. JoeyS

    Who was in the Warband?

    I was there it was one of the best experiences I've had on the server so far
  7. JoeyS

    S1: RDM Outside Pushtoshka 4/28/2019 - 2:53

    my pov- i was driving around in my newly found car when my buddy @PandaOG said that he was getting shot by a group of guys so I drove over to where he said they where chasing him and saw @NinZazzin chasing and shooting at my friend who is in my approved group so I drove over to him a said "sir would you like to talk about Jesus to get his attention away from my friend and to get him to stop running, we exchanged some words and I shot him up with my Makarov.
  8. JoeyS

    S1: RDM Outside Pushtoshka 4/28/2019 - 2:53

    I don't have to announce myself and I don't have to do anything with you guys you were shooting at my friend who you didn't initiate on that is in my approved group which gave me kill rights on you, like I said I am willing to go into discord with you guys and explain it better to you, if not i will post my pov and we can go on with the report
  9. JoeyS

    S1: RDM Outside Pushtoshka 4/28/2019 - 2:53

    i had kos rights on you guys due to you shooting my friend in the field, if you would like to join a discord so we can talk it out I can send you my discord
  10. JoeyS

    S1 Invalid Initiation/Attempted RDM/Invalid Killx2

    u gotta discord link?
  11. JoeyS

    allow us to choose spawns with this

    anything other then the middle of the woods spawns is fine for me.
  12. JoeyS

    Rule 4 bans for OOC Hate

    OOC hate should only be bannable if its a ridiculous amount of hate and shit talking or if it is leaking into IG and ruining peoples roleplay experience, doesn't make much sense for someone to be banned for saying some slight flame shit because they got mad or if they are just making nonhurtful jokes.
  13. JoeyS

    Minimum Age Requirement Back to 16.

    -1 considering how I would now have just been able to join if that rule was made I don't think there is need for it, if there is someone RPing bad you should just report them no need to set a whole age limit it would just be to much work.
  14. JoeyS

    dayz is a full release game with no bugs

  15. JoeyS

    dayz is a full release game with no bugs

    u gotta log out when shit like that happens to survive
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