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  1. This was an interesting read. I'd like to add my input: This type of roleplay is supposed to simulate - as much as possible - what one could do in real life right? So, whatever you roleplay should be realistic as possible. So looking at this in a real life situation. (And for example's sake, you're character is named Bob.) If you've never met, say, John from Greece then of course he'd be none the wiser to the identity of your character. However, if you met him again, he'd recognise you, as whatever name you told him, before you even spoke because he'd recognise you. If you meet someone in real life and they know you as bob, and then don't see them for 2 months, they'd still remember you, no matter what you choose to call yourself or what accent you take on. It's a good idea and I wouldn't want you to put limitations on how you roleplay so I would suggest a totally new outfit and a mask with glasses, maybe it would be reasonable. Anything is possible in games I guess.
  2. He was a lawful good when he left on a plane from Gatwick. Now he's arrived a lawful evil. Corey Spencer will have to adapt to the environment, a new environment, and act according to challenges that stand before him. Unfamiliar with this change in circumstance; he was always a team player, and was used to having waves to allies rush to his aid at the push of a button - his police emergency radio button that is - but this time he's alone. Without friends. Yet. Without foes... Yet. Corey will do his all to obtain a high-status quo in the land of the brutal, dangerous and unforgiving. He's good at heart, operates on lawful good fundamentals. But growing up from an area with gangs, and coming from a family that isn't too good either, he has a dark side in him. He's now tied into this life and he will do whatever it takes to survive... For Better. For Worse. Corey Spencer is London born and travelled to Chernarus on holiday before the outbreak. A British Police Officer, new in service, learning the art of self-defence. He sought business from wanna-be martial artists to pass his knowledge on. He was in chernarus for a year before the outbreak. Living a new life. Yes, in England he was the good guy. The saviour. Someone people looked for when they were in trouble. Maybe things will be like it used to. Instead, in Chernarus, trouble finds him. Due to a lockdown and attempt to control the outbreak, he was unable to return to his homeland. He now uses his skills acquired from his job to survive in this harsh world. In this land, he'll have to rely on a lot more than mere hand combat. Killings - mass murders. Robbings. Shootings. Maybe things will be like it used to be. With no one to trust - all he can do is survive. But hopefully, it won't be like that for long. Hopefully, he reunites with family and friends. Until then, he'll have to make himself known. Will he start his own force with like-minded persons in order to flee this land from the evil that rules? Or will he capture a city and call it his own, controlling it with his own personal police force which governs the vulnerable and provides a safe haven for the good? Maybe. His force will slowly eliminate the forces that bear over the weak. One by one. Until every last one of them are gone. Just maybe things will be like it used to be before he arrived...
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