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  1. hydroman710

    S1 - Mass RDM Kabinino 5/11/2018 11:00 approx

    i wrote in my POV why i killed him, i killed him because they killed the man i was with or i had least thought that was the man that killed the man i was with.
  2. hydroman710

    S1 - Mass RDM Kabinino 5/11/2018 11:00 approx

    i was not you can read the logs @ExoticRP
  3. hydroman710

    S1 - Mass RDM Kabinino 5/11/2018 11:00 approx

    just saying doobysnuu only killed 2 guys and i've seen youtubers and streamers do a lot worse just saying. maybe give the guy a second chance or maybe warning point i understand your point of view on his comment but i feel he was fed up with the RDM as i was too. like i said in my POV above. i'm going to start to record every second on this server to prove my point of a lot of RDM and rule breaking. if he screws up his second chance then i would to permanent ban him. i just saw he was permanent already after reading the comments today. that is just my opinion.
  4. hydroman710

    S1 - Mass RDM Kabinino 5/11/2018 11:00 approx

    no i have whats above thats it i just met that guy during that time
  5. hydroman710

    S1 - Mass RDM Kabinino 5/11/2018 11:00 approx

    hello, here is my POV (john west) i came into kabanino looking for food. i heard people in the piano building so i went to ask for some food and was told there was food on bodies on the way to grishino. i looked for the food not finding any so i came back and a few seconds later all hell broke loose inside piano building. so i ran away, then i was held up by the man with the motorcycle helmet proclaimed friends after, to eventually be shot dead by them because they said my friend killed theirs and because i shot a man after being in the crossfire... i was just trying to defend myself. i complied with the men to just be shot dead anyways which seems to be happening a lot to me in my short time on this server. that is my POV (john west)
  6. john west was born in donegal, ireland. not long after he was born john west family moved to Krasnodar Russia. His father was escaping from the apartheid, not being financially off, his family did not have means to get to the USA. Being an immigrant family in a collapsing country, things were difficult for the Van Vuuren family. they lived with five families is a three bedroom apartment. john west had little social life, all the boys in his complex excluded him in all their games. he kept busy down at his father's shop, where he helped out where he could and made enough money to move down to Sochi to pursue a technical degree in engineering at Sochi socio-technical college. when the outbreak happened, john moved west, he wanted to get away from any major cities. he set his maps for , south zargoia one of his only friends he played video games with lived in the area.
  7. awesome! thanks for all the answers still waiting to get approved i cant wait to start on this server!
  8. thanks man! cant wait to get on and start playing, i hope i get approved!
  9. i wrote about myself alot like a paragraph and the character i wanna make but it keeps saying my text is to short? how much should i write?
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