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  1. James Bernardi aka speedy was born in Nyhiem by two american parents . His whole child hood and early adult hood he saw nothing but violence that wouldnt be such a bad thing as it would prepare him for the world infront of him. His father showed him how to be fight and hunted while his mother showed him how to manipulate people and be cold heart. When james was only 15 he got in a terrible motorcycle accident getting ran over by a car resulting in leaving a huge scar on his left arm and his friends calling him speed bump or speedy for short.(fun fact thats actually a fact about me irl) Ever since he ran away from home at 16 he has learned how to survive and live on his own. He still is trying to find a new harley ever since his old one got stolen while he was looting a building a year ago
  2. We met them gieroltow then when we left they asked to stop to eat then as soon as we all got out they told us to put our hands up but i fired back so they didnt break any rules with me but they rdm my friend they didnt give him time to put his hands up they insantly shot him.
  3. POV: We had ran into the girl a few times before the event and she was kind of rude. Then one time she made fun of our friend mayor so when she walked off with her friend we decided to play games with her because she disrespected our friend. Once we got her into the woods both of them were being very uncompliant. we gave them many chances but they still would try to avoid doing the stuff we demanded after she killed her friend she stop moving and talking like she went afk so my one friend decided to kill her because we were getting annoyed that they were not complying.
  4. i had just got into the server and did not like the ones i had
  5. she ran into a hosue were all 3 of us were in and when she ran out we chased after her then told her to put her hands up then she pulled a gun on accident so i started stabbing here then i stop bc i realised it was on accident then we took here stuff and ran south
  6. i was with a group of people in some town then a bigger group rounded us up in a barn robbed us then recruit of we called our selves the war band and we went around robbing people (i think i dont remeber much its been 6 months) we made it to a town in the north and some fire fights happened then i went afk to use the restroom when i came back someone tied me up then i logged off.
  7. i dont have any footage from it
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was not active while this ban was made and I don't have an footage from this even. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I didn't kill anyone or false RP while this event took place What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to get unbanned so I can play on the server again What could you have done better?: start recording while im playing so this wont happen again and be more active
  9. hey man that didnt work i got accepted and it still says it
  10. every time i try to use the dzsa launcher it say bad image error and ive looked at my launch option and i tried run as admin but that doesnt work
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