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  1. Adrian was born in the early 90's at a hospital in Stockholm, When Adrain turned six years old, his father started to abuse him, Adrian was soon moved to his Grandparents in Malmö due to the abuse. Everything went well for Adrian. When Adrian turned 18, He joined the Swedish Army, there he became Major in the army. Adrian flew to chenarus for a vaccation, there he meet Linda, They fell in love, and soon they moved in together in a small village called Gorka Later that year they heard about the outbreak, Linda freaked out and Adrian tried to calm her, They started to gather as much food and water as possble even medical supplies, They borded up all windows and started to isolate. One week later Linda told Adrian she was pregnant, Adrian was so happy, he had never felt so happy in his entire life, Later that night Linda heard russian voices and gunshots outside the window, she woke Adrian and he pulled his gun, but it was to late, the moment Adrian reached for his gun, three guys kicked in the front door, they knocked out Adrian. Later in the morning when Adrian waked up he saw that Linda was gone and the three guys stole everything and smashed the whole house. Adrian took some clothes and went out in Chenarus to find Linda...
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