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  1. Hi im Sean Georgeville and im from Sweden! I was born 1997 in the middle of Stockhom. I went trough school and college and graduated at age 19. That was the same year that i got recruited in to the Swedish armed forces. I got to learn how to handle my self with a weapon and i made a bunch of new friends! The training began in early 2016 and ended in the end of 2016. The training was intense we ran mile after mile and got nearly to no sleep. Those months were the toughest of my life but i came ut with incredible experience and that was when i decided that i wanted to continue to work in the military! So i signed up to be an overseas soldier and fight in afghanistan for example! I got transferred to afghanistan and we helped out the people for about 6 months before i had to get back to sweden. That was in late 2017 and i felt like having a break from everything. So i called a bunch of friends and told them about elektro a city that i had heard about from some friends in afghanistan. So i got 3 of my friends that i had met a year earlier while training to be a soldier. We took a plane to elektro and met the amazing people there! It was like paradise with the music, bars and all the positive people. But the next day it all changed and i lost my friends in the crowds.
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