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  1. I don't see 3 people moving to the left, also you aimed at me 60% of the time, and the first shot landed on me so I wouldn't exactly call that caught in the crossfire
  2. This I can't agree with, all I ever did was turn around, and boom im dead.
  3. Also, it seems like you're in doubt in this clip that we heard you as you're saying "Hey you two", And if you weren't you should've been as we continued talking. I also don't see how you guys felt the need to shoot me, all I did was turn around, not even raising my weapon. And then I just get smoked.
  4. Server and location: s2: South end of NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-11-13, 17:25 Your in game name: Nigel Jensen Names of allies involved: Jay Carter, Dmitry Tsaveski Name of suspect/s: Unknown Was told it was Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So me and my frined Jay is in NWAF, 2 people ask me some questions which i dont mind at all, we talk there is some server lag, after the lag we talk more. I turn around see a guy aiming at me, Boom dead...
  5. See the whole point is, we didnt RDM him. He shot someone, ofc we're going to shoot back its logic.
  6. Just a Question if you and so many people are saying you got RDM'd right, how come you guys havnt posted any videos of so from your point of view? So far ive only seen videos thats backing up our side of the story.
  7. This still doesnt justify you not valueing your life?
  8. I dont see how you guys setting people up changed anything, it seem like we still had the number on you. And most of you guys are talking about what happens after what the report is about, this report is only about that guy that ran in, and shot a dude while we had him surrounded.
  9. https://youtu.be/lv_jtmCOXp4 @Sleepyhead here is my full clip
  10. That is still after, that guy who i 100% would say didnt value his life, kill one of the guys sorrounding him.
  11. Nigel_Jensen

    Staff Feedback: Samti

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback:This guy helped me out from the start, even tho he's very private, he gave me some friends that actually enjoy me now (Hard to belive). And he's been the only one thats been around when i have. Also very talkative, great lad in all! i'd rate him 10/10<3 Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  12. Server and location: s1: Grishino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-11-02, 21:09 Your in game name: Nigel Jensen Names of allies involved: Jay Cartwright, Tobi Fishwick Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So we in Grisihino, have had a little incounter with the lads with Black armbands, they stole one of our ak's saying it was theirs as it was Cherno russian, which i fine, we told them not to come back as they cant just take our guns. Later this lad thats been very agressive verbal, comes back, we're about 6-8 people around him, and then he just shoots one of us. i would very much call this a rule violation as he didnt value his life at all.
  13. My background is in the Royal danish military, where ive served with my brother, i was a Sgt, and my little brother was a PFC, we both tried to run away from the zombies, after our deployment to Trabzon, we took at boat and sailed across the green sea, and ended up in this place, we try to stay alife, my background in the military have made it very difficult for me to trust randomers, without them doing something impressive to earn my trust and respect. Ive learned alot about Tactics, and how to propper keep your alarms up. Ive always been more friendly than my brother, i think that due to my age and my years in the royal danish military
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