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  1. that isnt in line with the dayz lore...
  2. no it will actually result in better performance
  3. I think this could be cool
  4. The new base building is pretty good imo i built a base and im solo
  5. My POV: On day 1 I started in sevorgograd and met 3 green men in ghillie suits, I asked them about the mechanics and they said they would travel with me to novo to see their base, when we got to novo, there was no base left so we traveled up to polana as we heard shots and saw people up there. When I got there I saw a guy I knew named zach and we were going to travel back to novo to make a base hidden in a building somehwere. I then asked zach if I should steal a car for us and he thought that was a brilliant idea. I then got in a car and drove it down the road until I heard gunshots and I thought they were at me so I brought the car back as not to be killed. After I brought it back the wolf pack was very rude to me and tried to ask me to leave town, I would have been happy to head to novo but I did not like being disrespected so I stayed there. In the end they ended up handcuffing me, taking my guns and walking me out of town. On day 2: I was building my base when I saw people in a group looking at this guy so I went over to check it out. When I got there it turns out it was shroud and the wolfpack thought that he was me from yesterday and were calling him a crackhead. To try to make sure that they would never suspect it of being me (as I had moved in to the trading post down the block from them) I tried to get them to lynch shroud. This did not end well for me as shroud killed me in the end, but was gunned down by the wolfpack (who were now my allies because we are good neighbors). I was also distracting the wolfpack while my partner was stealing planks out of their base so I could build ours up bigger. (it worked) I can see how Finn may have been confused as he didn't know my motives, but I can assure you that I had no intentions to troll anyone or do bad rp.
  6. First of all, I live in that town and just built a base there yesterday. On the first day of your report, I stole your car, but when I heard a shot I thought it was at me and I decided to bring your car back. Yesterday I may have been annoying to the wolfpack as they along with the russians were being disrespectful to everyone who wasnt either in the wolf pack or with the russians. Today in town I was trying to get the wolfpack to lynch shroud in town as they mistook him for me and I wanted to get the heat off my back. I dont really see how any of this effects you, other than the time I told you to stop blasting music throughout the town for no reason (which was warranted.) I also was acting as a distraction today for my friend to rob materials from their base to help us build ours. I did not break RP, had reasons for all of my actions, and valued my life when necessary. I do not think this report is valid at all.
  7. We talked it out in discord and I would like this report closed
  8. @Shroudwe can talk it out on discord tomorrow if you'd like.
  9. Server and location: S1 in polana Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 11pm est (sorry i dont know how to get server time) Your in game name: Harry Abrams Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: This guy was in poloski talking smack to everybody and saying that he was going to kill everybody... when I talked smack back to him and raised my sword to my chest -like he asked me to- he just shot me in the chest for no reason...
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