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  1. VERTiiGO

    favorite initiation lines?

    i think my "hands up" was a pretty good line.
  2. Barry was visiting Italy at the time of the apocalypse, he saw his relatives eaten or shot as panic engulfed Europe like a plague..Like most survival stories Barry quickly found shelter within a group, he learned how to shoot, how to hunt, how to make fire and most importantly how to keep alive... you see for Barry he never saw his group as friends nor even allies... they were objects... things to keep him alive and safe..he would even go as far as to cause discord within the group just so he could mentally control those around him... then when he was done he would move along to something better. He did this for some time until he heard word of a potential "Safe Island" off the coast of Norway, So one night Barry awoke amongst his current group.. and 1 by 1 he went to each person who considered Barry a friend... and he stole what they had... food, tools, weapons... whatever he needed for the journey north... and he set out to find the island which he had heard about... Days turned into months but eventually he reached the coast of Norway, whether it be luck or fate Barry always seemed to get what he wanted so it was no shock to him that there was a boat ready to be used... he jumped aboard and set sail... he had no real experience sailing but Barry was confident he would get to where he wanted to go... usually he would be right... everything always worked out for Barry... until now.. He was caught in a storm and set off course and although he was lucky to have even survived he now finds himself beached with nothing but the clothes on his back...from what he could gather he had crashed landed on the coast of Russia, in the storm he had lost all the supplies he had stolen so Barry had no choice but to head inland.. once again moving from group to group until finally reaching Chernarus.
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