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  1. Born from American parents who moved to the United Arabic Emirates. His dad was a scientist in the oil industry. He grew up learning both languages and went to university in Cambridge to study Geoscience. He was a brilliant student and got high marks, but struggled with not seeing his parents often. He got offered a PhD on the climate changes on the North Pole and after considerations with his parents he accepted the PhD and went to the North Pole for a 4 year period. During this period the crisis started and after being without communication for months his team flew a chopper towards the european mainland. A journal accord the mainland follow on foot where all of his team died. With everything lost, he decided to go on a journey to find his parents. During this journal he learned to survive, learned basic combat (Close range) and lost a good part of his sanity. During this journey he came accross Cherno.
  2. Hi everyone! I suppose that after my few first posts it is time for me to introduce myself. I am Coen from the Netherlands, currently 23 years of age and looking forward to play many hours of DayZRP with ya'll. As of now, I have no experience with RPing but I have some experience in being part of online gaming communities. A few of my friends are active in this community and they finally talked me into joining this. After some background reading I am glad they pulled me into this, RP looks very interesting and it will be a good outlet for my creativity and storywriting. I look forward to meeting you all! Newcomer's regards, Coen
  3. Besides from the point that this post does not add anything to the conversation, I probably then misunderstood your previous post. From that post I understood that a moajority of Cherno people are Xenophobes because of Russians. Could you maybe elaborate on what you meant there to avoid this confusion?
  4. Alright, I feel that if arguments like these are presented they should be backed up somehow. If everyone is just going to say stuff they believed they read sometime we will get nowhere. Correct me if I understood wrong but are you saying Russians are naturally racist? The first thing on google when I search for Russian hospitality is this: http://masterrussian.com/russianculture/russian_hospitality.htm. Now it might not be a good source (I did not check who wrote it) but if you assume Russians are racist by nature you have probably watched too much movies and CNN.
  5. I feel that everyone is kinda avoiding the subject. This topic should not be about what racism/sexism it. It is especially silly to argue about that since the bar for thinking something is discriminative is very personal. The core of this topic should be, according to my opinion, on whether what is happening is IC roleplay that makes sense according to the lore, or not. If it make sense according to the lore, it should not be discussed here OOC. Instead solve it inside the game by the natural development of a distaste for this behaviour through your RP characters, and then 'fight' the racism there. If it does NOT make sense according to the lore, then it should be discussed here and actions should be taken by the staff. In my opinion a racist faction could evolve in a post-apocalyptic world, but I think it would also be counteracted by a faction that would denounce this behaviour and isolate people who take part in it.
  6. TLDR: 1) Do not use the game to express things irl society does not allow you (Its an alternate universe, not complete fiction), 2) Stick to the lore and think how the world would evolve realisticly, 3) its a dynamic world so if use your RP character to stand up against this is you disagree. Hi Guys, So I am very new to the server, I have not been whitelisted yet, but I plan to be spending a lot of time in it in the future and therefore I would like to give my contrbution to this discussion. I have little experience on the server, so please bear with me if I misunderstand the current situation. In my eyes, there should be two important points to be made in this discussion. First and foremost I find that an RP server like this should not be used as an excuse to discriminate against other population groups because it is not accepted in the real world. Your character is a fiction; treat it that way. I don't think it should in any way be representative of who you are irl, especially not of a dark side that you do not get to express in your daily life. In addition to that point; DayZ may be fiction, but from a lore POV it is a recent spin off of the world that we currently live in. If you know that being discriminative to another group is not accepted where you are from irl, it won't be accepted in this alternate universe. Which brings me to my second point. In my view the behaviour of the RP in-game community should be in line with the lore. I find that this is valid for all topics, including discrimination. Now according to the lore, pretty much everyone died and a small fraction of people managed to survive. The society as it was known got completely destroyed, which means all structure is gone and laws as we knew then can no longer be enforced. This of course leads to the rise of new groups and new local 'rules' instead of laws. But the loss of the society does not mean loss of the personalities of the people who survived. Of course, a traumatizing event will strongly affect your mind, but if should not suddently turn you into a racist/sexist. In my opinion the opposite would even happen, considering all survivors are in the same boat. But of course this is my opinion which is no way has to be representative for everyone. To follow my two main points, I think that we should keep in mind that the world is dynamic and this constantly changing; and changes should make sense according to the lore. Now from what I have understood a faction of nationalist rose up who are progressively racist. Sure, this could a scenario that appears in a post-apocalyptic world.. It would not be the first thing I would expect, but sure it might happen. In my opinion all discussion that then follows here is OOC, and therefore not good RP. If an old woman gets robbed in the streets, you can choose to do nothing and say how bad it was on twitter later, or you can chase the perp and actually do something about it. So I propose, aware that I am a nobody in this community atm, that if you disagree with these ways you go back into your RP character and if your character finds that this discrimination is wrong, do something about it there. If we can fight discrimination irl, then so can we inside the RP. That is what I think, thank you for reading. ~Coen
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