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  1. Worked without using rp launcher. spot on banshee
  2. I have downloaded the dayzrp mod via workshop. also have the launcher and have changed game to experimental. When I try join via the launcher the top right spinning arrow/loading logo starts to spaz out (crashes) I try join via normal launch but says bad version. Any ideas what iv missed ?
  3. Large part of the problem with Dayzrp lies with the game. When it first came out it was nice and new. This is good for so long . my experience with rp is that players put in some serious hours on the servers. Hell id hate to find out what my total dayzmod and standalone hours were on rp.but without regular updates its the same as any game, it gets boring. We are years into standalone and frankly what updates have we had that seriously impacted the game that made it worth throwing rediculious hours into ? I could count on 1 hand the shit that made things a "little" bit more interesting. Back in the mod we had a cracking dev team that spiced things up when it was needed. Thats what kept the mod alive as long as it did in my opinion. Without that ability with standalone i dont see how dayzrp is going to ever get back to how it was. This is not the staffs fault nor is it the community. With this being for the most part a dayz community we lucked out that the dayz developers have failed horrifically. My 2 cents. I shall return to my cave now /tipshat
  4. Mason is a bit of a drifter.Lost his family when he was young in a car accident. Bounced from home to home on account that he didn't play well with others. He was in them till he reached the age to get the fuck out. wasn't one for staying in one place for long. Majority of his life he spend in construction moving job to job, country to country. Being the kind of guy he was with no real baggage he travelled around a lot. Finding work in construction was not exactly hard. Found his way to working on a site in Berezino when all shit hit the fan.. Now he does what he can to survive as he always has.
  5. Heard he went to russia to get tanks. So the rumours say.
  6. good to see there is still some old names around. so is dayz any good now ? don't think iv played since .61 came out
  7. Not decided if im going to go back ingame. How is dayz nowadays ? Not been on in ages... and has anyone overthrown el presidente yet ?
  8. need twitter.. your conditions are too high good sir . i shall bow out
  9. iv got to side with rolle on this one and say no. some of the OOC hate and ''banter''iv seen in my time here is beyond a joke. Too many people want to treat dayzrp like the school playground. Iv always had a serious issue with the banter/ooc hate that has went on in this community since iv been here. any arguements of '' it was in a private channel and not on dayzrp services or even directly said to the person'' makes no bit of difference in my books. Wont post the groups name to save any complaints from their ex members but i use to jump on a groups private ts back on the mod and it was filled with the most vile and toxic shit iv every heard when talking about another person. iv been in the construction game for the last 18 years so im no stranger to banter and do engage in it myself , it comes with the job. The shit that gets said in this community is not banter. its straight up toxic abuse and should not be stood for no matter where it is said or to who. There is a lot of people in this community still that if i was running would have been gone with the mod.You know who you are ''lads''. If anything id say rolle has been too lenient. so from my view its a big hell no to this rule change from me.
  10. Neither worthy to be back in black but alas thats not for me to call anymore
  11. Wishing all the best with this archer.Been a long time coming for you to be at the head of the table. Only one worthy in my books other than me ofcourse With kodiak at your side i predict great things from this. Put 100% in to this and go out with a bang.
  12. Depending on the time id be willing to jump on to give you a extra body roland. Il even get my character to grab a wash down prud before attending to look sparkling clean. Cant ask for more than that
  13. Vaine

    The Kingdom

    Always wanted to kill a king....
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