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  1. Yes it did and that was it at its finished stage. Thanks for the clarity
  2. Does if the rp merits it such as military / bandits move in to remove said peoples defensive arms. Door no longer would cut it *to clarify I'm not supporting big fuck off bases, but more so setting defenses at an existing location*
  3. This was me. And I contact hoffer and he said it wasn't acceptable and to only use moredoors alone. Glad to see another admin have a different opinion Can we perhaps get clarity by dayzrp regarding things like this? (roof was completed since that picture)
  4. If memory serves right I'm pretty sure there was a few sour faces over your volki move mate haha.
  5. What's wrong with saying 'outbreak' It is a outbreak
  6. Right il weigh in considering it was me who caught you chopping down the doors. Disappointed I arrived when you had pretty much completed your inspection. But your hardly going to give a time and date. The little time I did spend with you I cannot grumble. The RP was as I would expect it to be. To my knowledge your guys only took automatic weapons and a few non weapon things, nowt much to be fair. No storage was taken, no door broken down than was not needed for access Someone came after you guys left and were perhaps not so kind but that's the risk of setting up something. All said and done my only disappointment was that I wasn't lucky enough to log on prior to your arrival to get more out of it. RAC chaps present with the exception of a couple of items (I'd do it too if I seen something I wanted) done just as they said Ingame they were doing which was to check and confiscate military weaponry. 10/10 I'd have round for supper Hopefully rat poison is modded in by then
  7. Oldest memory I can remember was being at alter Castle and I think it was the brotherhood attacked. Lone infiltrator at top of castle walked down stairs killing just about everyone with a hatchet as we were all focused on the opening at bottom
  8. Me @Ark @Nico_Kakoulli @Dan Kakoulli Day 1 of BWR Some more
  9. I shall give these a try and see if they help
  10. Iv found since the lore wipe I get the problem where I cannot drink water, eat food, use rags... Basically anything that involves holding left mouse button down. The radial kicks in but stops within 1 second. Iv also noticed if I drop something from inventory I can't pick it up, yet I can pick up items I find. My only work around has been logging out and going back into server. I know of 1 other experiencing this, anyone got any tips how to shake it without restarting
  11. Reduce their health back to vanilla or somewhere in between. Keep their damage output the same. Shouldn't take 4 ak shots in the head to kill one.
  12. Only problem I have faced is not being able to interact with things (doors, picking up items, opening cans etc) Quick reload seems to sort it so not sure if it's server side but a few others I play with have had same issues
  13. Mason Monroe is originally from Glasgow where he shared a home with his wife Diana. Mason had spent all his adult life in the construction industry. He always found pleasure in manual hard labour, and
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