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  1. Since he was but a child, Gideon Chase has always had a fascination with engineering, spending much of his youth tucked away in his bedroom tinkering with all sorts of projects, ranging from simple mechanical contraptions to more complex circuitry. This interest followed him throughout his formative years, leading him to follow almost exactly the same path as his father (and his father’s father, and his father’s father’s father and you get the idea), and drop out of school at the age of 16 in order to pursue this interest as a career. Whilst he started off as nothing more than an apprentice in a machine shop, his attention for detail and mechanical prowess afforded him a straightforward path through his field and, by the age of 27, he became the owner of his own engineering firm, specialising in finding solutions to modernise outdated engineering systems. Following the Chernarussian Civil War, Gideon’s company was contracted to help rebuild and replace much of the damaged infrastructure within Chernarus. Work began during the Spring of 2012, and as word spread around the region of the reconstruction efforts, work began flooding in from Berezino to Novaya Petrovka, much of which didn’t even concern damage from the war, but merely wishing to take advantage of such an opportunity for improvement. Growing up in a small Welsh mining village, Gideon was no stranger to the harsh, simplistic way of life in Chernarus. Whilst many would never even contemplate the idea of embracing such a way of life, Gideon thrived in it (and some would say even relished and enjoyed it). It came as no surprise to anyone when, during the summer of 2018, Gideon decided to accept an offer of permanent employment at the quarry in Severograd, helping to modernise the processes and )hopefully) reduce the amount of accidents that were occurring due to a lack of training and old methods. When the infection first came to Chernarus, Gideon was sceptical. The government was not worried, so why should he have been? Once the military crackdown started, Gideon’s first impulse was to try and find inventive ways to break every rule he could. He never got on well with authority, and he wasn’t about to have some men in suits who’d never even looked at a welding torch try and tell him what to do. This got him into hot water on several occasions, the last of which resulted in a broken army sergeant’s nose and an all-inclusive stay in Severograd police station’s cells for Gideon. It was here that he finally realised the severity of the outbreak. As more and more people began being processed for violence and disorder (some of whom Gideon had built up a rapport with, and knew would never be so violently inclined), and as more stories began spreading of mass graves, skirmishes between different factions that had grown during the unrest, and the evacuations of large amounts of the civilian population, Gideon knew that he had to find a way out of the jail. It was only going to be a matter of time before the rumours would spread to Severograd and reveal themselves as truth, and Gideon figured that he’d much rather not be locked inside when that happened. Using what little materials he could access, Gideon managed to fashion a crude lockpick and release himself prematurely from his incarceration. Stopping at his home to gather a small bag of bare essentials, and some warmer clothes for the cold he knew would be coming, Gideon slipped away into the forest of Bogat, away from Severograd. Where he was heading, he didn’t know, but he knew one thing; society was collapsing, and he sure as hell wasn’t going down with it.
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