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  1. JoeyOG

    How do you have your tea? (Poll)

    Personally I grill my tea, but yes an electric kettle works too.
  2. I dont know if this has already been made or not but I haven't been able to find any source saying anything about the consequences of rule breaks. So I was wondering could someone link it to or something im rather curious. Cheers. /Remove this got sent the thread with everything I wanted to know on it.
  3. JoeyOG

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    Shotgun OP
  4. JoeyOG


    *Ash pushes down on his PTT and begins speaking nervously* Look I never meant for anyone to get shot especially you, my aunt taught me different to how my dad treated my mum. Anyways that is besides the point, I was convinced in my head that he would have surrendered and we would have had a nice talk and what not. But low and behold to my surprise I shouldn't have thought different from one of these lizards. *Ash pushes lets go of his PTT and pours some alcohol tincture over his new wounds wincing in pain biting down harder on his belt* *Ash presses down on the PTT begins to speak again* This life we live in is harsh and I dont think that these people are helping to make it any better. I agree life is worth much, much, much more than any jacket or shoe. The reason why I made a radio broadcast is so that I can try make my already sleepless nights less so. And to find out if there was anything I could do to ease your pain or anything to help you. Lastly I think you should get apology from your friend for the situation he put you in.
  5. Ash's POV: After stalking down @PandaOG on NWAF up at bash he whispered down his radio telling me he is being forced to hand over his rifle because of the new high powered rifle ban. After watching from the hills for awhile I notice @Wong, @Bounty and another Im unsure who this is. Finally after stalking down his mute companion they met together in the field just below bash and begin talking to each other and exchanging rifles and jokes. Later on a wong appears then sprints past us without saying a word. Then you stumbled upon us after talking for little bit, having a giggle and catching up prior to bumping into each other yesterday. I asked the name of the fella that was with you and you replied with Wong, so then I went about asking him if he was called wong. To which he replied yeah and something else, shortly after I asked him to drop his rifle and before I even finished my sentence he raised his rifle and I gunned him down. My friend had mistaken you for pulling out a rifle and shot you twice then stopped after I yelled. During the initation I had been shot a few times and was making a retreat so that I wouldn't be vulnerable in the middle of the field bandaging myself, instead I limped down the hill towards the barn encase the third man was taking up a position to try and shoot at us. Knowing we would both be out matched and out gunned made a tactical retreat away from where all the commotion happened. Side note: I feel as if Wong didn't give us the chance to roleplay because he instantly raised his gun and retaliated before my sentence was even finished. I dont know if this matters or not but I made a radio broadcast to try and meet up with her apologising for the event providing compensation and even doctors to aid her.
  6. *Ash pushes down on his PTT and begins speaking hastily and out of breath, sounding as if he is running* Hey lady I wont say your name now... my mute friend wrote your name down so I could say sorry for him wounding you and sorry from me for you getting involved that. *More heavy breathing can be heard as you hear his boots stamping rough the dirt* We didnt mean for you to get caught up in that little encounter with one of the lizards. If you want we can meet up and clear that whole mess up you didnt deserve to be caught up in all of that I'll try my best to compensate you. I know a few doctors if your injuries are that bad, I really do hope your alright. Anyhow Viva la Revenants *As Ash releases the PTT he mutters under his breath* Gun banned my arse.
  7. JoeyOG

    The Revenants Media Thread

  8. JoeyOG

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Fingers crossed gents.
  9. JoeyOG

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    im sweating this is fucking awesome. Glad to have you guys back hope you lot are even better than last time.
  10. Thanks bro it was a good time.
  11. POV: We were running down from bash after getting a call to go to 'New Paris' when we stumbled across these two people, my group were already trying to engage in RP with the OP but they seemed resilient at first seeming like they didnt want to RP. After I apporached one of them being friendly saying 'Hi, whats your name pal' the OP instantly ran off away from me ignoring what I and my group were saying (Avoiding RP) and instead ran away from us to join the other person to which we then initiated on the pair. Once initated on by the group of one of them pulled out his M4 and got shot instantly and then the second one pull out an axe (A Weapon), So we shot the second person. Side note: I do not have any video evidence however some of my group may.
  12. Happy to hear from you Sophie hope all goes well.
  13. You need to go onto your dayz standalone launcher, then click parameters put your profile name as your Ingame character name. then make sure you have the mod selected in mods then boot the game.
  14. I dont wanna sound like im just joining the bandwagon but it really does suck that some people are that way, but whatever you dont need that in your life. Good luck with everything I hope all goes well.
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