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"It really do be like that."

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  1. WB thats a new one

    1. MouseWB


      The better OG's

    2. JoeyOG
  2. Why are you like this?

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  3. I appreciate you. 

    1. ToeZies


      No, I appreciate you

  4. Doorman - SlowThai is a banger

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      TWO'S UP


  5. JoeyOG


    *Ash picks up his radio chuckling, PTT* God you fucking Mexicans are like a plague you just dont fucking go away Let this weird dominatrix lady forfill her strange needs and keep to your right hand señorita. *smiling to himself he released the PTT*
  6. Good luck to you gentlemen, cant wait to see this properly.
  7. POV: I dont remember much but all i did was tail behind the warband because it was humorous to watch. We all ventured around the map hitting up towns to show the might of the 'Warband'. We then ventured onto the airfield made some campfires and danced around having a laugh and RPing, we then got shot at multiple times from multiple directions So everyone scattered under the cover of darkness and hid away until light. However some of us were hunting them in the dark and got gunned down by them so we went onto finding them knowing it was them by the armbands on their bodies and or person. We then made our way onto Pustoshka and the firefight ensued and so did chaos.
  8. Lowkey aspire to look that suave
  9. This report has been up for awhile now, not to be rude or rush the staff but can I have a small update? @Zanaan @Pontiff
  10. If I had beans to give out, you would have earned one.
  11. Good luck to yous. Expecting big things in the future.
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