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    *Ash picks up his radio chuckling, PTT* God you fucking Mexicans are like a plague you just dont fucking go away Let this weird dominatrix lady forfill her strange needs and keep to your right hand señorita. *smiling to himself he released the PTT*
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    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Oh yeah, congrats
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    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck to you gentlemen, cant wait to see this properly.
  7. Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: With this report you can see that JimRP has left a rather short, unprofessional and blunt verdict also rather rushed verdict. That has left me and several other scratching our heads. See if you read some of POVs you would have acknowledged that we were the ones to be shot at first by members of different groups. However I dont have any bad blood for the whole event because I enjoyed it im unsure about others. Furthermore I dont feel as if you took the correct amount of time to review this report and look at it from different perspectives it clearly states in the logs that we were the ones that got hit first by the accusers and that we indeed had Kill rights for two hours. I dont understand how youre allowed to write a verdict without having let any of the other staff members invovled in the report sign off on it saying 'Yeah go ahead this looks legit' When in matter of speaking your doing what you want when you want whenever because your ' XANARCHY' or more Formerly known as Co owner. I would also like to bring forward that you have a really do have a strange urge to solve any reports involving the 'OGboys' and the 'RPboys' either in hope of finding a way to ban us from Rolands community and keeping your mates as the topdogs that ruin shit for people. I would also like to point out that from my knowledge that has been several other Feedback posts like this abou the way you solve reports on your own free will, if im wrong then let me know. Suggestions for improvement: I feel like JimRP either needs a refresher course on how to be a co owner, personally I dont know because I am not one. Someone else has to verify the verdict and for other members of staff to sign off on it. I feel like another thing that could be done to prevent bias report verdicts is not allow anyone with the tag 'RP' (I know can can seem sort of degrading and unfair but getting permd and given random points because of their friends seems alittle more unfair to me) in their name to solve out reports due to past OOC hate accusations and past verdict outcomes seeming rather biased.
  8. POV: I dont remember much but all i did was tail behind the warband because it was humorous to watch. We all ventured around the map hitting up towns to show the might of the 'Warband'. We then ventured onto the airfield made some campfires and danced around having a laugh and RPing, we then got shot at multiple times from multiple directions So everyone scattered under the cover of darkness and hid away until light. However some of us were hunting them in the dark and got gunned down by them so we went onto finding them knowing it was them by the armbands on their bodies and or person. We then made our way onto Pustoshka and the firefight ensued and so did chaos.
  9. Lowkey aspire to look that suave
  10. This report has been up for awhile now, not to be rude or rush the staff but can I have a small update? @Zanaan @Pontiff
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    God I Miss X so Much :(

    If I had beans to give out, you would have earned one.
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    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck to yous. Expecting big things in the future.
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    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    Glad your enjoying our interactions between our groups. Hopefully more to come.
  14. I dont understand I how the polls are biased can you elaborate please. Personally I see that most of these 'He said she said ends without a just conclusion.
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