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  1. BudFather

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    im sweating this is fucking awesome. Glad to have you guys back hope you lot are even better than last time.
  2. POV: We were running down from bash after getting a call to go to 'New Paris' when we stumbled across these two people, my group were already trying to engage in RP with the OP but they seemed resilient at first seeming like they didnt want to RP. After I apporached one of them being friendly saying 'Hi, whats your name pal' the OP instantly ran off away from me ignoring what I and my group were saying (Avoiding RP) and instead ran away from us to join the other person to which we then initiated on the pair. Once initated on by the group of one of them pulled out his M4 and got shot instantly and then the second one pull out an axe (A Weapon), So we shot the second person. Side note: I do not have any video evidence however some of my group may.
  3. Happy to hear from you Sophie hope all goes well.
  4. You need to go onto your dayz standalone launcher, then click parameters put your profile name as your Ingame character name. then make sure you have the mod selected in mods then boot the game.
  5. I dont wanna sound like im just joining the bandwagon but it really does suck that some people are that way, but whatever you dont need that in your life. Good luck with everything I hope all goes well.
  6. BudFather

    Falk's Image Animation

    crazy stuff.
  7. BudFather

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Oh shit boys back to grish. Good luck lads.
  8. This is some pretty sinister shit my dude. Pretty crazy, I like.
  9. BudFather

    The Highwaymen [Strict Limited Recruitment]

    Wow this looks cool, good luck guys!
  10. BudFather

    [2e CIE] French Foreign Legion [Recruitment:Open]

    Looks good boy, cant wait to meet you in game.
  11. Not trying to flame or anything but. Its called roleplay cause your playing the role of someone your not because your playing a video game at the end of the day. I can understand why people can get mad because there are active and non active military personnel that play on the server, however people come onto their computer to play video games and have a good time not to be ridiculed for role playing a character. I babbled abit but what im really trying to say is that its just a game. A note to add I believe that instead of getting angry at the person for playing the part wrong you should give them tips on how to play the part.
  12. BudFather

    Mod Suggestion - VoIP Distances

    I like the sound of this.
  13. BudFather

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Rest in peace. Didnt talk that much but your a cool dude.
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