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  1. Hi guys, most of you probably won't know me but I took a 3/4 month break from DayZRP and gaming as whole to focus on College. I had some great times on here thanks to the majority of the community. I hope to receive and give some quality RP over the coming days/weeks. Hope to meet you all out in Chernarus! (Also if any group is looking for a player who knows what hes doing feel free to comment!) Edit - My character I rp'ed as was "Jay Carter" of The Interpol. (I will be continuing to RP as this character)
  2. Loved RP'ing with you in Grishino before Christmas Sophie hope you're okay.
  3. Loved RP'ing with you in Grishino before Christmas Sophie hope you're okay.
  4. KidSmithsta

    Big Mistake [Open Freq]

    * Jay presses onto the PTT and uses a code name for his companion Odin to not reveal his identity * Stop giving them bitch boys attention they probably all get hard ons at the sight of an M4, trigger happy pussies. Motherfucking * * The PTT is released *
  5. As I said before, DayZRP is suppose to be a realistic experience it's not like you can just 3rd person yourself in real life.
  6. Okay so as we all know DayZRP is an RP server which is suppose to create realism within the game itself. Despite doing this, to an extent I have always questioned one thing when it comes to DayZRP. Why do we have access to 3rd person? Not only does it reduce realism but it also reduces creativity in RP scenarios. For example if you are in a hostile RP situation with someone and you are hiding behind a wall all they have to do is 3rd person peek over it. I'm making this post to make a suggestion to perhaps remove 3rd person completly in hopes of providing DayZRP with a better overall experience. Anyways let me know what you guys think, this would obviously be a big change and would alter the dynamic of the game significantly.
  7. KidSmithsta

    Reintroducing the double mic rule

    One thing that confuses me is why would I want to have to keep discord unmuted when I am RP'ing and someone in the same channel is RP'ing someone else. That would be terrible for multiple reasons.
  8. KidSmithsta

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    Fuck yes. A suggestion would be completely re-naming the whole "Chernarus" map to maybe another part of Russia. Maybe even Ukraine or just something new and fresh.
  9. * JC presses the PTT and puts on a fake accent before speaking to disguise his voice * I have encountered these Irish men a few time in Novaya Petrovka, all they want to do is dictate the civilians and profit of death. I guess we will see how long this Free State lasts before it turns into a Grishino massacre. They are no better than them Kamenici fuckers. * JC releases the PTT ripping the battery out of his battered radio before chucking it to the floor and walking off *
  10. KidSmithsta


    Yes the VOIP bug where you just hear someone practically stuttering a thousand times and you can not make out what they say...
  11. KidSmithsta


    I missed it originally, thanks for the re-link I just signed it.
  12. KidSmithsta


    Can you post the link to sign the petition please.
  13. KidSmithsta


    I would say if you initiate through VOIP but they don't hear it then it's not your fault. IMO just initiate through text then voip just to be safe.
  14. *Jay Carter listens to the message and then hold his PTT* I was recently in Novaya Petrovka with a friend of mine who's name I will not disclose for safety reasons. Anyways, while visiting the safe-zone there I encountered these 2 friendly gentleman who seemed to know there way around radio channels and stuff. They were actually kind enough to play some songs through the broadcasting system in Novaya. I hope you find your friend soon... I know what its like not knowing where your team is. *Jay Carter lets go of the PTT and walks over to his friend*
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