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  1. Johnathan has had quite the journey. To start he was born in America and raised by his Russian dad and Italian Mother. His dad constantly went back to Chernarus while Johnathan grew up. Johnathan nor his mother knew what he was doing there. Be Part Russian part Italian life was rough for Johnathan growing up. At about age 8 Johnathan's Father moved the family to Chernarus in hopes of staying away from the america that he thought was very corrupt. He went to a school that was for English Speaking Foreign exchange students. When the outbreak hit His dad took him and his mother to a safe secure place with food and water that would last for years.... but years was not long enough. A few short months back it ran out. Thats when Johnathan and His father set out in hopes of finding more food and water. His father was killed by an infected and Johnathan ran back to the shelter only to find that his mother was gone. No Blood anywhere, no signs that there was a struggle. She was just gone. Johnathan set out on his with the supplies left at the shelter and was hoping to find a group that was stable. As sad and depressed as he was, he was also excited. He didn't get to go outside much over the years. Here we are, a just a few months since he left the shelter and he is still looking for a Stable Group.
  2. NotMrPink

    S1: Troll RP | Nadezhdino 03:40 to 04:30 Server Time | November 12 2018

    @Jamie My POV would be that I walked into the town and saw two people. I saw they both had gear. I dont really have anything on me. I approach them and say something along the lines of you like human meat or something. Acting as a kinda joke to try and throw them off. I basically keep saying random type of stuff. I ask them for food/water which they did give to me. I then asked what town we were in and they responded but I couldn't quite hear what they said so I asked them if they could spell it (this was to see if I could figure it out) I couldn't quite tell what they said. I then ran around to search a couple of houses and got a zombie on me so I ran back to them cause I didn't have anything to kill it with. They shot the zombie. Since I didn't know where I was i figured I would just try to get them to kill me. I went up to them and said "Hands up or be killed by my apple." I started counting down and they shot me. I acted like this to try and get them to kill me so I could spawn else where. I might have missed a few details since I do not quite remember everything that had happened.
  3. NotMrPink

    S1: Troll RP | Nadezhdino 03:40 to 04:30 Server Time | November 12 2018

    @Jamie I mean if you want I can type a full POV But what they said is all true. I did say what they claim.
  4. NotMrPink

    S1: Troll RP | Nadezhdino 03:40 to 04:30 Server Time | November 12 2018

    @Ender Yeah Sorry I didnt know what I should Say. Im new so I didn't know if I should let you guys handle it or... All I got to say that Im sorry. I was trying to figure out where I was and then when I figured it out i was gonna try and get a new spawn. I Admit that this was bad and understand if I am banned. Sorry for ruining your guys immersion and I promise that if Im aloud to stay that I will never do it again. I wont make excuses but I was quite bored after not seeing anyone for a really long time but I know thats no excuse to act like that. Thats all I have to say and I will accept any punishment that I am given. I am sorry though.
  5. My character is from the USA. He was a Construction worker before he took the boat to go to chernarus where he got stranded. He had a wife and son that were killed by a unknown group just a few weeks after arriving in chernarus. He doesn't like getting close to people because he is afraid that they will backstab him or that they will get killed. He seeks revenge for the killing of his wife and son but does not revenge cloud his mind. It is not his top priority. He wishes things would go back to the way things were but knows that it wont. He doesn't like putting faith in humanity but knows that he must if he wants to survive. Edit: He came to chernarus because he was on a boat and they needed to resupply so they stopped here. Once they got off the boat they were not let back on because of a "Disturbance" People were furious and tried to force there way on. Then the outbreak happened. John took his family and ran into the hills.
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