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    Message to Riley

    *Speaks into his Radio* “Ah hello! It’s me Russo and I know this was for Riley, my beautiful lovely wife and I also wanted to say thank you!” *Thinks how he remembers this guy ratting on everyone and trying to get me killed* “It means a lot, even though I know you are a rat I still give thanks to you for your happy wishes.” *Thinks how he was fucked over and lied about by this same person* ”I really can’t believe that she gave me the time of day and I feel like probably the luckiest guy of all time” *Thinks about The time he saw riley on the side of the road sad, dazed, confused, lonely and upset so he picked her up and drove her somewhere warm to stay* “I would honestly do anything for her man but I guess most people would do anything for their significant others yeah?” *Thinks about how riley is the one that wanted to get married* ”But on the flip side. You are a rat, and you tried to have me killed. I understand what happened last night with my boys but I want you to know that I kill rats. Good luck bud and happy hunting” *Releases ptt*
  2. MasonWB

    Mason's Media Thread

    This thread is a little dusty but Time to freshen it up Here is this. Love you @BandsRP
  3. MasonWB


    Mwah. I think this is my favorite one so far ❤️ 



    1. Johnny Navid

      Johnny Navid

      My Hawaiian shirt on thumb nail.


  4. MasonWB

    Calling Noah Russo

    *Noah Speaks into his radio* "Yo whats up? Ain't got much time to talk" *Releases PTT*
  5. MasonWB

    S1 Greenmountain 1:00 "Invalid Kill" "RulePlay"

    Exactly and as admitted here, we didn't execute until after this was confirmed. Thus We figured out who you were from this. After having been found and caught out you continued to lie. There is no way for us to take a situation where we have someone 100% lying but they refuse to admit. In real life, You would be executed in this scenario or you would've confessed. I will say again, BadRP Because you closed all routes of RP other than execution as thats all that made sense at that point
  6. MasonWB

    S1 Greenmountain 1:00 "Invalid Kill" "RulePlay"

    We got to GM Where we hear cartel memebers are. We get inside and after taking 3 hostages outside. We have some RP when I walk over to @Killsceamguy and say hello and tell him whats going on. After some RP I had to go eat so to provide him with RP for the 5 minutes i was gone, I get my Chernarussian friend to talk to him since @Killsceamguy was Russian. I come back and he gets held up. Our boy Ben recognizes him as they were both part of the Cartel but for further proof I get more people to confirm. After solid confirmation from a person he had been running around with throughout the day I go over and accuse him knowing he is lying. We fully know IC who it is without a doubt and he keep lying. After many, MANY chances to give up his lie. He decides to stick with the same Story and gets killed for lying to us. Would like to note that this could be seen as NVFL as we had caught you in your lie and after giving you a way out that could have furthered RP for both our characters storylines. Instead You decided to provide BadRP by just saying the same lie over and over again after having clearly been caught. When you do this after clearly being caught in your lie it ends all routes and basically ends the RP. It would not have made sense for us to let someone go that we knew was lying but also would not have gone anywhere else other than us just asking you the same thing. YOU ended all routes instead of furthering the story because you couldn't handle your character losing.
  7. MasonWB

    Moretti Consortium

    Looks very interesting! I was looking forward to seeing this but it’s a Livonia group. Hope you provide some good shit for the people across the Pond! Maybe we will see you guys in chernarus one day. Take care and good luck
  8. MasonWB

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Ayyy bro. Yeah we did it cause the importing and stuff in the city. I’m not a good writer so the story isn’t the greatest compared to some but I actually did a bit of research to make sure it was a big docking, importing, exporting place I can’t Beanz this. I’m gonna beanz this when I can. And yeah a lot of the guys from Wolfpack joined us. Uncle Ronnie inspired me . And you always know where I’m dms are if you come back
  9. MasonWB

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Special welcome to @ImNovaaa @Tommy152 @Grazey @Hegedraagen @TheFlare1 @s8tanity @Blizna Looking Forward To running with you boy
  10. MasonWB

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Welcome Back @coolman23 to the Community! @Vandire Welcome to the Group! Both Added to Roster
  11. MasonWB

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    Roster, Goals, and Relations all Updated
  12. MasonWB

    Server split?

    I think we should tune into one map. Look at arma 3 for example. None of those maps were poppin out much longer than 2-4 months. Also, lots of games have come out recently. Halo master chief collection. RDR2 on steam, Star Wars Fallen order, etc. also it’s holiday season so peeps go out with their family. I’d say still focus into one server cause it is only a matter of time until Livonia dies
  13. MasonWB

    Hector is captured

    *Noah presses his ptt* ”I can’t give you that information right now. I’m going to deal with my things and personal quarrels with this man and then I’ll get in contact with you” *releases ptt*
  14. MasonWB

    Hector is captured

    *Noah speaks into his radio* “what kind of details are you looking for?” *releases ptt*
  15. MasonWB

    Hector is captured

    *Noah speaks into his radio* ”Hello people of chernarus, it’s your favorite little shit here, Noah. You see today, we had some Hispanics make a tiny oopsie so we have slaughtered them like pigs and taken hector. Now, this man, he talks a lot more shit pherhaps more so than me even. The Cartel has 5 days to come to me with a deal for his life. After 5 days I will leave hector to drown in his own pool of blood dead. But, anybody that makes an offer now can have him or if they wish, they may come and do whatever they want to this poor bastard” *A slap can be heard as if he hit someone back* “Radio for details if you wish to get back at this big bag Hispanic man. I’ll soon have him radio in for proof that we have him. I just gotta sort him out a bit more” *Noah releases his radio*
  16. MasonWB


    Good luck with this guys. Looks good. Hope to run into you guys in game.
  17. MasonWB

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some fun but short RP with @groovy pips and @groovy clarence and I believe another. Though it was short was interesting to say the least.
  18. MasonWB

    S1-Green Mountain-Disregard for hostage safety-/01/12/2019

    Also, dunno how close to verdict or anything is but currently arranging for OP and the accused to talk this out. (DMing in discord as we speak) All I’m asking is if verdict is coming soon to please hold while attempting to talk things out please and thank you
  19. MasonWB

    S1-Green Mountain-Disregard for hostage safety-/01/12/2019

    The quoted above is probably the best way describe things from Viperials side if I were to assume. Only a couple things to point out here. You say you can’t get wood for a fire because you would be shot but you had the inside do that place locked down. There was not shots that rang Into the camp from the outside. All bullets shot at you guys was at towers or front gate I believe. I digress and say that there are multiple tress and bushes inside of the compound itself you guys could have used to safely get a fire started for the hostages. I believe this was more likely overlooked than an intentional neglect of making a fire but you had the means to safely get stuff to make a fire and keep the hostage alive.
  20. MasonWB

    We have captured the leader of the Cartel

    *Holds down PTT* "I don't think I can do that, Im not welcome there Stranger" *Releases PTT*
  21. MasonWB

    We have captured the leader of the Cartel

    *Noah would listen through his radio* "Hello, I have a car with 2 m4's and a AKM if you will hand him over to me. I want the fucker dead" *Noah Releases his PTT*
  22. MasonWB

    The Mob

    Its been fun @Ronnie. Thank you for letting me into the group and giving me a shot with you guys. Had lots of fun and lots of laughs but its time to move on. Take care everyone and everyone better stay in touch. GG boys
  23. MasonWB


    7 Days

  24. MasonWB

    S1-Green Mountain-Disregard for hostage safety-/01/12/2019

    Okay POV time So we go to Green mountain cause a guy radioed me saying we gotta save someone from I believe a different group than we actually fought. Some of us are running around the woods when I hear that we have be initiated on so we run around and I pop a couple shots a enemies missing. After a running around the woods for a while to see if they would have backup while the others focus on the guys inside I finally after 20 ish minutes decide to take up a position and watch the towers but of course when I decide they won’t have backup, their 1 person backup arrives. I put myself in position that gets me fucked when I pray that my Fal would 1 tap the unsuspecting man but it lets me down and i very unfortunately get sprayed down like a fucking dog while I was lying down. I left the discord and play call of duty for a bit and come back to hear that we were put down like dogs. But for this report itself all I know about the hostage situation was the dude I believe froze to death. I dunno anything else as I died. Thank for reading my ted talk Also, I don’t Have video of this.
  25. MasonWB

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Johnny Navid I had a lot of fun running around today and Killing that Cannibal guy which speaking of whom @PopPop Bro that was fun the short amount of RP we had leading to ur PK. I am happy that you let us do it. It might not further a big story but it wont be forgotten by Noah. Thank you for the opportunity you gave us. @silvermoongaming Fun RP as always. I could post this on here almost every day but today was fun running with you and the other people today. Also, 10/10 singer @Realize Fun running around with you today. Best Staff member and had a lot of laughs. 10/10 would do again @PhoenyxxRP Didnt stick around a long but was fun to finally see Wolf packs place and not get robbed or be hostile. Looking forward to future encounters @RiZ Was fun to have the behind the scenes little bit of resentment between Noah and Hutch. I dunno how hutch felt for Putting W into Noah's neck but Was definitely thinking about it the entire time. Was fun at least for me to have behind the scenes tension. @hAwkzyyRP Was a lot of fun to actually RP with you today. Clearing things up with our characters atleast most of it was refreshing and felt good. Not a Story line Wrapped up but one that finally got the push it needed to keep going. Had a lot of fun with the whole thing and felt good to keep that line going. Everyone else I RP'd with Was a lot of fun and would do again.
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