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  1. Staff team, Was wondering if logs could be pulled for more people as there was more people at this situation. I know that @Dongle as well as 2 other friends of the accused were never pulled into the report because i think the logs were missed. I think the 2 people in the following video are missing Edit: I posted this right as the GM updated logs....
  2. Oop, My bad, Dont know why my brain when defender rights. Will fix that. Only re initiated because it gives you guys a chance to comply rather than killing you right off the bat. Also I re initiate myself, unless of course shot at then I just kill the person shooting at me, because its the safe thing to do and like I said above it allows for people to comply if they wish and RP out the situation more rather than a gunfight.
  3. False we were not hunting you. After the firefight in novy sobor we went to devils castle and then arrived to altar radio before you guys did. We hung around there for I think 30 minutes and we’re messing around. As proof position logs could be pulled of it and also there is hit logs of me shooting @HarveyLR and him shooting me and @Dongle way before you guys ever show up. Also to go along your firefight not starting in one area, that means you believed that this is a continued situation from novy sobor all the way to altar radio tower. I do not know exactly what staff considers a “Situation” and when it’s over but I will assume they go by how long kill rights are active. You killed @Duplessis and I believe that renews our Attacker rights. He was killed after the fight in novy but before the fight at altar. Meaning, kill rights never expired, meaning, this is one long situation that @BrockLee returned to and broke NLR as per the rule you cannot return to ur body for 1 hour Or return to the situation that led to your death. I believe the second part of that is an indefinite amount of time but seeing as the Situation lasted from the novy fight to the altar radio fight and @BrockLee returned to the situation and broke NLR. Unless of course I’m wrong and the staff has different guidelines for what defines a “Situation” feel free to merge my posts
  4. @Misty. After reading through all this I believe your kill is valid but I do think it was rule play. I’m the report above, ImNova is banned for ruleplay. To give the story quickly so you don’t have to read the entire report, me and a friend trick an enemy into following us out of the safety of his camp and our into the open so that our friend can kill him. my friend yes, had kill rights. But, there was 3 of us and instead of killing the man we could of just taken him hostage and furthered rp that way. Just because you have kill rights doesn’t mean you should use them. In the situation that is currently being reported, you could’ve taken @Duplessis Instead of killing him. He was all alone and none of us were even nearby. You chose to use your kill rights when you could’ve furthered rp by instead taking him hostage.
  5. @Mike @ImAtrix @Trijim @groovy blisna @HarveyLR @Fae @Litereally almost all the RAC. Fanatastic Stuff the last few days been having a blast with yall/ @Millie and I think? @Morytania Good RP note to end on before hopping off. Was nice after a hectic day to chill out and talk to people.
  6. @BrockLee Curious, does your character, Mike Sterling, Go by BrockLee in game?
  7. POV: Was running to Devils castle or I was at altar radio tower I dont quite remember exactly where when I hear that @Duplessis gets KOS'd. The only thing they would maybe have rights from would be this situation. we had initiated as they would not let us search for illegal contraband. After the clip We chase down his friends in the woods. I do not recall any of us killing anymore but we did shoot them. As u can see in the video I was shot by a sniper but did not die. We chased the sniper after this clip but I do not have video of it. After this situation we got to devils and confiscate some automatic rifles from some people. No initiation dropped there, after devils we go to altar and hang around. Harvey logs out and we are about to leave when we hear gunshots. The man Talking to @Duplessis in the video we encounter him and his friends at Altar to which we initiate and kill his friends and I think him but im not sure This man from here in the following video After the clip above a gunfight ensues to which I have this clip (Is titled full clip because prior to this report, I had cut the 30 second clip down to 15 to post in discord but I know you guys want all the evidence I have so Ill post the extra 15 seconds... Full clip is 30 seconds) I do not believe that anyone had rights on @Duplessis but I was not with him during any of this. Just here to possibly explain where these people might have rights from.
  8. I don’t think we need anymore mods as the server has a hard enough time as it is.
  9. Jaroslav grew up in Vybor city with his brother Damek. Their father, Alexi Burnek fought as Chedaki for many years. He died in combat at the age of 35 before both Jaroslav and Damek were born. Both Jaroslav and Damek wanted to enlist and fight for what their father believed in. both brothers wanted to live on his legacy. They enlisted with the RAC after they reformed from Chedaki in November of 2012. After Lovpotev's assassination they were deployed to fight against the former CDF. 2020 When the Frenzied Flu hit he was put as the 2nd wave to come in incase anything went bad. Now he is sent into South Zagoria to try and help control the situation. Now to this day the CLF are ruining his country in his eyes and he is ready to do what he has to do to survive and keep his lands safe.
  10. This might be a better question for devs but with new addition of being able to just shoot out wooden walls and fences, I do not know how many bullets it takes in vanilla but is that some that is adjustable? Like say for example it takes 120 bullets of 5.56 ammo to destroy a fence, are you guys able to adjust that so that it takes more or less than that or is this something that is locked ?
  11. Nah.... few reasons. I have enough hours in rust. Next, bases look awful 9/10 times as if they are from rust. Gear hoarders are my worst enemies. At this point in the wipe or a apocalypse, would people really be setting up cities again? Government or military type groups make quarantine but civilians def are not making their own towns like seen in the walking dead for example. The most that most people would probably be doing is building up houses. But what do I actually know... never be in a apocalypse before
  12. Hello! So I’m sure this has been asked before but things change and you never know. So in the rules, it states that you must protect and keep your hostage alive at all cost. They must be fed and watered... kinda like a pet. you take someone who is sick, (you do not know they are sick until after u have already taken them) hostage. Shortly after doing some rp with them they start throwing up a lot. You do your best to feed them and give them water but eventually you run out of food and water entirely and have no medicine and said person dies while they are still your hostage. You did everything you could to keep them alive but failed. Is this your fault and is it a rule break if reported? Does this fall under extenuating circumstances ? If not what can someone do better In order to not break this rule in this situation? now the next question is actually the same as the above question but instead, you do know the person is sick before you take them hostage. Does this effect the answer at all? edit: thank you or answering much clearer now
  13. Sold Add bows into the game look forward to trying this group
  14. Is there a signing bonus? maybe I’d like to join....
  15. Mason


    Still out of beanz but I appreciate it . Good to see familiar faces around
  16. So a while ago on DayZRPs 2019 birthday we all received a random item from the item shop. I myself received the seasonal hats which was the Santa hat and the Pumpkin hat glowing thingy. I do not remember the last time I saw said item in my inventory but it’s missing now. Sadly my only proof of actually owning Said item is me dming @Roland saying thank you which I will post below. Idk if you can see spawn in history of inventory items but j believe I spawned in the seasonal hats a couple of times. the only conclusion I’ve come to is that since I was banned maybe it was taken away for that reason and if that’s the case then I understand.
  17. Brainstorming character ideas... To be honest idk. I havnt played in 3 months but I’ve had a couple buddies playing and they usually roam the entire west from pavlovo mil to VMC and northwest and it seems they run into a decent amount of people.
  18. Mason


    I’m out of beanz but I won’t leave this time
  19. I have no more beanz but thank you for doing your part in this... your service will be remembered. Maybe we had enough people spam their twitter they would add back ? To bad even if that was the case it would take a year for them to add it
  20. Apparently they’re still in the asset files according to a friend on discord prolly so outdated tho it hurts to even think about trying anything with it
  21. What I found from Bohemia and this was 2018...
  22. Snip just curious now how everyone feels about this. Could be moved to community discussion I guess?
  23. So was talking with a friend about the good ole times and got onto the topic of killing people back in the day using the bow and arrow. The one that would take many shots to kill someone but if you had a plate carrier, it one shot you. @Wbtrex If this is possible to bring to DayZRP I think it would be very cool.
  24. Good looking group... interesting to see. I wouldn’t let people saying ur the same as CLF get to you. By that line of thinking why doesn’t every mob/mafia type group just merge since their all criminals. I hope y’all do some cool shit and I hope to see you guys in game. Good luck guys!
  25. I used either this or something very similar on another rp server and got ghost bullets quite a bit more than when I didn’t use it. I think it looks cool and should be added but it’s not worth getting ghost billets for. If I recall, it also allows for you to bring ur weapons out faster aswell.
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