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  1. MasonnWB

    S1: Pavlovo | Avoiding RP

    Will post pov when I have time to type it up
  2. MasonnWB


    To go along with prior status update 


    1. Ronnie


      This was golden (wasn't a jackal tho 😂)

    2. MasonnWB


      My mistake but the part of me running with them in game for 20 minutes and not knowing, those were jackals 

  3. MasonnWB


    When you run with jackals cause they think its one of them and when they start fist fighting eachother you yoink an m4 from them but the guy u stole it from finds you but hes with one of your close allies. 0_0. (Warning here, Discord was streaming it to boys and they went ape shit so Headphone users beware) 



    1. Bobby


      That's not a jackal my man... nt though

    2. Turk-chan


      Shooting whitenames again mason ? Wellplayed tho. 200iq'd him.

    3. MasonnWB


      Oh, so it wasn't Alright I stand corrected. Just figured since everyone was together at Green mountain my bad, I  apologize. My mistake 


  4. MasonnWB

    Potius Cras

    Alright few things before getting started. I have heard nothing but good about corps RP and have heard its a lot of fun to RP with them and do the test and all the shit you guys do. So let me get into this. I watched the dude I was with get taken by yall so I wait for a while before you guys leave and I open Fire with my defense rights. After running around Zeleno for a bit me and my guy jump into the red house and you guys come in and we drop 2 of you before you drop my guy. Boom You got your execution rights. I will state here that you guys did not by server standards do anything wrong (Other than a bit of "Not talking cause we are totally double mic everything right now" But hey no way to truely prove that right) Anyway lets get onto where I was actually more so disapointed than anything. I have never actually been a corp hostage before despite the many times I have run into you guys. When it was just me and the 2 of you guys outside I got bored of holding an angle so I decided to go the RP route and try to give myself up which I do and you guys basically did fuck all with me. I say in the OOC chat not to rush but I would like to hurry as it is and was getting late and I have classes. What I definitly did not mean by that was just hardley talk to me other than for one simple conversation with me that I don't even think happened between me and the person. After long bouts of silence from the two of you *( ) All I hear is something along the lines of "Command says the execute" So your guy runs up and just executes me. As said before there is not technically anything wrong that happened but I was just disapointed to hear such amazing things about this group and then have my first interaction as a hostage be so (Sorry to be harsh) Absolute dog shit and probably one of the worst times I have been a hostage. TLDR: Heard amazing things about this groups RP and was met with little to no RP and was executed just because you could. Don't have problem with using your execution rights but some RP to go with it would have been the pill a bit easier to swallow Anyway, I would love to say looking forward to our next interaction but if this is the Famous Corp RP I have heard about. I honestly hope I never run into you guys again. But hey, change my mind about you guys. I want to be proved wrong. Good luck lads
  5. MasonnWB


    Alright, RP montage Number 2. (I fixed from last one so that clips are not so loud and you can actually hear the music)


  6. MasonnWB

    Mason's Media Thread

    Alright Numero Dos
  7. MasonnWB

    The Mob

    Pleasure to be here. Looking forward to where this goes and thank you for having me @Ronnie
  8. MasonnWB

    S1 - Killing a complying hostage - Green Mountain

    2 things after reading this. This is a false Report as.But before I really accuse you of that your server time is incorrect so assuming this just happened, I have not been online for this as I have not been online since last night. Also, Even if this did happen, ( I am serious I do not recall this situation at all if this happened the other day or some shit but your date is today and like 45 mins before the actual server time it is now.) You reaching for your m4 and getting killed is how shit works. But I am dead ass serious this situation never happened atleast not with me. SO you are either false reporting or you have the wrong person bud.
  9. MasonnWB

    Jackson Rivers Last Radio Broadcast.

    *Noah Presses his PTT* "God fucking damn it. I was here for you and this group to serve and strive in this land. Jackson, I wouldn't say I looked up to you because at the end of the day, you have given up before me. It really was an honor to serve along side you and Yuri. I don't know why the fuck you chose the easy way out but im still here to fight. Im no longer a Mafia Associate, Im Barley a leader of The Syndicate, I am definitely no longer a Black Rose. I did nothing but serve and at the end of the day all of you go into hiding and start shooting yourselves. Ill leave you with this, As it was an honor serving with you guys I am also Disappointed. This group has done nothing but dig a deeper hole for us to crawl out of. Fuck the Roses, Love you brothers, Russo out" *Noah Releases his PTT*
  10. MasonnWB

    S1 KOS, Attempted Kos, Rule 4.10 Server time (UTC): 2019-11-11, 06:41

    Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-11-11, 06:41 Your in game name: Noah Russo Names of allies involved: Riley Lux, @silvermoongaming Name of suspect/s: Unkown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me and Riley are rocking up to GM to RP with whoever is there, when we walk up, after I say hello, I hear a loud explosion and turn to see Riley is dead on the floor. We have had 0 hostile interaction over the last 4 hours and no reason for us to be killed. We walked up and got blown up by a landmine.
  11. MasonnWB

    The Black Roses

  12. MasonnWB

    S1 Meta Gaming Ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I do not think the verdict for myself is fair because It is at the very most in that report inconclusive as to if I was double micing or not. I do not believe there was enough evidence for the GM's to ban me without some sort of doubt because their is no clear cut evidence of me not double mic throughout the situation. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So as the GM points out the statue clip of not being able to hear me as well as not specifying any other time in the video but just says it happens, I was banned I believe for that clip alone of me calling out im behind statue. The thing that is wrong with it is that I do call it out but while in gunfight I am on whisper so that enemies cant hear me yelling and giving callouts because if they hear it then they will be able to use that info so I use whisper to minimize that damage. The only time in that clip that you can say I meta game is when I say to drop the shit off their bodies or else it will despawn which I did not think would be appropriate in game. The only reason I did't say something else that would fit in game is because there was 2 minutes until server restart (1 minute cause it restarts at 1) so I didn't really think of anything else to say but beside the point, thats after the situation is over and its not even something that benefits anyone in game. As said before, saying that in game would not have been appropriate. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban Lifted and Points Removed What could you have done better?: Given a different call out for when I say to drop the shit off the bodies before they de spawn aswell as I guess talk in normal during gunfights Edit On to why the verdict is not fair: To clarify, there is never once in there that seth is close enough to hear me at a whisper Second edit: I did make an oopsie. When I say throw shit off bodies or it will despawn I say above that it was after situation but upon furthur review, It was not and aswell the timing was off. Either way still very little amount of time and I didn't think of anything else to say that I could say in game.
  13. MasonnWB

    The Black Roses

    @Fae just to clarify before I say this, I have only read over the part addressing me and I do understand maybe a bit overly hostile looking back. But to clarify that is my charcter being like that. If he doesn’t know you then he ain’t gonna listen to you unless it’s gonna come at the cost of being shot IE being held up. Noah has killed people for interrupting him before so what I did was not really out of place. After I had hit you a couple times and said that you then pulled out a knife or something and cut me 4-5 times I thought you were just gonna kill me so I pulled a gun to defend myself. I appreciate you leaving feedback and I’ll do more in a the future to rather hostile RP rather than resort to someone else cutting me bunch and me pulling a gun. I’ll try to jump away or something I guess and then go from there rather than shooting. Would like to note the reason for me shooting was you cut me like 4-5 times almost killing me so it wasn’t totally unwarranted. But with the above said I’ll try to find a way out other than defending myself from a machete wielding maniac ;). Look forward to the next time we meet In game
  14. MasonnWB

    Un needed Post

    Upon further review, it appears that the comments were deleted of me explaining it so I dunno where those went but Im sure the Handy Dandy Admins or some staff can find them on the report I linked
  15. MasonnWB

    Un needed Post

    \ Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I mean like, I can see why to an extent but the guy mis read the thing I didn't want the rest of the report to go on thinking that Mouse was lying in his POV because the guy even said himself, he did not understand the post and you will see I explain it to him in a post later on thus proving it probably a good thing I said this because he either mis read or could not understand Mouses Post Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I thought I was helping him since what he typed had been wrong so I thought that if I told him to read it again he would see his error What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed or at the very least lowered to a caution maybe? What could you have done better?: I guess the only other option was not say anything at all but again, I did not want the rest of the report to go on people thinking Mouse was lying
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