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  1. Masonn


    Well. Staying active on forums until this last report is cleared up. Taking a 'Break" From the server and I hope to return in the future. I have seen all of what I need to see from the server. 


    Thanks to anyone that I have Rp'd with.

    Special thanks to @coolman23 for providing me with a new and fun kind of RP. Running into James (RIP btw) 60 times a day and Hearing "Mr. Russo!" in that special monotone voice was always a pleasure. Im sorry for the recent events that have happened but I hope to continue playing games with you,

    Thanks to @Isaiah Rinkasonn for letting me in chapter 2 way back when and even though I wasn't around long, your guys RP was nothing short of amazing

    Thank you to @Jim Smokes and @Tormented for helping me get a group started and sticking around. You guy are legends and I wouldn't of rather spent as much time as I did with anyone else

    @moxx Thanks bro for just playing. Ever since I met you in Mafia days and we made the 'What to do when you see a chernarussian" Skit has been hella fun. From the Crazy time of the battle with Muslims and CTF (You know the situation) To recently attacking that outpost. I know we will talk after this but still wanted to mention you here.

    @Ronnie It has been quite a while but I loved your character so much. Truely was a pleasure to be around. I wish I could've helped more to keep Mafia alive after Joah Left (Kicked Whatever) but you are still a legend. 

    @Spikey Now I know this one is not active anymore but if he ever returns and looks at the forums I want this here. I based so much of my RP off yours. The way Tony Carried himself and looked threatening without looking braindead looked good. My favorite moment was when We had those corporation dudes tied up in the summercamp and while Dean was talking with them, you walk in with a machete in hand and a Ski mask on and say "Hey, uh, boss.... Is it time yet?" I don't know why it sticks out so much  to me but it was so funny but fit the mood very well. Hope you come back bro.

    @Peg4YourBackpack Though we never really did talk much, there was that night we walked from Cherno to toys maker camp for 2 hours and just talked. It was a lot of fun. Wish I had run into you more in game.

    @Eagles_4L1fe Damn bro, to think we started talking cause I stole your Decked mp5k in the old CTF Cherno Base. We have come a very long ways. I wish recently we had talked more but our paths had not crossed each other very often. Had a couple fun chats with you OOCly interesting, One of these days Im gonna kick your ass in madden 20.

    @Aisling Though we had a rough falling out fairly recently, was still fun to RP with you way back in cherno. Sorry we had never gotten around to actually playing our Archer Characters outside of like 3 hours. Was still fun to meet Sadie for the first time and then also go to your farm outside of krazo. 

    @perry Literally the guy that got me into all this. First person I saw on the server and introduced me to almost everything. You may not have sat down and taught me all the rules but I got a rough outline of how to play the server. GG bro

    I know that there is more people but these are just the people that I can first think of.


    A last special thanks to everyone that was in Syndicate. I could name off all of you but it would honestly take to long. Between the 2 cannibals we didn't know we had to be betrayed at the very end it was fun and I would 100% run around with you lads again


    This isn't good bye, its just goodbye for now until later. GG DayZRP and keep it Fresh ❤️

    1. Hofer


      I guess this is goodbye

      sad andre johnson GIF

      Was fun robbing ya in the casino.

    2. Masonn


      Good bye for now 😉 


      As for the casino, Ima rob you at some point. Ill make sure to engage first though


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