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  1. Masonn

    S1:badRP/invalidkill in mogilevka 7-15-20191:10ish

    Alright my POV: We had been going around the entire island to check up on known camps and we get to this one and realize we were on the wrong server. We switch to S2 where there is a queue and me and Tony are the first ones in. 3 guys in military clothing with big guns come up to us and tell us we need to leave the area. They do this more than one and we tell them we are waiting for our friends to wake up. Once everyone is logged in the 3 of them vanish. The guitar guy walks up to us and we RP with him for a bit before we go into the camp. While my other friends are inside the camp I am outside keeping watch when @ShazzBott87 is looking sketchy outside so I walk up and ask who he is. Him seeming sketchy as hell asks me if im corp and then tells me that he brought corp back to this base that we were at. I tell him he needs to talk to dean about this so we enter the camp where they go inside of a house and talk. This guy with the guitar is told multiple time to get away from the house as we did not want him to snoop on the conversation going on. When I tell him to leave he walks off singing "Baby Shark do do do etc" and then @ShazzBott87 comes out of the house with @Joah Behind him saying thats the corporation guy and thats the song they sing. we chase the guy down and we see people in the woods and we chase them down believing they are corporation. I want to put a disclaimer here because my memory is a bit Hazy from here because of all the chaos. We hold all of them up if im correct and bring them into the camp where one of them pulls a gun and fails at killing @Jorrdan because (Idk his @ but hes not in here rn Ill message him to reply) kills the guy. I then hear @Joah Say he killed one on the hill looking at us with a Sniper. This is the part where I believe @ShazzBott87 Kills the guy with the guitar (John Clifford) while he was complying. As this is not me im Sure @ShazzBott87 Would like to talk it out with the OP if they are interested
  2. Masonn

    S1:badRP/invalidkill in mogilevka 7-15-20191:10ish

    You killed a diffrerent corp member not this one.
  3. Masonn

    AOGM Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/98417-s2-combat-logging-vybor-10072019-0550 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair because what we had done was not against any rule that is currently written for DayZRP. According to JimRP, who handled and solved the report, my friends and I were guilty of Abuse of Game Mechanics/Ghosting. I would like to quote the rules below: "2.2 Exploiting or abuse of game mechanics (AOGM) is gaining an unfair advantage by using game bugs or mechanics in a way that the developer did not intend them to work. Example of exploiting is loot cycling, placing objects inside walls or other places where the object would normally not fit in, driving vehicles underwater, creating impenetrable tent walls, or intentionally using indestructible objects as shields that effectively give you invulnerability." "2.5 Ghosting is switching between multiple game servers in order to gain an unfair advantage. For example, using multiple servers to get past defenses of a base that exists only on one of the servers, change your location to log back in behind enemy lines during active hostile situation or switching between servers to loot the same location twice in order to obtain more loot." I would like to point out what exactly happened in this situation. After a roleplay situation in which I am detained and arrested/processed by the members stated in the report, I decide to drop an initiation on the same people, one complies and the rest do not so there is a small fire fight and we take the hostage a little bit before dropping his gun on the floor a few feet away from him and telling him he can pick it back up when we leave. (We had heard on the radio about a situation happening at our base in Novaya so we wanted to get there as quickly as possible) Fleeing from the situation, we run north and make our way all the way up north to Novaya, making sure to look back and make sure we're not followed the whole way, which we were not. About 40 minutes passes, we're in Novaya filling our canteens/drinking water at the water pump and once we confirm our 30 minute timer is up ("4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier.") and decide to hop to Server 1 where our base is to see what is happening with the on-going situation. I would like to ask, as I am having a very hard time finding the situation, where exactly any staff might see that we abused logging into Server 1 to gain an advantage over the members in the report? After we followed the official-written rule of waiting 30 minutes to log out we joined a totally different roleplay situation and nothing ever came of the situation from the report after we escaped into the trees to the North. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would just like to state that I think it's strange that I would be punished for a rule that is not implemented or even defined yet. I would like to cite this thread here: (https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/98397-adaption-of-combat-logging/). Clearly a rule saying you are not allowed to switch servers while someone has active kill rights on you is not implemented and as can be seen in the thread cited above a rule like that is not even created, it's being debated by both members and staff of the community. It's very strange to punish people for a rule that isn't listed on the rule page, but also not created and being debated on a thread. Roland however has made a statement on this: "Switching servers while still having active kill rights on you is definitely not OK in a case where it looks like it was done on purpose to use game mechanics and server connections to escape the ongoing conflict. While not defined in the rules, it is strongly frowned upon and can be punished simply with an executive admin decision as either combat log, abuse of game mechanics or rule play, as to us it's clear that it goes again the fair play spirit and allows one to get away from repercussions of ones actions." I would like to state again, that we switched server not to "escape the ongoing conflict", we had already escaped the on-going conflict when we ran all the way north to Novaya and waited 40 minutes, 10 minutes over what is stated in the "Combat Logging" rule. I would also like to say that even the members in the report state that they chased someone to "South Barracks" in North-West Airfield who apparently logged out when they got to him, this was not one of us and further proves that they had totally lost us by the time 40 minutes had passed as we were no where near them. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my points and temporary ban removed. What could you have done better?: I'm not sure what we could have done better. We followed the official rules to the letter and I don't understand how I was punished for a potential rule that is currently being debated in Ryan Shepard's Thread. I'd like to state that I understand how grey areas in the rules can be complicated to apply to different situations, however I think with the entire situation, what was said by both sides in the report and position logs at the times we logged out (along with how we did not continue the firefight from the report after switching servers therefore did not gain an advantage), this situation should be clear in that we were just following the rules as they are currently written and not trying in any way to gain an advantage. Thank you.
  4. Masonn

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @yiska Sorry I had to kill you didnt think it would have to end like that But ehhh. I have no regrets
  5. Masonn

    [S2] Vybor - RDM/TrollRP/GearRP [2019-07-13 :04:00-04:30 AM EST]

    POV: I am rocking with @Joah Tony and we walk to vybor from novaya. When we get there we link up with a group of people and we RP for a bit. Out of nowhere this big group of people come out around the corner some with guns drawn many with knives out. It did not seem as though they were RP Very seriously as they come up and start saying random shit. It is hard to tell what they are saying as they all talk at the same time over each other. I see our friends that we linked up with run off and some of them out of the blue start talking trash about mine and @Joah outfit. They Proceed to out of the Blue ask us if we are Muslims for no apparent reason. They back off of me and @Joah and start questioning tony and saying how his outfit would look better on themselves. They agree to a fist fight so I stand back and watch it go down. All of a sudden more guys jump in and start beating our friend while the fist fight it still going on. They End up killing him so I then open fire on them since I had gained defense rights not sure of how many I killed when I get shot and killed. I do not feel that these guys RP Was Serious and I feel it was a bit trolley. They said stuff to the ladies who were present something about making an Oreo or some dumb ass shit. They also wanted our shit and I feel that had Not asked to fist fight the guy they would have robbed us but even while having the fist fight they jump in to make sure that their guy doesnt lose so that they for sure get to have @Scarface's shit
  6. Masonn

    S2 Zelenogorsk Improper Execution Server time (UTC): 2019-07-11, 22:51

    We Talked it out please close the report no further action needed
  7. Masonn

    S2 Zelenogorsk Improper Execution Server time (UTC): 2019-07-11, 22:51

    Server and location: S2 Zelenogorsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-07-11, 22:51 Your in game name: Abioye Abebe Names of allies involved: @Joah @Andrew Jackson @Jorrdan @Reddd @Derv Name of suspect/s: @OxeN Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So we all meet up in zelenogorsk after gearing up and we plan on heading to the toys base where we plan to see if we can gather any information on anything. Suddenly a bunch of people run into the camp and we walk out and start talking to eachother. All of a sudden they start yelling and telling us to put our hands up and we comply. They take us into the woods and start questioning us. They take my UN Plate Carrier and destroy it then tell me to get up and they execute me. I complied the entire time and I get executed. They didnt ask for rights on any of it and Im pretty sure earlier @Joah Said earlier in OOC chat that we do not give permission to Scar or Execute b
  8. Abioye comes from Zimbabwe. He was taken by rebels when he was a small child and was raised to be a soldier. He has been killing people and villages since age 10. He knew it was either kill, or be killed. He never remembered his mother or father but only knows that they were both killed by the rebels when he was a small child. Abioye does not feel anything. He enjoys destruction but has recently taken on religion. He isnt very focused on it but he is curious. He broke away from the rebels that held him captive since he was young because he wanted to see what else might be out there. He jumped into a 2 person plane where he held the pilot at gun point and told him to fly him anywhere but here. The pilot flew them in one direction not really knowing where to go when there plane hit bad turbulence and started going down. Their plane crashed in the middle of a field East of Zelenogorsk. The Pilot didn't survive the crash. Abioye got out of the plane not knowing where he is. He now here with nothing but a bible and his wits
  9. Masonn

    S2 - Vybor Ghosting

    I believe it was @Prater_6 and a guy in game name MAXIM. They didnt say anything in chat but said in voice chat and @Prater_6 Can confirm that they gave me permission in Voice Chat
  10. Masonn

    S2 - Vybor Ghosting

    Im in the police station and these guys walk up after I tried to get them to let me out as I had failed to jump out off the top floor twice. After I healed up they walked away and I jumped 1 more time and survived and got out. Connection logs will show that I did not ghost out
  11. Masonn

    S2 Combat Logging | Vybor 10/07/2019 05:50

    First... Not sure of our friends name on the forums but will send him a message on discord. So I had been in vybor when I get caught inside the police station. 2 CTF Members and I believe 1 muslim member keep telling them that its gonna be alright and I tell them that i would show them how I got up there in exchange for immunity (They arrest people in game instead of killing or taking them.) I stand on top of the police station with no way out and when they walk away for a second I jump of the Police station and limp my way over to the shop that they have set up. After being in there for about a minute they try and lock me in so I run out toward the nearby industrial area. They follow me and ask me to wait. I then //Can I relog Im lagging like a mf. So I relog (If you go back furthur into the connection logs you can find it) I come back and they are no longer there. So I walk back to the shop and they walk with me back to industrial. They take to long to proccess me and seeing as i had radio comfirmation that my base was under attack I wanted to get out of there quickly so after a long awkward silence I ask them to put there guns away which they do. I then Initiate on them and one pulls there gun and we kill them. After hearing more gun shots, I see what I believe is a muslim come up on me. I tell him to put his hands up. I get shot by a dude that my @Spikey and he kills him. After he is dead I tell the guy with his hands up to move into cover. I take his gun and move it 10 feet away from him and tell him where it is and that he can get it after 3 minutes of us leaving. We then proceed to run North all the way to Novaya where we go to the water pump, fill up on water, then run back south ish to the train yard and relog into S1 where our base was under attack. we come out of the train yard and push into the apartments where we see nothing. Would like to point out that if we did log out early... We did not know as we didnt time it but thought it had been long. Another thing to point out. We didnt log out in the barracks we logged out all the way in novaya by the train station barley in the woods. Im sure Position logs can show that. My other two guys were wearing black and I was wearing a red shirt not a red hoodie.
  12. Noah ever since a young boy has been self reliant. His Mother left him and his father when he was 2 years old and they never heard from her again. Growing up in New York Around the influence of the mafia made Anthony Drop out of school at a young age. He got involved with gangs early. At first he was just the messenger boy but it wouldnt be long before he had a actual run in with the mafia. When He first joined a gang, he sold drugs to people. After doing this for a while, the mafia stepped in to seize his drugs but instead of punishing him, they recruited him. He got into gun running mainly running security and acting as a alarm for if the cops showed up. All of this by the age of 14. When the mafia moved to South Zagoria, Anthony went home one last time to tell his father goodbye. When he go inside, his father had been stabbed to death. Anthony grabbed what he could and ran off with the mafia to South Zagoria where he finds himself in the middle of the Virus and God Forsaken World
  13. Masonn

    Capital Vices (Strict IC Recruitment)

    This Groups RP has been amazing every single time. I really enjoyed last nights RP with @Xehara of our medical injuries from the previous gunfight. I Wish the best of luck to this group and Hope you are approved soon
  14. Masonn

    S2 Myshkino NVFL

    Hello RavenousRP! So I will admit to my sins here and state that I made a major mistake here and acted out of blood pumping adrenaline as this was one of my first very large fire fights. I have respectfully PK'd my character and accept any responsibility of my actions. However, I do ask that this report remain open as Zach did die twice within 2 hours of the fight, and also was involved in the fight twice and died in two separate moments. I'd request that Character Positions for Zac Biggums and death logs of Zac Biggums be pulled from the entire hours forward regarding this fight. I was also informed in the 2nd fight you made no attempt to initiate as you do not regain defender rights on attacking... My Counter Report Includes [NLR, KoS - "Not re-initating in the second fight and attempting to use "Defender rights" from the previous fight he died in from his own guy
  15. Masonn

    S2 Myshkino NVFL

    The person in this video is me so heres my POV: I am running into the woods with somebody named matt from the watch. As I run into the wood I see a group of people wearing the Purple armbands and I run up and ask who somebody is. Believing these are the Watch I relay a message to the people over the radio. They all turn and ask who I am.. After my game studdering to absolute hell and having people in my ear from the Radio I try to make out what they say. I then am told to walk up the hill when they engage on me. I turn around and fight them and get killed. End of POV. I am 100% interested in talking this out over discord and have a couple questions for @RavenousRP Myself regarding him coming back to the fight 3 times
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