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  1. A person that frequents the prison here, dealing with 30-40 infected every 20 minutes because their spawn rate is high, sure it would be nice to not have to pump so much ammo into the infected as those are my precious PvP bullets. But honestly it’s not really that bad. I don’t personally shoot infected unless absolutely necessary and when I do it’s with a m4 or AKM or something of nature but I don’t really have a problem 1 tapping zombies in the head. And people that complain it takes to many bullets to take down a infected is kinda eh. Like if we base off of say The Walking dead Zombies only way to drop them is with head shots and as those are already generally 1 shots on the server. Zombies I’d say are fine where they are at. With head shots usually being one taps and body shots multiple (as they should be if we are talking about the walking dead zombies) I’d say it’s all fine. tho would be nice to not waste so much pvp bullets I gotta say for the sake of them actually being a problem is no. It’s not hard to deal with them edit: if anything needs changed it’s spawn rates.
  2. Heard lots about this group good and bad. Definitely unique to say the least. I havnt had the pleasure of actually having a talk with you guys (is except for a couple of you guys when you ran in Eldis) all our interactions have been gun fights but hoping the future maybe Something happens that we don’t end up shooting at eachother . (Bit late to the party here?) good luck guys and look forward to the future interactions I’m sure we will run into eachother again.
  3. Havnt really been around for a lot of rp but I hang out at your place (and often times find myself protecting it) and it’s lots of fun. You guys a breathing a breath of fresh air into the server and it’s very nice to see. From the idea itself to how it’s executed is brilliant. You guys stick very well to your characters from what I’ve seen and it all fits and doesn’t feel out of place. Keep up the good work guys
  4. @CJ Gonna start with you since you are the only reason I’m really playing the server again since you let me into your group despite the risks that that I come with. Though I might sound otherwise I have had a blast with you and the group thank you so much @Rover seriously, one of these days our characters are gonna sit down and talk. I know there is a lot to your character and a lot to mine and we run into eachother quite a bit but seems like always at a bad time. Despite that the rp we have had has been lots of fun thank you @Mademoiselle though not usually on good terms with your Irish character last night was a lot of fun running with your character and learning about the many different types of knots you can use to tie someone up with thank you @silvermoongaming Dunno where to start (most mentioned player on this thread?) you already know what I would say and thanks for making my time more enjoyable on the sever @BravoActual I mean, havnt run with you a lot but have done so recently. From running with Im boys a few weeks back to recently it’s always pleasant to run into you in game. I swear I run into you while ur a fresh spawn every time but by the end of the night you logging off with a gun and other gear. Thanks for running with me when we run into the each other @Phoenix now I’m not sure honestly if I’ve rpd with you specifically but I’ve been around the hospital and your group really is a breath of fresh air. Since I don’t know who of your group I’ve rpd is with let them know for me. You guys are doing some amazing and bringing a new vibe to the server that feels very needed. (Realizing maybe this should be left as feedback on your page ) @Eagle always fun to run with you in game with whatever shenanigans we are up to. I used to dislike you quite a bit a long time ago and we were usually shoot ing at each other not with each other but now I run with you everyday and makes the time on the server a lot more fun (Inside joke: DayZRP battle Royale round 2?) @Atrix17 similar to Eagle, seems like whenever I need people around you are there no matter what. As you know, I’m a “Yes Man” meaning if there is a opportunity or something to do im always gonna say yes let’s do it. With that said you seem to be right there with me willing to tag along. Thank you for the good times. @Beth One Rp interaction of taking you slave but was a lot of fun (though I was tired and prolly didn’t sound it) thank you for playing along and not being a boring hostage and actually being engaged in the roleplay despite being in a not so great situation @MaybeleleLR always fun running with you in game. To bad we got opposite schedules so I don’t usually catch you for long but when running with you I feel 100x safer cause you’re insane. @Alkis holy shit man. Characters have known eachother for a long time for once they are actually running together (bout time huh?) your character fits so well and feels very natural for you and not out of place. Thanks for helping me keeps the slaves in check the other day.. 10/10 rper and thank you to everyone else who isn’t mentioned, (to many names to mention but you know who you are)
  5. You directly disobeyed my orders. And I was more than lenient with you in game. The second you pulled the pistol I could’ve killed you but didn’t. This report honestly looks like you either don’t seem to understand the rules or are salty about dying. I said it before, I never had intent to kill you but was always ready. You dying, you have nobody to blame but yourself. If I was looking for a reason to kill you I would’ve killed you sooner than I did. you talk about quality of RP and how this is just an excuse for me to kill you which baffles me. Remember that we are 3 and half years into an outbreak and that people like my character will pop up. People who are not gonna take attitude from who they don’t have to take it from. I’ve been playing noah since late June and have developed him over that period of time. He has a massive ego and won’t let people (generally) get attitude or big dick him. With the attitude you expressed towards him, it could have been you or it could have been someone else the same situation would ensue. Sorry that you seem to think this is BadRP for whatever reason but in real life, 3 and a half years into the outbreak, step on the wrong persons toes and the same thing would happen.
  6. Dumb ass didn’t have clip cause I deleted it cause I uploaded it, forgot, checked videos, didn’t have it on pc, actually had it on YouTube. My bad @Inferno
  7. Alright time to break some things down. Ima start with this prison stuff as since I started on Livonia Ive kinda always lived there. To clear some things up, The prison started out as Cartels base before Syndicate evicted them and took it over for themselves. After Syndicate was Force Archived then KOG took it over for themselves. For a long time is was a community base and they let 503 in and 503 is now in main control of the prison. With this said time to talk about the prison itself. Believe it or not, there are 7 different ways into the prison (If you're creative enough) from my experience, Now with the 7 different ways in like 3 are viable. The other ones during a active fight you would prolly get fragged from using. The prison I will admit is very good place to defend and very easy to defend if done right. Now Ive only ever had one attack on an pobals base (And Im sure there is more to it than what im gonna say) but from my one attack, I saw 2 intentional ways in and 1 spot you guys messed up on (Atleast I think as Kirby seemed quite surprised as to how I got the my elevated position.) Attacking in active gunfight, Every base that you defend you should have a advantage in as it should be harder to attack than it is to defend. But holy fuck this thing was built for PVP. It wasn't built for some stellar Community vibing RP. Nobody is saying make ur place easily attackable but ffs, atleast try to make it look like it was built with RP intentions. It looks like a big PVP Blob that you guys threw together, I think the best example of a Prefab I have seen was @DuquesneLR with the runners when they lived on skalisty island. That was a RP Prefab. No PVP advnatages in sight and honestly almost a disadvantage for the defenders but their point wasnt for a advantage, it was for the RP of people not for PVP. To say this base wasn't built for PVP is actually baffling. I fail to see also, This doesn't look like a community base as your group lays out to be. It looks like a thing id see from a clan on a modded PVP server. Also you hid the bunker from everyone that has the most clear PVP advantage ever..... Im not gonna comment on this other than thats a yikes as I belive @JimRP has covered what I would say about the bunker.
  8. I told you to leave the compound you said no, I then aim my gun at you and threaten your life to which you still disobeyed and got killed for it. I play a hostile character but you getting killed is your own doing as you had more than ample time to leave. I even let you pull a gun and didn't kill you till you disobeyed again and started walking back in. I never had intent to kill you but was always ready from the second I raised the gun. Your life was in your hands as you could have left and never looked back but you instead pulled a gun and turned around.
  9. I do not have any video evidence, As said before, I have always had my character act this way and escalate as he has a massive ego. If you wish to understand more feel free to read my character page. I have MANY videos of the similar situations and here is just one from late octobor just as proof. I play a very serious character when it comes to people he doesn't know because as a general rule of thumb he refuses to be big dicked by people he doesn't know unless he has to in order to preserve his own life or well being. Not just that, if I recall correctly I had 4 or 5 of my group mates inside that same base so why would we let someone big dick or have attitude with one of our members when we don't have to stand for that. Also maybe this will help you understand that this isn't a one time thing and I have many more clips of similar situations
  10. Bro, I initiated on you because of the attitude you presented towards my character, if you wish to understand my IC Actions a bit then read my character page and you will understand why things escalate so quickly. To comment on what you believe are rule breaks -You throw guts at my character to which I let it go -You then proceed to hover around and get obnoxiously close to me in game for no reason -After I started yelling giving you a chance to leave without getting you getting robbed of ur weapons, you proceed to stay around -I initiate telling you to leave the area or die and to also drop ur weapons on ur way out. -You start walking then stop and pull out a pistol (This is the point I usually would have dropped someone) -I let you pull the pistol seeing as I had a Fal and u had a FNX so I wasn't to threatened -I tell you once more to drop your weapons and to leave -You then turn around and start walking back into the compound and I kill you since you directly disobeyed my commands.
  11. POV: Was in topolin when this dude trys to throw guts at me, I ignore it at first and then later he keeps staring at me in game and getting close. So I escalate things and start asking his name to which he responds by having attitude. I initiate and tell him to leave and also drop his weapons. As hes walking out he pulled a pistol to which I didnt kill him right away but then he started walking back into the camp and I killed him as I told him to leave and drop weapons but he directly dis obeyed and pulled a pistol and walked back in.
  12. Okays well like I said, I’m okay with this report being dropped. Ggs @IvarTheNarrator
  13. Server and location: S2 West of Topolin Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2020-02-22, 07:20 Your in game name: Noah Russo Names of allies involved: @Eagle Name of suspect/s: @Cirtex @YAKMOUTH @poopslayerHP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None from me, @YAKMOUTH Stream Vod Detailed description of the events: Me and @Eagle were in topolin RPing with the locals. We then hear a full auto gun spray to which we investigate, upon arrival, We see nothing but down the hill we see red smoke and a bunch of people, we take cover into the trees and follow them, I then initiate on them and they all comply. After some extensive RP with @YAKMOUTH and @poopslayerHP we wrap everything up and thats when I got dropped without hearing anything. Mind you, we are in the middle of the woods, no land marks, nothing to suggest our location and we get found and KOS by I believe @Cirtex (Reason I have my suspicions is from the above screen shots) Logs should show who. If the person that killed me is not in fact @Cirtex then I have no other evidence of the person who did kill me and wish for the report to be closed as I wont be able to prove anything if its anyone else.
  14. AHHHH how’d did I end up here? Oh yeah! I remember now! Looking forward to running with you guys and don’t worry... not gonna get ur group renamed REDACTED (time to run shit with a different crew thanks for having me @CJ)
  15. Masonn

    Baiting Sitnik

    I do not believe the report is about this situation at all. Even then, if you did run around actively trying to kill @ImNovaaawhen the opportunity presented itself. And I’m pretty sure @ImNovaaa still had kill rights on you as I’m pre sure he was / is part of a approved group by the name of the 503. And another 503 member (if I recall correctly it’s been a hazey minute) initiates on you at the front gate to which you didn’t comply. Assuming the above is correct (like I said it’s hazey) @ImNovaaa had kill rights on you regardless. Any who, this report is about a situation that happened way before. And as I said before, I wasn’t even involved with the part that’s being reported but was still called in for whatever reason. Hope this clears up the later situation @CapitalistNick
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