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  1. If you’re ic reason for executing me was based on me killing your allies in the past I’d like to tac on meta gaming I to this only if that is the ic reason you are going to stick with. I’d have to do a lot of digging but every single situation I’ve been involved with section 20 all of you have been killed and have no way to remember it. Only time I could think is if u were involved in a 4 hour raid at prison in which I died anyway . But if you decide your ic reason for executing me was because I killed an ally of yours you have no ic way of knowing that it was me who executed your allies. Thus, metagaming edit: that specific situation u are referring to you yourself got killed on the scaffolding so you would have no way to remember this second edit: this is the specific clip he is referring to in his POV
  2. But where is this? Cause I dont see this anywhere. 2 things wrong with this, My group isnt approved and there was never an attempt to negotiate Like I said before i had no plans to report this till I was told by one of you in help desk "Id rather take this to the forums" Also Dont quote me Pretty sure Counter reporting isnt a thing but im sure GMs will tell you that?
  3. Server and location: S2 Corp base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2020-03-15, 19:47 Your in game name: Noah Russo Names of allies involved: @Atrix17 @God Name of suspect/s: Corp Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Running with @God to corps base to trade some soup for some bullets. They hold me up, put me inside, put me in a corner, Ask if im Noah Russo, put me in corner, say nothing much. I try to spark maybe some RP but it never came along I was just told to shut up and sit in a corner. I then get executed when I guess @Atrix17 runs in? I had no idea this was happening as when they told me to put my hands up I muted discord and couldn't hear anything. What annoys me the most is that While @Atrix17 Opens fire on them, they actively go to try and kill me as if im a threat but im in a corner with hand cuffs on.... Not only that, Im knocked uncon then I get double tapped when they maybe could've gotten me back up and continued RP. I wasn't going to report this but I joined help desk to try and maybe get a better understanding of their side of things but the dude actually told me to just make a report against him so here we are.
  4. I wasn’t meaning to sling that as ooc hate, meant as in false report because he’s actually upset with me and not what happened in game... apologies for that. also edit: there is another 10 minutes or so of roleplay not shown in the video that happened prior to us (us saving them from the house and talking about our plans to go to Corp and figuring who everyone was etc etc)
  5. @Para To be frank, there no like big real thing that stands out to lead to it. It was mixed in with a weird feeling about the guy and just how he acted when accused. By this point in the video we were pretty close to corps place and when I got the weird feeling about him I decided I’d rather be safe than sorry. But just his whole attitude when I accused him of being Corp, and the sarcasm and all. He just gave an off feeling so I would rather of robbed him and sent him away rather than potentially get shot in the back and killed later while attacking the Corp base that we were getting close too. Now clearly I’m a bit oblivious because when he makes sarcastic remarks I do not hear it in his voice or pick up on his sarcasm at all with his what I would say bad attempt at a russian accent. Also I didn’t notice his hat or anything like but when he mentions being NATO or something like that I took it as word and not sarcasm because that’s what I thought he meant. to get a better way of seeing how I saw while the situation happened, watch his video back, listen to the sarcasm and take it as true and not sarcasm as that’s how I took it while the situation was happening
  6. I didnt ask for your advice but Ill take it anyway Thank you and noted
  7. Ill start from where he did Pov Time Noah Russo POV: So me and some boys go attack corps place where they initiate on us so we have a scuffle with them to where we raid their tower and leave with plans of going back after we get some water. We stop by soup where I am approached by leader of wolfpack and she asks me if me and my boy can help them out with the 503 in camp. Have some time things kick off and hold them up. After that situation we run into these guys. I get a feeling that he is corporation (Clearly im mistaken looking back) and that since we were going back to attack I obviously wouldn't want him with us. We hold him up and since we were in a bit of a rush we make the process quick. The Gear RP part I had no idea who the lady was but after some investigation I found out it was @GMAK. Never held this guy up for gear as we didnt even need it I just told @GMAK to grab it because We didnt have space ourselves for it. Like I was saying since we were in a rush We made the process quick to which I asked if I can hit him with sledge hammer so that we could make our escape. Sorry if you feel this was badRP or not RP at all (As you so kindly put in DMS )
  8. Server and location: S2 Soup Kitchen / Sitnik Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2020-03-14, 19:30 (Shortly Before) Your in game name: Noah Russo Names of allies involved: @Dongle Name of suspect/s: Dunno Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 1 car irrelivant Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: At soup we were vibing when this dude opens fire on everyone. The only people he (Maybe) had kill rights on was me and @Dongle because we had like 20-30 minutes before killed 2 of his friends. He shot and I dont think actually killed anyone other than Dongle but shot many other people in the camp in an attempt to kill them when he didnt have rights on them Staff team is gonna hate me for this one...... Yeah clip is 7 seconds because i already clipped it but this could be what hes basing his defender rights off of (Video will only show 1/2 kills cause I didnt clip the first one. sorry for the short video but this should perhaps show what he is basing his rights off of against me and @Dongle.)
  9. Appreciate it and im aware of some uh.... Bad rep with groups. Why i debated putting this off for a while longer and letting someone else run it but ill give it a best shot . Thank you
  10. Noah knew what he was gonna do. He just had to do it. First he had to start with people he would considered friends, people he could trust to watch his back. People who would be willing and capable of doing whatever it takes for Stella del Mattino. He started reaching out to those he knew, seeing who was worthy and capable of being a part of Stella Del Mattino. Noah only wanted the best of the best. The elite. Noah decided he wanted to distribute the power and put three people of equal power in charge. Firstly Noah went to one of his closest associates. Tony Venom. Noah knew what Tony was capable of and decided to make him one of his three in command. The last one in charge would be Riggs Fuller. Riggs was always down to roll with Noah in his 503 days. Between Noah's Reputation, Rigg’s Knowledge, and Tony’s wit, Noah had the people he needed to accomplish and be back on top. It started by finding others that could not only just hold their own, but also others. People who could accomplish things in swift and effective ways. He reached out to old and new contacts sorting and sifting through good fits. After gathering the people to run this thing, it was time to set things in motion. Things started small, offering deals to only a select few people and making their presence known rather than their name. Things going smooth on the bumpy road, Noah knew that this was it. The group of people with him, the resources accessible to him, It could be done. It went from a group of people surviving to a group of people that were determined to establish themselves. Making stashes in the South West of Livonia and establishing private contacts, they slowly grew, and quietly as well. Things slowly started coming together. As they grew, rumors spread about their presence. Rumors about a group of people running around but nobody really knew who it was or consisted of. It's because they were hiding in plain sight, hanging around with Wolf Pack and soup Kitchen, nobody ever really knew anybody there. Silently taking contracts and staying on a down low, payments started stacking up and those payments were getting invested back into Stella Del Mattino. With a growing arsenal, and a growing network of associates, it was time to come out and say that we are here, and that we have been here. They decided it was time to put their foot down and establish themselves This new band of people running together realized their skills while working with each other and decided they were done trying to survive and they wanted to thrive once again. We started offering our services to other groups in return for payment. We operate more as brotherhood than an organization. When taking contracts, the highest bidder doesn’t always win, alliances and best interest of the group will be taken into consideration. Payment will only influence our decisions not set them in stone. Alliances and favors will go a lot further than any payment somebody can give us. We do contracts, that doesn’t mean we are your private security company. We have our own interest in mind with everything we do. We are thugs, we are murderers, we are criminals. We are nothing more than that at the end of the day. With those things in mind we enjoy a bit of payment for some not so good deeds. Everybody has a problem they wish would be taken care of, that is where we will make our profits and gains. Taking advantage of people who cant get things done themselves turn to us and give us payment to do it for them. @Masonn - Noah Russo @Atrix17 - Riggs Fuller @Im50cal - Tony Venom @Dongle - Umbutu Marabe @judge - Nathan Crime @Nick Plasse - Alan Dundee @ImChips - Mikolai Ivanov @CapitalistNick - Vito Moltisanti @Drumroll - Nathan Abadeer @twig - John Caboose @DieselTheSnowMan - Eli Knox -Provide hostile roleplay in the form of criminal mercenaries rather a security company (For Reference, think more like Black Roses type rather than Legion Corp) -Try and throw a blade into the mix of the server that tries and plays both sides of each conflict that occurs -(Strict) Try and leave a way out for groups, don’t put other groups into Lose - Lose situations and try to offer a way out -New Presence in the ongoing conflicts of Livonia to be considered before groups take actions against each other -Set up Stashes ⅓ (Day 988)) -Complete ongoing contracts ¼ (Indefinite / As long as needed.) -Set up compound with Merciless in Gliniska with Morning Star serving as the protectors and Merciless opening a trading shop (Ongoing Day 983) -Establish Gliniska as a Safe Zone that Morning Star has free roam over (Indefinite / As long as possible) -Reach out to other groups and make them aware of our intentions (Day 985) -Set terms for The Coalition to follow and if terms not accepted then retaliate (Ongoing Day 990) -Investigate people of interest in relation to Nirvana (Ongoing Day 995 ) -Put our foot on 503’s neck with our compound being in Glinska to help with territory battles in the west (Indefinite/As long as possible) Recruitment for this group is Selective. If you wish to join the group, you must meet the following requirements: If you meet these requirements then feel free to DM myself or another leader on the roster and we will discuss and vote on it. Big thank you to @Mademoiselle and @Atrix17 for graphics and helping with lore.
  11. I mean, where is my thread at ? congratz I guess?
  12. Wonder if I would qualify for this I say yes this sounds like a good Idea, would inspire people to be a bit creative as its something to work towards.
  13. Take me off the roster please and thank you @CJ
  14. Wow holy cow never thought I’d see the day this group made a page congratz! I’m glad to see finally. You guys started what? A few months ago? I mean I was with the mob still when I met you guys for the first time. This is a refreshing sight to see. Recognize a few names on that roster ( @Slay ) i wanna day good luck but you guys don’t really seem to need it as you guys have already been around a while. This group looks like it’s in good hands being led @YAKMOUTH who have much respect for from way back in CTF and even from rping with him in this group and having a unique relationship between our characters. This looks good and keep up the good work you guys have already put in!
  15. “Fire sale at NATO base west of Polana in the woods! All are welcome. After the pesky military broke in while we were asleep, we promptly went to their place and slaughtered them like dogs. If you need yourself a quick gun or plate carrier or a bunch of free shit, go west of polana on a dirt road near the border and it should bring near it, We have left the doors open, please do not mind the dead bodies scattered about.”
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