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  1. Dawson grew up in a cultish family. A family who dedicated their life to an imaginary "Shepard" and "Farm". It was pherhaps started as way to cope with the world around them. Dawson's parents taught him about this imaginary farm and how it would protect and serve anybody that the farm chose too. Dawson believed in this word, and dedicated his life for the farm. He took it a step further though. He wanted everybody to serve the farm. and for those that refused to see the farm, he would collect debts to contribute to the farm. He swore his life to this farm and this shepard, and now he will try
  2. Yes I think we should add this. Saw them in game and thought it was very cool. If we can we should add it to the item shop and allow it to spawn in game.
  3. Thanks man its always a pleasure... My friends were @ImShed & @KricketRP
  4. thank you... Enjoyed the Rp very much everyone today thank you
  5. So to recap... The main purpose of making these weapons rarer is to make it better for PLIKT/Change the meta? As I see it currently.... Plikt already has special rules for their group that I dont personally care for. I wasn't around before the special rule for their group but from what ive seen, its not my taste to give groups special rules. I think that further giving that advantage with the removal of high tier guns is very dumb. Plikt already confiscates automatic rifles, Id much rather have that be a factor as to how many people have automatic rifles than just removing them ent
  6. Im gonna have to -1 here. Simply put, I think people wish to see more content. I can remember when we added a bunch of weapon mods to create diversity because people were sick of just having AK's FAls and m4s. We added more weapon mods and I believe it was received well. I think the last thing we should be doing right now is removing content from the game.
  7. Mason

    City Skyline

    Awesome screenshot man! I like how it looks.
  8. Here is a video of the mod for anybody thats curious
  9. I dont like the Svisual or the gunplay mod but I think the backpack mod and radio mods would be very cool.
  10. Hello, Was just browsing around some of the mods on the workshop and stumbled across this gem. I think it would be a very cool mod and would make the games atmosphere feel different. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2536780687 This mod says it will work on any map and i think it would be cool on Nyheim I will share some screenshots from the mod here
  11. Had a lot of fun Rping with you lot today. keep up the good work
  12. Very cool media thread man. Keep up all the great content!
  13. Very good Rp from everyone today. Shoutout to the homies @ImKrullix @ImChips @SHIESTY Dongle @[email protected] Shoutout to the others @Luca @Eagles @RedSky @XoEmmaXo @CDC popular and @everyoneelsewhowastheretoday
  14. Had a lot of fun today. Great RP from @ImChips and @KonoSimp. 10/10 would do what we did again. Had a lot of fun rping with @ImFrosty @Dank Ninja @ImKrullix.. VK ON TOP BABY Also shoutout to PLIKT. Always a pleasure
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