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  1. ImMason

    Starting Loadouts [Clothing Only]

    I mean as @Jim Smokes will testify too, I have what I call “Full Russo Look” what it is, it’s my red plaid, black plate carrier, tac Helm with NvGS, black combat belt, Jeans, and the black raincoat bag. Now do I fee like a bad ass when I have the full kit? Yes I god damn do I feel great. Do I think I’d like to have this outfit easily accessible to me? No and for 2 reasons. Number one being the obvious advantage. The plate carrier helmet NvGS all that is a big advantage. The second reason is because I find it fun and more accomplishing to actually get these things on my own. Like it take a a while to get truly every detail of the look but it feels great when finally gotten. Also, as a running internal joke with friends, when I get the complete 100% “Russo look” I tend to die one way or another for whatever reason it just happens. Sure all that gear makes me feel like a badass but all I really need to play my character is the red plaid shirt. Even then, if I don’t have that I still play the same Noah with the same confidence. We all want our characters kits but if this is something that is wanted which I can basically promise this won’t be a thing (I’ve been wrong before) I’d recommend something simple. Sure most people are gonna catch me wearing a full kit but I think enough people know the red plaid. Make something somewhat unique but simple to wear. Not even that just act unique or something if you want to stand out from all the other edge lords that wear all black military in game. Your gun, plate carrier, and tac helm isn’t gonna help you RP, your mind set is
  2. ImMason


    First Day back on in a few days and quite a while since I got to do some Noah Shit. Thank you @Johnny Navid And @Krullix for helping me with this shit, was mad fun rolling with you boys. 10/10 would do again. GG's to the 503 ❤️




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      Clean up on isle YEET

    3. Krullix


      Danm Johnny hit a collateral on me and a 503 member

  3. ImMason

    Cooldown on traveling between maps

    So seeing a lot of concerns about switching servers after 30 minutes and what not. Now this is quite a while back but all you will need to read here is verdict and re verdict Alright so, basically, tldr: we have hostilities with people on one server, escaped our 30 minutes, then switched. Now this at the time I believe was a unique situation but was cautioned for it. I believe in the follow up I was told that you should only log after ur 30 minutes timer if you have to, not to switch servers and I agree. If you start hostilities or are involved, you shouldn’t be allowed to wait ur 30 minutes and switch but only log if u need to. dont wait 30 minute timer and switch servers, if u log out after 30 minutes and there are still kill rights on you then don’t switch to the other server for the remaking hour and a half or half our whatever it may be. to add more on what I’m getting at, if people swap instantly from one to another then it should fall under BadRP. IE what nova said above about the base raiding. That’s terrible if ur on Livonia and the instant it swap just a because of that. Everything should be case by case with that but what nova said above, that’s blatant abuse of these things no cool down but make instant server swapping in certain situations BadRP
  4. ImMason

    New Haven (S1)

    *Kasey picks up his radio and responds* ”The location is in novo, the northeast city and if I’m not mistaken the capital of Chernarus. Should be in town square, still getting set up but I’d talk to Mayor Ace for more details. Place is far from complete but we are still open for any and all business, if people are not around or are sleeping when you arrive reach out to Mayor Ace, Hes real nice and knows a lot more about all of this than I do. Take care guys and I hope to see you soon” *Kasey puts his radio down and goes to bed*
  5. ImMason


    Alright whats all this streaming business about ?

    Shameless Plug (Kinda wanted to try it out cause why not)



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      If You Say So Reaction GIF by Identity

  6. ImMason

    New Haven

    Uh oh? What is this? Campfire RP? Jokes aside this is gonna be fun and interesting Challenge. Hoping this doesn't end in 121 This is gonna be good and Im excited for this
  7. Day 1 Kase and his parents arrive in chernarus on a missions trip to teach Chernarussian Children about God and the Bible. Kase being new in this foreign country got in some trouble with some of the wrong crowds. He got picked on by others for being foreign and it pissed him off. On day one, the wrong kid talked shit so Kase beat him to near death and got suspended from school on his first day as they had a strict no fighting rule. Day 1 and already kicked out of school was not good for Kase, but disaster struck soon after. Day 9 Chaos in the streets from the people eating other people. Kase was in the city away from his parents when he got lost as he didn't know his way around. Gunshots throughout the city and not knowing where his parents are Kase just ran. He ran until he couldn't anymore. He ran deep into the woods until he ran into a camp, a camp that would be filled with innocent people, people that Kase would share a bond with if time permits. Day 74 The camp that Kase has been staying at has some rough looking guests. Kase had become fond of his new group of friends but still missed his parents. He became best friends with a girl named Brielle. They had helped each other pass the time while waiting to see if help would come or not. They played board games and skipped Rocks on the water. But on this day the camp had some guest. After a stray bullet was fired chaos ensued. The men starting shooting and killing everyone in the camp. Kase grabbed Brielle and hid. After thinking maybe the coast was clear he jumps out of the tree with Brielle and gets ready to start running. They are spotted by one of the men that yell at them to stop before taking shots. The man fires and misses many bullets but one lands and hits Brielle, Killing her immediately. Kase gets the courage and keeps on running in absolute shock. He escapes and hides in a house alone, crying, cold, scared, and tired. Day 79 5 Days after what happened in camp, Kase runs into a man that calls himself Ace. Ace tried to approach Kase but kase instead pulled his pistol out of his bag and held it at Ace's head threatening to shoot him. Ace being very calm was trying to talk to Kase instead of being hostile. He gave kase a thing of pudding and a canteen of water. Kase hesitant, puts the gun down and eats thanking Ace for being nice and apologizes. Ace takes Kase and makes sure he stays fed and acts as a older brother to him. Kase has found his new home Day 800 Having been with ace for a very long time and running with everyone, Kase has his family. Not having forgotten his actual family but moving on. He has done many things. Ace helped Kase develop his personality and what kind of person to be. He has taught kase to be a good person and to not take what he hasn't earned. If it wasn't for ace, Kase's story probably would've ended up differently. He might've ended up a bandit, a killer for fun, a bad person maybe even dead. Kase always ready for fight and having been trained by ace how to use all different types, was happy to shoot guns. It was a past time. This is Kase now, he has his Morales, how he deals with things, and most importantly, his permanent family. Day 925 Kase being informed about ace wanting to start something new for people. Wanting a place for people to stay protected and have a warm place to stay. Kase is on board and wants to help in anyway he can. Prepared to deal with any challenges that may arise. Kase keeps training his aim with weapons aswell as tuning his mind to not fear others. Ace tells him they are going to be called New Haven, A place for all. Kase excited for the opportunities is stand by and doing as ace says.
  8. ImMason

    Group Idea Thoughts

    Okay this can be closed staff team as we have enough feedback and will be pursuing this. Thank you
  9. ImMason


    Okay, Am ready to come Back To DayZ, Rust be wildin 



    Did this shit 8 times.

  10. ImMason

    • ImMason
    • ImNovaaa

    Welcome back bro ❤️ happy to run shit with you 

  11. ImMason


    1. Charlie


      The racist Chernarussian shall return soon.

  12. ImMason

    A Call for work

    "Consider it done. Also, Ive had many people say see you soon kid but it always seems to be me seeing them so maybe watch your tongue before you get added to a long list. Good luck and happy hunting"
  13. ImMason

    A Call for work

    "You got yourself a Deal Sir that wants to kill this guy. We will talk soon Friend"
  14. ImMason

    A Call for work

    *Noah bursts out laughing at the sound of a Mafia* "Look I don't why you are talking all like that but Ive already run into one of ur clowns. Actually I killed him for being disrespectful. I dunno about any Gambino Family being here but from my run in, you guys I swear are people id see in a movie. First thing I heard out of your boys mouth was how he was Mafia. Maybe take it from someone who was actually part of the Mafia some few months back, I decline to work with clowns. Myself was with the Actual Mafia and as far as I can tell, you guys are not legit. Probably a fake. I do take great disrespect myself from one of your boys and the way he acted as it makes the Mafia name look bad. Well, you know what I mean. Maybe you should talk to Dean Lockwood and he can show you how a real Mafia works. Your offer is declined *Sarcastically* Mr Mafioso" *Releases PTT*
  15. ImMason

    A Call for work

    *Picking up his radio* "Eh no just the family. Why do you ask" *Puts down his radio*
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