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  1. ImMason


    1. Charlie


      The racist Chernarussian shall return soon.

  2. ImMason

    A Call for work

    "Consider it done. Also, Ive had many people say see you soon kid but it always seems to be me seeing them so maybe watch your tongue before you get added to a long list. Good luck and happy hunting"
  3. ImMason

    A Call for work

    "You got yourself a Deal Sir that wants to kill this guy. We will talk soon Friend"
  4. ImMason

    A Call for work

    *Noah bursts out laughing at the sound of a Mafia* "Look I don't why you are talking all like that but Ive already run into one of ur clowns. Actually I killed him for being disrespectful. I dunno about any Gambino Family being here but from my run in, you guys I swear are people id see in a movie. First thing I heard out of your boys mouth was how he was Mafia. Maybe take it from someone who was actually part of the Mafia some few months back, I decline to work with clowns. Myself was with the Actual Mafia and as far as I can tell, you guys are not legit. Probably a fake. I do take great disrespect myself from one of your boys and the way he acted as it makes the Mafia name look bad. Well, you know what I mean. Maybe you should talk to Dean Lockwood and he can show you how a real Mafia works. Your offer is declined *Sarcastically* Mr Mafioso" *Releases PTT*
  5. ImMason

    A Call for work

    *Picking up his radio* "Eh no just the family. Why do you ask" *Puts down his radio*
  6. ImMason

    A Call for work

    *Noah picks up his radio while looking out across the field studying a deer* "Hello ladies and gentlemen am here looking for lines of work. Said work can be any category of any variety and for a little extra can be done no questions asked. I rounded some up some rough people that have definitely seen some better days but eh, they're alive. I am looking for work whether that be myself alone if the situation maybe needs a larger group of people, I can provide those people, for a higher cost of course. Radio here if you have any leads or are interested in my services that I can provide. Also, Will do work for anybody except the Praetorian Guard of course after some incidents involving them getting killed at their place." *Noah releases his PTT and slings it onto his belt and raises his gun and shoots the deer*
  7. ImMason


    Dead ass hit my line if u tryna play Rocket league. 

    Will play with any rank.

    I am Diamond in 2s and 3s


    So hit my line my fellow flying car enthusiast.

  8. ImMason

    S1 Chernarus NWAF Attempted invalid Kill

    Okay so this one looks quite obvious as im sure staff will see but you did not double mic at all in any of this and I honestly dont think you even talked in game after watching all these. Just something I wanted to point out here but Im sure its already been noticed
  9. ImMason

    S1 Chernarus NWAF Attempted invalid Kill

    Server and location: Chernarus S1 NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2020-01-16, 03:49 (Gonna be like an hour and half ish before this Your in game name: Noah Russo Names of allies involved: Viperial People. @JoahVC @JorrdanVC and a couple more Name of suspect/s: Praetorian Guard Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): They might have have vehicles I dunno. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Logged in at NWAF after logging out for a short bit for some IRL stuff. When I log in I jump down off of the bunker which was 503 base and see some people inside. It clearly not being 503 as they had Praetorian guard marks on them. (The armband they wear) I say hello a couple of times and get no response other than them just staring at me. I decide to immediately run across the airfield after that as they know i attacked them last night so I knew they would probably try and hold me up so I run. after hiding and trying to radio some boys to "wake up" just in case stuff happened, a group of people walk up the my same building and we talk and after being 90% sure they were gonna rob me I tell them about the PG I seen raiding to which they say we should go and stop them. We run across the airfield and walk up getting ready to say hello before we get ready to drop our initiation but before I can even hardly get a word out of my mouth they open fire and knock me uncon. Even more detailed POV Here (Dont wanna type it all up again)
  10. ImMason

    Chernarus - NWAF - Griefing

    With permission from @Hofer I will be posting my POV So, after meeting up with airfield with boys, specifically, @ImNathan @ImS8tn, We messed around a bit to which @ImS8tn found I believe 2 empty tents out in the open nothing inside (that part right there I’m not 100 would have to confirm with him. All I know was we were not inside the base at this time and had not stolen anything just found the 2 tents and set them up as we were messing around a but) after a while of waiting for another friend to decide if he wanted to come play with us or not, we got bored and wanted to see if we can get inside 503 base just by simply boosting as we were curious. It works out and @ImS8tn gets inside but gets stuck. At about this time @ImNathan gets banned for another report that he was in so he’s gone and no longer involved. Make note, at this point in time, the base is secure, nothing has been griefed that we saw or anything. Since me and @ImS8tn had everything we needed and we really only broke in to see if it could be done we decide it’s time to leave so he hacksaws the gates. Take note again, we have seen nobody or anything. While he hacksaws I hop in help desk with @Peril and @Inferno discussing Nathan’s ban to try and under stand it better (only putting this part of POV as time stamps of sorts) so as those 2 would be able to confirm I had a IRL issue come up and logged out while @ImS8tn still broke out. So I am away from everything and when I return I’m met by some lovely dms from him saying basically why did I leave and not say anything but he basically got out and logged out. So I get back and he’s in comms and we’re talking while I log in when I hear the voices from inside (I logged in on top of the bunker which the griefing occurred) I jump down and say hello and realize it’s not 503 and it’s in fact Praetorian Guard. Well we had killed a bunch of them the other day so not on good terms so I decide it’s best to run away especially since my hello was met with silence and then putting on armbands and pulling weapons. I run away and start radioing 503 that they are getting raided and start telling my boys when a group with orange armbands I believe to be viperial run up and I thought I was gonna get robbed so I tell em about the Peeps raiding in hopes of getting them to settle for that. Well I’m met with them basically telling me to help them stop the people raiding so we make our way over and try and do just that. Before getting a word said to them they open fire on us and I’m knocked uncon, I fortunately wake up And continue in the small gunfight by taking cover, about this time my friend @ImS8tn loads into the game finally and we stop one of their members trying to take a car and unfortunately @ImS8tn gets ghost bullets and killed. I get into the bunker with 2 viperial people as my blood was red and my health was flashing red. That is when I see all the stuff left on the ground in the screen shots u see above. The rest of the story is everyone running around looking for them before we end up attacking their base later. the main reason I asked for perms to post was because of mine and @ImS8tn monkey stuff we did. As when logs are pulled it could look like we had griefed since we broke the locks from the inside to get out aswell as the tent thing stated above. I wanted to clear it up and say it wasn’t us as our characters we consider to be associates with 503 as they have worked together before so we would have no reason to truly raid them nonetheless grief them. Plus I was the one that told 503 their place was getting hit so why would I grief them and tell them to log in on me raiding their place? Wouldn’t make sense. I’m basically 100% positive don’t have our little raid recorded of me and @ImS8tn will check though when I am able. as for video of me logging in and seeing the Praetorian guard inside is 50/50. I know I have video but I never clipped that specifically. I clipped a later encounter so when I can I will go back into my clips and see if that got covered or not as part of something else I clipped. Thank you
  11. ImMason

    Praetorian Guard

    No problems with the fight at ur place last night as for the attack at my base? See the problem is I don’t have a base.... or even a stash. My problem is with what happened at NWAF and almost every interaction prior over the last monthish. The amount of times before u were approved that I guys logged in and started shooting. When me and 2 of my guys did a 5 hour raid and only 4 of u had rights throughout the entire thing but 10 of u logged in in the trees or right behind us and started trying to gas us. Or the times at berenzino when ur allies got attacked and so u guys log in and start sniping from the trees without ever even saying a single word to us. The two clean interactions between us in gunfights has been last night when I attacked your base and the time at bereziki when we walked in and got sniped by u guys. Those are the only clean interactions to my knowledge between the many many MANY fights we have had in game. I’m glad things were brought up internally but I’ve heard that same phrase quite a few times from you guys. This is feedback from myself to let you guys know that this needs to stop. And since I’ve talked many times and it hasn’t this is my final feedback telling you it needs to stop. We have been nice and more than lenient. I really want you guys to get it this time as it’s simply un acceptable
  12. ImMason

    Praetorian Guard

    Alrighty where to start. First and foremost, your guys ooc behavior and how you treat things atleast seems well. Whenever I or someone has raised concerns you seem to atleast try and take it genuinely. Props to you now let’s break this down. So there is a running tally in our private discord as it’s almost funny at this point the amount of time you guys have attempted invalid kill and have invalid killed us. Talked this out or posted feedback before and all has been well but it’s to much now. I am severely disappointed in this group. For probably about a month now we have been trying to work with you guys ooc to fix these things and it seemed well but it’s clear you are not learning. From when you were dynamic to now nothing has changed with the advice we have given to you. There are a lot of new players in this group but from over the last month ish, you have invalid killed us 12x and attempted invalid kill x37. This number is not exaggerated and this dates back from about a month to a month and a half ago. We are not gonna go back and report every time as this would be many many reports and not just that, it all older than a week so no point. From here on forward we are done talking it out and leaving feedback. We have tried and it’s clear it isn’t working. now let’s move on to our attack 2 nights ago. We do our whole thing and it’s fun right some shit talk all is well. My biggest problem is the actual OOc shit talk brought into game to diss on syndicate saying “forced to leave country by the gods cause your a shit leader mason” that’s a big yikes as I was on Noah. also Thinking we for some reason can’t talk about syndicate? Like what made u think that? Also, clearly in game trying to talk about rules by saying in game that I died and came back 2 times. ? Never died but okay. Please stop trying to talk about rules in game through voip or even at all and also bring forum information in game as well as in certain circumstances that’s considered meta game. done talking things out with you boys as you clearly refuse to learn. Any rule breaks that occur with your group that me or my boys witness will from now on always be reported. Figured you would learn by now but talking has been proven worthless. Thank you and please improve these things. If you wish to discuss each and every invalid kill and attempted invalid I would be more than happy. If you feel what I’ve said is incorrect then please respond with why
  13. ImMason

    Current Roleplay styles

    From CTF To Mafia, to Chapter 2, to NHF, to Roses, I have tried out all the varieties. (All of them in noah actually) Myself, I have done probably mostly Hostile RP as I find it enjoyable and it feels like (At least to me) Hostile RP can stay refreshing but maybe thats because its challenging. I do my fair share of Campfire RP which I really do enjoy but my biggest thing is not that it gets boring fast, but that it gets boring faster than others. Especially if you run a campfire group. I do not mean to categorize all Campfire groups into one thing but generally from what ive seen of the campfire groups is that they set their own goals like every other group, but its up to them if they actually wanna accomplish it or not. Its not like anything will stop them from accomplishing it. Its more so will they just do it. What I see with hostile groups most of the time is goals that require a challenge. Not something that you can just complete easily and that makes it exciting. You can fail at your goals as a hostile group. Now to talk about roleplay as a individual away from the group thing... I enjoy all types of roleplay but I find myself enjoying hostile RP probably more times than not. Hostile RP is exciting and it gets ur blood pumping and adrenaline going. It also just feels good to get back at the people that would keep talking shit about you in game and hold them up and tell show them that you are in charge. Hostile RP goes far beyond just holding people up but thats the best example I can give. On the other note, receiving Hostile RP is amazing aswell as it really does alter a character quickly to adapt. Getting captured by the people you have been at odds with and being beaten and RPing out the change of your character in that regard is also what I find very enjoyable. Through Hostile RP, I get a lot more memorable incidents in game. I don't remember people if we run into each other and say hi and bye. I do Remember the people though that start problems in game and the tensions grow until you ultimately run into each other and shit goes down .
  14. ImMason

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    Like many others above me, I disagree. It’s easy to see the toxicity and everything but negatives are always louder than positives. The forums is just one thing that makes this community unique. I always see people preaching about how we need to be tight knit community which sure is good but I’d say we’re pretty tight knit already. Look, there are cliques sure but that shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Obviously it would be cool if we were all close friends in this community but were not. This community is like a school class. The forums are our school building and we are the students. The little things people have like I’m, RP, Groovy, any of that type of stuff is the friend groups along with all the other people that don’t put that stuff in their name. Me and anybody that I play with, this tag before our name is just for show. It doesn’t mean we won’t play with other people and run with others and I’m sure that’s the same for others that tag their names with something. Nobody is gonna disagree that forums create toxicity but I believe we do more positives than negatives by having them just the negatives Stick out more. An example of this? Look at the countless mentions of the Whose roleplay did you enjoy today. The community doesn’t start chirping and talking when someone is mentioned for having stellar RP. what does get people talking? When a singular tendie goes up or a group is archived or a big phat report goes up. It’s talked about until everybody has heard it or the next big thing happens. Doesn’t happen when a positive happens. Also, just because other communities do it doesn’t mean we need to. Places like Redzone only compete because that’s where the streamers are. And say what you want, but a lot of people wanna play with streamers that are newer to RP. If this community was really that bad then the players base would be dead. Sure the daily players has dropped a ton but that doesn’t mean it’s a forum thing. After the Mr Moon Video and we had that giant influx, more likely than not a lot of the players got on, realized He isn’t playing here anymore and hasn’t for a while so they left and followed. TLDR: Keep the forums they are not the problem
  15. ImMason

    Group Idea Thoughts

    And these are all things we would strive for to be able to do! Like i said. The above that I posted is just a bare skeleton of what the entire plan is. We are here to get feedback and suggestions and what people think before setting anything in motion. Doing this is not official yet until we get a good feel but reading what you just posted sounds really cool and makes me excited and makes me want to make this happen even more. Thank you!
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