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  1. JimRP when are you gonna return to DayZRP Smile

    Your long time friend,

    -FaZe Mason

  2. My name is Simon Grey 

    1. ImPurge



  3. Dinger ❤️ 

    Positivity only 🙂 

    -Lobe Mase 😛 

  4. Quick note, the rendering issues is my PC. it shouldnt be caused by the pre fab itself. I just so happen to play on an awful PC
  5. Hello fellow Council members I am here today to present to you our prefab. @Nyx @Dongle @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] So, just quick rundown incase you have never seen or done this before, this thread is for you guys to leave feedback and approve or deny our prefab. As approved groups, we are permitted to have a prefab under the stipulations found the Group Settlements thread. Though the thread is a bit outdated, you will understand the gist of it. Your job here is to leave feedback and critique of what I will post below For your added benefit, here is an example: "Wow this settlement is sick +1 pls add" or "I don't quite like this prefab, here are my reasons x y and z" Anyway here we go, Item count: 90 Location : Screen Shots: I have also gone ahead and recorded a video that i will link now Anyways, please let me know your thoughts on it
  6. I voted yes, good suggestion @Jackfish. This mod will definitely help with immersion
  7. Community toxicity is bad man... It really gets on my nerves. Yeah @ThrynnIll echo what panda said, I think there is a mod on the workshop ill have a glance at it in a bit see if I can find it. Then you can pherhaps add it to a suggestion thread
  8. Im glad to hear you enjoyed your time and im sorry I couldn't make it . It is good to hear the boys could handle themselves without supervision. Good work gents, I feel like a proud dad right now.
  9. congrats on being recruited in FaZe


    1. FaZe Mason

      FaZe Mason

      Thank you #FaZeUp #ESLHereWeCome 


    1. CutieKermie


      LMFAO I love you ❤️

    2. Zanaan



  10. This thread is targeted at people who no longer play and why they dont. Its not like the other map threads as this thread was made in july. also further note for everybody As to respect staff, If your reason is simply because of the map, just state that and nothing more. No need to dog nyheim while ur at it. I ask everyone to read my original post on when i made this thread as a lot of you have gotten massively off topic on this thread.
  11. These are the kind of things that happen when I'm not around...

    1. FaZe Mason

      FaZe Mason

      Mike, PG gaming when ?

  12. faze banks GIF

    1. Rover


      dog tick GIF

  13. The only cool clique is FaZe. If anybody wants to settle the OOC clique war, ill be representing the FaZe Clique. DM's are open for anybody trying to run 1v1s on MW2 Rust. #FaZeUp #Dominating #Montaged

    @Groovy @RPBoys @Imboys @Cutie @LR @WB @Everyone 

    1. Atrix



    2. Chewy


      LR Is dead don't touch us leave us alone

    3. AndreyQ


      For the uninitiated groovy is a pre-fix, one of many pre and suffixes found within the DayzRP community often used to denote a clique. I would argue that groovy is more than just a clique, however, this is for another day. Cliques in this community are looked down upon by some - as is their right - however, I insist that it is, in fact, a good thing. It is a brand.

    4. Dongle


      wtf no OSS


    released 2012 set in the future of 2025.... Thats now just over 3 years away 😞

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