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  1. JoshRizzo

    S1 - NVFL and Baiting - Vybor Industrial - 11/08/18 00:22

    I'd like to point out how in the video you cannot even hear what the OP was saying.
  2. JoshRizzo

    S1 - NVFL and Baiting - Vybor Industrial - 11/08/18 00:22

    Josh Rizzo POV: I was at Northwest Airfield looting when I began to get really thirsty. I remember there being a water pump in Vybor so I ran down there. When I got there I had seen 1 person but they didn't say anything to me due to their back being turned the other way. I began drinking out the well and filling up some empty water bottles. After I drank out the well I ran around the industrial looting. There wasn't much of anything to loot so I decided to go back to the well and drink a bit more before I headed off. Upon going to the well I ran into another person who said that it was his land and refused to let me drink out of it. Because of this I told my friends that there was people at Vybor Industrial refusing to let me use the well. I began talking to the guy guarding the well saying that I just wanted to get water where he ran at me and punched me in the head. I then pulled out my water bottle where he said something along the line of "Yeah drink your own water" where I replied, "I filled this up out of your well" He then told me to put my hands up which I did. About 15 seconds later shots began to pop off and the guy who had told me to put my hands up ran away to cover. I took this opportunity to run to cover because standing in the middle of a gunfight was only going to get me shot. I ran into the building right behind me into a small little room and hid there. As I was closing the door one of the guys saw the door closing and sprayed a full magazine into it. He kept trying to open the door and I tried to keep it closed. He then ran in and tried shooting me again while I was screaming for him to stop. He kept shooting while we were both still trapped in the small room and I then tried swinging my sledgehammer at him before I died.
  3. JoshRizzo

    S1: RDM In Grishino 10/27/2018 - 00:40/00:43

    As I stated in my original POV Albert was shooting at my friend along with a large group of other people. If you read the POVs above as well you can cleary see the stories contradicting eachother. He did indeed shoot at my friend Joey and that is why he was killed. @Sleepyhead
  4. JoshRizzo

    S1: RDM In Grishino 10/27/2018 - 00:40/00:43

    If you read what Nihoolious said it completely disproves what Albert said. "A bunch of guys run through the fields and die due to hidden gunmen. I change my clothes and track down the main shooter and megaphone guy, kill him and die to the gunman. Rocka eventually kills him." -Nihoolious Albert was one of those guys that ran through the field chasing down my friend. Nihoolious then states that he changed clothes and went searching for us where he did eventually find us and killed me. As Albert stated "I was not with @Nihoolious because he was shot." Nihoolious wasn't shot until he changed clothes after everything had ended and tracked us down again. After he killed me that is when he was shot.
  5. JoshRizzo

    S1: RDM In Grishino 10/27/2018 - 00:40/00:43

    @SleepyheadThey both had guns out and were chasing my friend through the woods and shooting at him.
  6. JoshRizzo

    S1: RDM In Grishino 10/27/2018 - 00:40/00:43

    What Nihoolious stated was pretty accurate. I would like to say though that when you stated "one of the randos initiates on moody" that was false. My friend or the "rando" didn't initiate on anyone he was simply just shot after the brawl. When you guys took me hostage some of the people you with with stole some of my stuff as well including my SVD and all the ammo for it. You guys also didn't necessarily let me go, you (not necessarily you but the people you were with) had me stand up after knocking me out and walk in front of you guys and were taking me somewhere. When you heard shots going off all of you guys walked towards them to see what was happening. This is when I took the opportunity to run away because no one was watching me anymore. The rest of what you said is pretty accurate and goes with what I stated prior.
  7. JoshRizzo

    S1 Bad RP NWAF 28/10/2018 02:30-2:49

    @DrMax Sounds good.
  8. JoshRizzo

    S1 Bad RP NWAF 28/10/2018 02:30-2:49

    @DrMax Cowboy hat w/ Hoodie = Me Payday Mask = Joey Ushanka = Willy
  9. JoshRizzo

    S1 Bad RP NWAF 28/10/2018 02:30-2:49

    Was trying to grab your comms and weapons as fast as I could so that you could pick your stuff back up. Sorry I wasn't singing you a song while looking at your gear but there were other people who could have talked to you while I made sure you were good to put your shit back on. It didn't get to that point though because your friend shot us ?
  10. JoshRizzo

    Josh Rizzo - Appeal - BadRP/Invalid Kill 7 Day Ban and Unwhitelisted

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Player Complaint Why the verdict is not fair: I feel that the verdict isn't fair because it was my first offense and a 7 day ban as well as being unwhitelisted seems extremely severe. I feel like a shorter ban or even just me coming into Discord/Teamspeak and speaking to an admin about the situation and what I did wrong would have been much more productive. It is very easy for me to admit where I went wrong if I just talk to an admin about the situation. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My friend (Bobby Sullivan) and I were at the airfield for a long time running around looting and talking to various people we saw there. We had seen a good amount of players and talked to a majority of them. While drinking water at the little reservoir, Bobby and I heard a gunshot and I ran to see what was going on. When I walked past the ATC tower and went onto one of the little bunker hills I saw 3-4 dead zombies at the entrance of one of the other hangers. I stood and watched from a distance until I saw someone run out. I proceeded to follow the player from a distance for about 5-10 minutes to see what he was doing until Bobby could make his way towards me. Bobby ended up going up to him and speaking to him as I stood at the corner of the building they were at making sure everything was good. After talking the guy told Bobby that he was coming from Grishino or something along those lines where we then planned to strip him of his comms and weapons and talk to him after. Because we were previously in Grishino before the server had restarted and had a bit of conflict with the people there, we figured that he had friends around and already knew that there were others players near by because we had seen them. After initiating on him and telling him to drop his guns he took a fairly long time and seemed to be stalling for someone. He kept reiterating that he was dropping his stuff even though he hadn't really dropped anything yet. I immediately thought that he was probably double micing so that his friend could know he was being robbed and had time to help him. Because of this both Bobby and I told him to stop talking and just drop his stuff so that we could make sure he didn't have his radio or any weapons. He continued speaking which is where I then shot him. In the player report the admin team stated that it seemed as if we were doing a 10 second robbery and by telling him not to talk we were just trying to avoid RP. This wasn't the case what so ever and we would have talked to him after and let him go with most of if not all his items. In another situation we didn't tell a guy to stop talking and moments later we were all sniped from down the airfield and killed because the guy was double micing that he was being robbed to his friend. One thing that should show you I am more capable of doing "10 second RP" is the fact that I followed him for nearly 10 minutes rather than going up and trying to rob him right away. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would honestly like to have the punishment reduced or even taken away because it was my first offense and from my point of view we were just taking precautions in order to value our lives. We made very little demands and they were very very simple to follow. If he would have just valued his life and listened to what we told him the situation would have been much longer and the story between us and Grishino would be much more in depth. From the way it ended I completely understand that it looks like we were just trying to do as little RP as possible but that wasn't the case. What could you have done better?: We could have done a lot better. To start we could have just not bothered with robbing the guy and let him be. If we did rob him we could have told him a more specific reason right off the bat as to why we were holding him up and allowed him to talk. If we told him not to talk I could have said something along the lines of "Drop your radio and don't speak until you do." to ensure that he couldn't communicate to any possible friends he had. Or we could have even just allowed him to speak and seen how the situation played out. The person that reported us also mentioned the use of warning shots which could have definitely been used. There are so many different things that could have been done and each little difference could have made the situation play out differently.
  11. JoshRizzo

    S1 Bad RP NWAF 28/10/2018 02:30-2:49

    To make sure he didn't have a hidden gun or anything. He would have been able to pick it all back up after we looked through it but his friend shot at us so he was left just standing there.
  12. JoshRizzo

    S1 Bad RP NWAF 28/10/2018 02:30-2:49

    Alright so first of all its extremely stupid how these guys clearly knew Lewis was there. You can hear this guys friend tell him to call us the F word and then proceeds to giggle like a school girl. Everytime Lewis plays some little immature person thinks its funny to try and get one of the biggest streamers that plays DayZ RP in trouble. The guy who was being robbed first called us gay then says the F word. It's this type of shit that is going to make streamers not want to play on the server, literally pointless shit that in my experience only happens when there is a streamer around. Its also not smart to call people that have guns to you that word and if you are really complaining about RP, what you did was borderline NVL. Why shit talk people when they have guns on you... oh yeah, because its funny to you to be edgy when there's a lot of viewers watching. Now for my POV: I was running up to Northwest from Stary to meet up with my friends. When I got there, one of my friends, I forget who, called out that there was a guy. We all ran over to him just to see who it was and to talk to him and upon reaching the guy we discovered, as Lewis stated, it was a Cherno Russian. As a few people I was rolling with had a previous history with them we decided to rob him. After he dropped all his stuff his friend or friends shot and killed us.
  13. JoshRizzo

    S1-BadRP at NWAF - 11:20PM 27/10/2018

    Here's the thing, you told us you were dropping everything multiple times and we understood that. There was other people around the airfield and we weren't sure if they were your friends or not. It seemed like you were stalling and you weren't listening to 1 of the 2 demands we were giving you. If you were truly scared you would have done everything that we asked rather than repeating the same statement over and over. If you would have just listened and stayed quiet for a minute and dropped everything you would have been able to live. Once you had everything on the floor you would have been fine to talk but it honestly seemed like you were just stalling or double micing until a friend came.
  14. JoshRizzo

    S1: RDM In Grishino 10/27/2018 - 00:40/00:43

    I stated what happened, find it pointless arguing any further especially because there is no video. Literally just a he said she said thing right now. If the admin wants to look at the logs he will see that everything I said previously is true. There was a massive fight and if you didn't want to be involved you shouldn't have been chasing after my friend with the group of people that was shooting at him. You weren't just "some guy running in Grishino" the only people I shot were those running into the hills chasing my friends and shooting at him. You may not have directly shot at me but we had defensive rights because one of my friends was killed (Bobby Sullivan) and my other friend was being chased and was hit multiple times (Joey Lahey). I killed the people I did in order to save my friend Joey Lahey.
  15. JoshRizzo

    S1: RDM In Grishino 10/27/2018 - 00:40/00:43

    Josh Rizzo: We were all sitting in Grishino for around an hour when a group of us, including randoms, started using a megaphone to sing and stuff like that. A bunch of people asked to borrow my megaphone and I let everyone who wanted to use it use it. The third guy who asked to borrow the megaphone stole the battery out of it and gave back the megaphone. I immediately called him out on it and he refused to give the megaphone back. I kept telling him to give it back over and over when one of his friends told me to back off. I called his friend a skinny twig where he then punched me. After he punched me and I punched back his friends jumped in and so did mine. We had a huge fist fight, three of my friends, and about 5 of their friends. We ended up knocking out every one of them without any of us getting knocked out. After they were knocked out we all ran away to get out of the situation. When they woke up they ran after us and one of them killed my friend by shooting him. (Bobby Sullivan was killed can check the logs) After they killed him they surrounded me and told me to surrender where I did. They searched me to see if I stole anything after knocking me out and stole my SVD. When they saw my other friend running out of town they turned their backs and all started shooting at him. I then took this opportunity to run away and escaped. I flanked around, still having my AK, and followed the people chasing and shooting my friend. Because they knocked me out, robbed me, and shot at all of my friends and even killed one, I decided to help him because of defensive rights. I ended up killing four of the people chasing my friend and I believe that he killed two. All the men that were killed had their guns out and were involved in shooting at my friend and I made sure of it. I later died due to another guy coming and finding us about 10 minutes later but my friend killed him right after. More guys ending up coming up to my friend and killed him as well.
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