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  1. Grygoriy Kamyshov is 27 year old male, was born in Soviet Union in Ukraine. Intelligent young man, whose life and future was destroyed by Sovien Union. Together with the rest of his peers, he was forcibly mobilized into the Soviet Army. After three months of training he was sent to serve to Russia/Chernarus border on the order of the USSR headquarters for the suppression of extremeism and prevention of the spread of civil war in the territories of the Soviet Union and sattellite countries. The only task was not to let the civilians cross the border and prevent any acts of aggression. A week and half later, our military checkpoint lost contact with HQ and, on the orders of the local commander, an intelligence unit was sent to the nearest military base, which was located in the Tisy. And Gocha was in that unit. A military conflict involving armed citizens occured in the Tisy. During this fight, Gocha was seriously wounded and fell into a coma for several days. Under unknown circumstances, he was found by a local huntsman three kilometers east of the scene of the conflict. The huntsman brought him to his house, where Gocha recovered and successfully left the coma, but by that time no one was at home, and no one else returned to this house. Gocha did not know how he got here, and who brought him here. He did not know where he is and how much time passed after the conflict in Tysa. Gathering his strength, he went in search of answers to this unpredictable and dangerous world...
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