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  1. XxKRZxX

    The Maceo Syndicate [selective recruitment]

    is there a discord boys ?
  2. XxKRZxX

    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

    I already did sene it to both of you @Grimnir I did send it to both of you
  3. XxKRZxX

    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

    @Grimnir ok yeah I would love to join your group im going to fill it out right now thank you . As soon as I'm done filling it out what do I do then ?
  4. for sure a GREAT idea i love it guys ! And Very TRUEE i cant wait till we alll get together .
  6. LIFE IN THE BEGINNING i was born in Ukraine in a small nice town called Boyarka, Boyarka is a town located in Lisyanka district of Cherkassy region of central Ukraine. Boyarka is located on the Gniliy Tikich River, a tributary of the South Bug. The town’s estimated population is 654 (as of 2009). he was living ther since a young kid grew up with all his friends and had a good going well put together life in the begginging. some of the best time he had was working and spending his time with his family of 3, his Wife- Maria Marcyzk (29 years old) and Daughter- Marcy Marcyzk (5 years old) . He found a good life he attened school in the university (Brown university) his job was Controlling Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Ukraine, and then i got preferred to go to school to be come an analyst. he always worked hard at what he did and always was on point of his surroundings at all time, also he had a little medic experience so that is good for the "NEW LIFE" , other then the working life he spent time with his family and hagning around with friends in his home town. Going to this new university was a awesome time for him and he also met a lot of friends and went to a lot of parties. he partied a little to much tho but it was fine because his studying was at a end before he knew it. towards the end he stopped hanging around with people and isolated himself in the room by himself because of the deaths of his wife and daughter, they were murdered while he was away at the university , he is now a LONER, but its OK because of his experience in the medic field he knew exactly what to do to try to help with his depression. And after he fixed his depression he still stayed alone but he preferred it that way. After the completion of the university he reached his goals that he worked for his whole life. so now with nothing really in his life he needed to find a job a good high paying job so he starting getting letters in the mail from a lot of different agencies and work places , the one that stood out the most was a Job that was in America, it had something to do with mining and they mentioned something about they were in search for analysts and that was perfect so he thought why not try something new and he went off to America to start a new life. THE BEGINNING OF WHAT IS GOING TO BE HELLL ! He know settled down in his new country , he was very unawre of how different it was from his home town. but ther then having to learn english after a while everryone loved him even at his work place. they always were a little to nice and took his kindness for a weakness so he went back to his ways and stayed alone and didnt talk to aynone but made just enough money to buy a new home and met a girl that became his new love . Her name was Rebecca but after not being with his wife and everything that happened he eventually broke up with Rebecca, so he was very confused with relationships and still stayed a Loner. After working for about 6 years , he got told to talk to the boss, he was a little nervous thinking he would get laid off but he actually got offered to go to a new location in chernarus, he was very happy and took it in a heartbeat. He was accepted to be the head analyst role in chernarus, so he had to leave his home for a second time and head to chernarus, but packed and got on his way and didn't even think of looking back. THE START OF HELLL Everything was going great at his new job , Boris was on his early moring check around the mine and heard something loud and alot of yelling so he went to check it out. he had a little ways to go since he was kinda far into it but when he got back to the entrance he found it sealed shut! someone had hit someting to hard and rocks had covered the entrance by falling and the vibration of someone minging or whatever they were doing... So now he has to go tell everyone that is trapped within the mine that they are trapped with little water resource and food. When Boris got back to the people he rounded up he told them what had happened and nothing but chaos broke out now, he did what he could to calm them down and they all had to get all the resources they can round up and bring it to the spot we decided to keep it (in a locked cage) and i kept hold of it. Alot of boris co workers didnt like the fact so actually after alot of time they tryed killing him to take it all for themselves so me and some of the other co workers had to kill them. we had no more feelings, emotions and now down to hardly no food and water. So now with no food or water for a couple weeks people had started eating the other dead bodies and eventually we all were killing eachother just to eat eachotoher to live. We killed poeple that were either ill or old because knowing they had not a lot of time we felt better about that. as it started getting down to only a couple people left we all went on to keep looking around for more food and water and came across a little whole in entrance that was covered for years. As he looks out for anybody for days he finally seen someone and they came over and helped me get out , letting me and all that was left in that hell hole into the new world.
  7. Do i need to really make new character I just made this character today I can edit it if u need me too
  8. Thank you so much my brothers much love, will do right now!!! Lol I need a group to play with I love this server so much
  9. I would love to be a new recruite please lmk if I'm able to do so thank you
  10. ??????????? Those who have met Kyle talk about how different he acts around some people. Some will claim that he is a delusional and a lair, and to others he is a man with a hard outer shell with a kind heart underneath. To those who do not know him, he comes off as a irate and pessimistic man. For those who know him better they will say he drives himself mad with stress trying to keep those who he cares about safe. In truth Kyle treats those around him different based on your relationship with him. For those he holds dear he takes on the act of the over protective brother. He is very weary about things that may people his friends and family at risk. He will constantly but heads with those who think they know what is better for the group. He does not think that he knows is what his best for those who hold dear and if there is enough of a push against him he will let them do it their way. However if it comes back to bite them he will never let you hear the end of it. However when his friends are hurt he becomes a much kinder and softer person. Even though he complains a lot he tries to keep a cool head about things. He knows when he has over stepped his bounds and he knows when to tone it back. However when he does get pushed over the edge he is a ticking time bomb and almost nothing can calm him down except time. ?????????? Kyle came to Chernarus when he was rather young when his mother met and fell in love with a fisherman from Berezhki. he grew up in a small cabin with his mother and new father spending most of his time helping out his new father with the fishing job he had or reading about the knights of old. He fell in love with those fantasy stories and folk tales he was told and read about as a kid and always had dreams of being one when he grew up. Though as time went on he eventually grew up and left his small family house Berezhki early in 2016 to attend collage in Chernogorsk for medic and got enough schooling at west airfield to become a soldier for the army. When things started to go down hill his college was evacuated and he fled inland to the countryside. It did not take long til the town that he was evacuated to was overran and he and a few other survivors fled the town and after a few days of travel the small group he ran with found a small set of castle ruins and they took shelter in them. He soon left that small group, heading out into the new world fearful of what is to come. ????? 1. Kyle has found himself worried and wondering about his condition with his lungs and keep a stockpile of equipment and meds to keep his lungs from possibly getting worse. 2. Even though Reed and Faith may judge Kyle for his way of doing things and attitude as well as his methods, He still has the best of intentions at heart. He wants to help people best he can because he knows people trust him. He will find ways to help those who he comes across that need the medical care. Even if it is his enemies. 3. After finding the few interesting thing in cherno, Kyle is more driven than ever to find out more about cherno. He may not ever find out where he came about but he will try his damnedest to try and figure out what happened there. Even if it kills him. 4. Protect Buck Taska at all costs. 5. As far as Kyle knows he is one of the last few left alive in Chernarus. He has seen how most people treat Newcomers in this new world and he must do everything in his power to make sure that he stay hidden away, but with the Bandits and Zombies it is easier said than done.
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