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  1. His name is McCoots or Coots as his friends call him. He is 19 years of age. He was a pizza delivery man before the outbreak. He has lived in Gorka, Chernarus all his life. He was an active user of social media, including, but not limited to, Twitter. When he started seeing soldiers all over the place he was very confused and wanted to know what was going on. A few days later, on the 7th he saw the video of a helicopter flying over a base, Which only made him more confused. The next day, he's hearing of people being relocated for safety reasons that were never stated. Fast forward to the 11th of July, Coots was afraid for his families life when he heard about what was happening in northern Chernarus. He took his parents, got food, water, and clothes and went as far south of Chernarus as he could, taking refuge in Electro telling himself that they would be safe there and that the attacks wouldn't reach there. He was unfortunately wrong and the attacks spread to Electro the following week. Months later, he is alone as both of his parents were killed trying to escape to Balota. He wanders throughout the province just trying his best to survive. How long does he have? that's for him to find out. It's been about a year and a half and McCoots has seen some... Questionable things such as cannibals, murder, people torn apart right in front of him, and so much more. It's been taking a toll on his sanity, having him question his morals and if they are good enough to keep him alive. McCoots is turning down a dark road, we can only hope that he finds the light again soon. After the battle of Chernogorsk and surviving two head wounds, McCoots was never the same. He's gone further and further into a dark place. He's almost taken a comfort in this dark world, accepting it for what it is, and welcoming it for the first time. His mind was set, there is nothing good left in this world except pain, death, and sorrow... And he welcomes it like a friend. Can he bounce back? Is there anything left of the person he once was? Only time will tell...
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