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  1. CaZ

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    the glasses and hat we took off because we didn't know if they affected putting bags on heads as it wasn't working and the hat and glasses happend way before the road.
  2. CaZ

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    no he wasn't even in town and we said in game that, that was why... also that recording is from discord not in game, im not sure if there were voip problems but we definitely did not run off without saying anything because i was speaking to you the whole time.
  3. CaZ

    S1 | BadRP | Stary Sobor | 11/11/18-21:30

    Alright then, so i had just finished talking to a random person in town to who i gave a jacket and i had decided to check the barns for rope and sacks for strips, after i had checked them i was walking alongside the white long barn towards the red industrial whorehouse where i was going to call a regroup. However, a person unexpectedly came round the corner startling me slightly (this being Jamie) so i decided to start talking to them exchanging pleasantries at which point one of my team found us and relayed onto the rest of the group our location before also saying hello. at this point we a rushed by zombies which we take out together but we decide to take a few steps back as he has a loaded shotgun just to be safe. i notice that he has a plate carrier which i have been trying to find for over 2 irl days and one of my friends has been trying to find some new cloths as his are pretty damaged, so i suggest a robbery which is what happens. At this point i start initiation by saying put your hands up followed by my teammate saying the same thing and to drop the gun but more aggressively, we then proceed to restrain him and ask questions such as are you alone and are you part of a group at gun point to which he responds no on both accounts, he also adds that what were doing is a bad idea. Given his comment and a collective opinion that hes being a bit sketchy we decide to take precautions to ensure our safety which were telling him to walk into the barn and posting one of our men on top of the big red. once inside the barn we start searching him properly and i take of his plate carrier but discover that i would have top sacrifice to slots to carry this plate carrier so i leave it on the floor of the barn. i then decide to tell him to proceed down to the road at which time a sweep of the town had been completed by our team member who had not yet made any contact with the victim, our team-member on big red was also coming down so that we could quickly make our way out of town once complete. on the way down to the road i ask the victim his name which he answers and i also reassure him that we haven't taken too much from him and that he will be let go soon. once at the road out 4th team member who hadn't made contact yet came over and looked at his clothing items (i dont know if any were taken) and our member from bid red had a quick look, at this point the victim tried to inform us that he had nothing of use and that it was pointless to which one of our team responded well i found a box of ammo on ya didn't i though. we then wanted to put a bag over his head so that it would delay him from being able to see which way we go in-case he did actually have friends or was part of a group but being dayz it wouldn't allow us to do so. after we were done looting i informed him that we didn't take an excessive amount of his gear and that i had applied the handcuffs lightly so that he could slip out soon enough as we didn't have a key and once he had he was free to go, he protested to the fact we didn't have a key and asked how was he supposed to get out of them so i reiterated that i had put them on lightly so that he could slip out. after some back and forth of this one of my teammates stripped his of his clothes saying that hes has removed his such cloths as his jacket to make it easier to slip out of them. at this point he was still protesting so i reiterated for him to try and slip out of them, we then said bye and left town
  4. Chuck Winchester who is 38 and ex-military from America and of Caucasian Ethnicity who loves movies and TV series’. He served 17 years in the military finally ending up as team leader of a special forces unit and remained there for the last years of his career. He married at 25 to Mary Winchester and had one child called Jo, his wife would have to take frequent trips to foreign countries most of all Russia for her work with art galleries. when the outbreak hit, his wife and child were in chernarus on one of her business trips. He manged to make contact, but they could not find a way to get back home as there was mass panic, so he quickly made his way there to find them. he managed to take control of a plane at a small nearby airfield but by the time that he got there it had mostly wiped out the populous and infrastructure, he was no longer able to contact his family. So, he’s searching chernarus in hopes that he can find his family and take them to a safer place to survive the outbreak.
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