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  1. I am Luka Bozic, born in the city of Osijek, Croatia . I like playing soccer/football. I am a layer. My dad died fighting in the Croatian war of independence right in front of my eyes that left me scared ever since. I left home at the age of 21 and went to Cherno so I could get a better education their and more money from my job. I got married to this Croatian called Ivana Matic three years after I came to Cherno. We had a baby girl two years after that. My wife and daughter were bitten that year that the zombies came flooding in. I wanted to leave Chernarus but I will need to kill the baby girl my wife before I leave to end their misery. I was going to go back to my family back in Croatia so I could be back with my living family. I was only going there until the zombie problem blows over and return back home in Cherno. But if Croatia got over ran I would have headed off to Australia but killing my dead zombie wife and daughter to head their misery. I hope I can return back to Croatia before I die.
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