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  1. from a poor and somewhat uneducated background, my only work knowledge was herding goats for my uncle that in return let me sleep in his shed, and since the apocalypse I am now in constant search for my uncle Gastaffi. I am in no way aggressive but over trusting that I should think will lead me to being a hostage most of the time. So after waking up in the shed one morning I go to the farmhouse to find it empty with blood stains up the walls, theres no sight of uncle Gastaffi but there is a moaning sound coming from the field, I see a figure in the distance and instantly think uncle has got drunk again and slayed a goat with his pitch fork as he does most weekends, only to approach and realise that ain't uncle Gastaffi!!!! After being chased back to my shed I find a shovel and manage to beat down the ghoul, confused and worried its time to go find My uncle, so I return to the house to put on one of the many dresses uncle Gastaffi demands I wear when working the field. Hopefully I can find some one that can knows where He is..... the story starts.
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