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  1. Now I'm not as into the whole base-building thing as other people are currently, but I have no trouble finding nails all over the place when I travel around the map. I would almost argue that they're far too common compared to a few months ago (along with tools to make them), but maybe that's just my imagination.
  2. I think they could be altered if radios in-game were actually useful (and had a squelch function), but because the mods have to fit the radios around how all these groups use discords and whatnot, I don't think there could be any reasonable changes done. But why? I can't think of any problems this rule causes aside from the "following the rule takes effort" that was spammed to hell in the thread.
  3. keibancz

    Remove the Twatch T-Shirt from DayZRP

    I don't think anyone actually wears it and it'd be nice if it could be removed to make room for other civilian items.
  4. +1, also add Rhodesian brushstroke pls. Even better if y'all could texture the shorts in it too. Hey can we also address the lack of any Ratnik stuff besides the anorak set (could be the R, I don't remember) with the EMR pattern? It'd feel a lot more like Eastern Europe if I saw more of that instead of woodland and ugly marpat as far as the eye can see (nobody ever wears the flat color gorkas, which is a crime against humanity). Not to mention the only "commonly" (not really) worn regional camouflage in-game is the OG butane camo (add the pink variant as a rare spawn). Honestly I think it would be fine if you just pasted the pattern over some existing clothing item and called it a 6sh122 or something. Also, since we're on the topic of military gear textures, can I also mention that the RD54 color doesn't match the SMERSH color? pls fix
  5. @Zanaan Does the same apply to barrels/tents?
  6. @Zanaan Ah that would explain it. Thanks for the info!
  7. Well there were 2 layers of walls, and they only broke through the first bit of paneling. Also iirc since the latest update, you can't crawl through wall frames anymore. It also seems strange to me that if someone did break into my house and rebuild all of my walls or whatever that they would carry the crates away instead of just leaving them behind along with a lot of the stuff that was there (I don't even thing gear hoarders would want to get at my collection of flannel shirts). I'm still leaning on the side of "DayZ being stupid and wooden crates being unreliable storage" or "some dork ghosted into my base and teleported my crates out". What mainly makes me suspect that it was a player and not DayZ being dumb is the fact that someone clearly found the shed and sought to break into it, but "failed" do to so.
  8. So they dismantled my wall, walked all of my boxes out of my base, and then rebuilt my wall/gate in its stead and put my combination lock back with the same combination?
  9. Remaking the thread since the "ask the admins" thing isn't working out. I had a couple of boxes in a shed in the woods with extra clothes and gear but they seem to have disappeared. The doors were closed and the base was intact aside from missing paneling on one location. Are wooden crates known to disappear (should I stop using them)? Or perhaps is it possible that someone bothered to ghost inside my house and carry all of my crates out (dunno why anyone would do that)? Original Thread: @Ducky This has nothing to do with my walls. I just want to know whether I should stop using crates or not.
  10. I had a couple of boxes in a shed in the woods with extra clothes and gear but they seem to have disappeared? The door was locked so I don't think anybody could have broken in. One of my walls was partly dismantled though, so someone could've ghosted inside. Should I submit a report? I dunno if things like this are even worth reporting since the admins probably have better things to do than track down people ghosting into homes. Edit: Just realized I can't respond to these threads. @Misho I didn't even know you could dismantle wooden crates, but how could someone have reached them? Can I assume by your answer that crates aren't known to disappear? Edit 2: remade the thread @Misho @Ducky
  11. keibancz

    Angry Slav Squad Pictures

    Some screenshots from back during the reign of CPG -> Free Territory -> Elektrozavodsk Commune. I meant to post them long before but never got around to it.
  12. Well yeah, obviously. That's the whole point here. Well this was more about individuals. This isn't as much to do with group alliances and whatnot, although I guess this could be part of that too. I never said I was going to force people to do things. Why is everyone assuming I am? :c
  13. Yeah I've been seeing this type of thing happening a lot naturally through RP and I was just wondering how it would be handled in group page rosters and whatnot. For example, say you had 3 active members who are exclusively part of your group for, lets say for the sake of example and simplicity, a cult that worships canned beans, and the three people are missionaries. Obviously with only 3 members, such a group would not stay approved, but what if they had like 15 "dual allegiance" members in other groups who they had converted and would actively RP with the three missionaries? Having people's names on multiple group rosters would also help bring groups together moreso than if the "dual allegiance" guy was just extra friendly with a group or does regular trading? Groups could also make their own rules about being affiliated with other groups too, so it wouldn't be forced onto groups and should be done at their discretion. I think something like this couldn't be abused since supergroups can already be formed through alliances and whatnot, so this would only serve an RP purpose.
  14. Yeah it's really fucking weird; either that or they're severely mentally disabled. American/Western children tend to mature far slower from my experience, so I guess it could make sense?
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