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  1. BanksRP

    • BanksRP
    • keibancz

    You should change your name to KeiBanks or KBanks.

    Just sayin.

  2. Thanks~ @Roland Y'all should make flannel patterns for the blouse, I kinda like the shape of it a lot better than the normal shirt
  3. keibancz

    Elektrozavodsk Commune

    Aww I liked the old group page, it was comfy
  4. With the lack of foliage and change in ground textures, underground stashes are visible from miles away. Maybe mix some white into the texture so it blends better with the ground?
  5. @Roland Will the blouse ever be textured?
  6. This thing -> https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Shirt The item shop has the T-shirt and the Tactical Shirt, but not the regular shirt? (or am I just really blind)
  7. keibancz

    S1 / KOS-RDM-BadRP / Cherno / 20:30 server time

    Kei Labbancz POV: Our group discovered a newly built settlement on Cherno Island and decided to greet them. We did our little routine whenever we head to an RP hub where we march in formation to Slavyanka as a show of force. As we approach one of their members (the guy with the MarPat, OPSCore, and skull mask) Saviley @Sylva greets them and some small talk and negotiations begin. The Trade Company representative seems kinda doormat-y so Saviley @Sylva decides to go the route of vassalization instead of annexation (adding them to our group/alliance). First, Saviley @Sylva suggests one of their hatchbacks as a tribute, but the conversation quickly moves to the topic of their base. For some context, we were robbed earlier today by a group of ~3 people who stole our building supplies, including roughly ~2000 nails, from us. We were unsure who they were both OOC and IC. I found it quite suspicious and coincidental how this small group managed to build such a massive base in such short time and thought that perhaps they were the ones who robbed our settlement earlier that day. I told @Sylva this OOC to give him some more RP material. Up until this point, their group members had been quite passive and quiet, and once the first guy we ran into kinda stalled out, we walk over to the gate where some other people were RPing. We all start interacting with another person (SVD, ghillie hat, woodland pants) who quite honestly just sounded like he was stalling the entire time. We continue to ask for the gate to be opened, only to be continuously met by "no u' dead-end answers. We all continue to RP and Saviley @Sylva brings up the topic of the stolen building supplies. While peeking over their gates to see what was behind, Saviley @Sylva found his way inside of their "airlock" and stands atop of one of their guard towers. As I fiddle with the little jumping puzzle the Trader folks had set up, I hear suppressed intermediate caliber gunshots to which Saviley @Sylva died to. At this point many of us were kinda taken off-guard and just sit there for a short moment. It seems like the trader people were quite shocked by it as well, as they continued to just sit there as if nothing had happened. After the initial shock of the situation we interpreted the RDM as an initiation. I initially ran off to the North-East of the gate behind the little food stand after @Sylva was shot but then ran back around and found Luke Meyers @n0mi (Ghillie, SVD, Woodland) still standing where I last saw him so I magdumped him. Video POV: (RDM occurs near the end)
  8. So it seems most people agree that implementing a rule would be bad; I'm still curious to see what the people who voted yes have to say though.
  9. If not, should it be? Just to clarify, "offlining" is when you break into somebody's base/settlement/etc while the owners are asleep. This tactic allows you to essentially have no opposition during a forced entry. This would be an effective anti-settlement tool for people on the server looking to sabotage enemies and steal weapons and supplies. However, this could also be seen as "abuse of game mechanics" and a hindrance to RP. I have my own personal opinion about this matter but I want to hear what other people think; maybe I'm missing something?
  10. Server and locat22:ion: S1 West of Komarovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): A few minutes prior to 22:40 Your in game name: Kei Labbancz Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Uploading it right now Detailed description of the events: I'm walking to Komarovo and I see someone walking around ahead of me. I decide to move off the road to stay out of trouble because I'm headed back to where I died to resume RP (died from a glitched car). As I continue jogging I see one of those "supersoldier" types sprint in the opposite direction and aim their weapon at me from a distance. I figured they were just using the optic attached to their rifle like many new players tend to do so I just keep walking, only to find myself getting shot from behind. I stop running and I turn to face him, thinking maybe he initiated and wanted to RP but he continues to shoot me until I die.
  11. keibancz

    Distribute more military loot spawn on the map.

    Personally I enjoy the RP element of "travelling across the map in search of weapons and military supplies" It makes for some great internal-RP too.
  12. keibancz

    Distribute more military loot spawn on the map.

    Well, to name the groups that I know of that hang out on the east side: - The Bank - Edelveiss - Free Rangers - Unnamed - Cerna Liska - Brokerage - Also Respublika, although they aren't official yet and will have members from other groups Sure, they aren't the big groups like the House or Saviors, but there's lots of RP to be had here, not to mention a lot of notable solo players hang around here (shoutout to Trent and Issac) Plus, the coast is a great place to meet a lot of newer members of the community as they don't yet know that the triangle exists. I think I meet more new whitelists hanging around the coast than hanging around in Vybor or Lopatino Castle, that's for sure. I think that the east side boasts a significant "civilian population" as well (probably something like 1/3 of the server hangs out over here). I get that you and your groups would like to expand their range throughout the map by adding sources of military loot elsewhere, but I (along with many others) wouldn't really welcome the change.
  13. keibancz

    Distribute more military loot spawn on the map.

    I like the idea but, as @Combine said, many groups purposely choose to RP on the Eastern side of South Zagoria because the big PvP groups generally stay away from those areas. As nice as it would be to have everyone explore the map and have plentiful military gear everywhere, I feel like it wouldn't really add to the quality of the RP on the server. Plenty of groups hang around the eastern half of the map, so I don't think the addition of military locations is necessary. This is a -1 from me. Having a military-gear deprived region of the map adds variety to the RP we can experience; it'd be a shame if the entire map turned into a big battlefield like the triangle.
  14. keibancz

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Dec 2018]

    LRS and the knife are kinda cringy but I like the new textures.
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