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  1. keibancz


    I wish I could have written more group lore but we don't really have group lore lmao @Sylva Make a group stories thread where we (like 3 people tbqh) add more snippets of our character stories?
  2. Personally I kinda dislike how your pants and shoes are instantly ruined (along with everything inside) whenever you glitch on top of a campfire, but besides that, I agree.
  3. +1, sick of 160ml canisters of propane being larger than multiple rifle magazines. Also the classic "2x4 pmag vs 1x3 steel GI mag" thing is sorta silly. Also the weight of some items are stupid: Why is this stamped sheet metal can opener (that can only be used 5 times) one kilogram? Why does 200 rounds of 5.56x45 weigh less than a kilogram? Why do two NATO lvl 4 e-sapi plates weigh 12 kilograms? etc.
  4. I don't think this is really about being able to survive. We're talking about an RP server. Surviving isn't what's important here; lots of people (including myself) carry lots of RP gear that we'd like to carry. If anything, standardizing or removing the inventory slots in clothing would do the opposite. That makes sense coming from a vanilla progression/pvp perspective, but maybe we aught to make sacrifices for RP reasons? Also not sure if I'm the only one, but I find that certain civilian clothing can be a lot harder to find than military gear due to their variety. The smaller inventory space in certain clothing doesn't stop me from wearing it, if that's what you're suggesting. I said this previously, but I do think that a fair amount of people would start wearing more "civilian" clothing if it allowed them to carry more stuff. I think it'd reduce the (excessive, imo) number of military characters and civilians wearing military gear, as many people (mostly newer players) hold inventory space over aesthetics.
  5. Personally, I liked the idea because it would encourage more players to wear a larger variety of clothing in-game. I feel like I see far too many Partizan Gorkas, M65's, and military clothing in general; if the clothing items had no inventory benefit, more people would wear the other clothing options. Currently the people who hold the RP benefit of clothing over carrying more guns and ammo already dress the way they like, but I think discouraging wearing full military gear throughout the community would be a nice change of pace. I'm sure many people in the thread will agree that there are far too many solo players who run around in full mountain suits and that super ugly LBV.
  6. keibancz

    Passport Mod for RP

    +1 I feel like personalizing them like @STAN said would be kinda unreasonable though. Having a variety of them that we could spawn in would be nice since I don't think they should be an item you can find in-game.
  7. I'd love to see a lot more eastern military attachments outside of the EKP, PSO-1, and P178; maybe using the correct suppressors for eastern guns? I'd love to see a 1P63 or maybe even an OKP added at some point as well. (since the DayZ SA devs will probably never add it) Also being able to put optics on the 1913 on top of the handguards would be nice. (iirc they're like those CAA handguards) Also you could add weapon variants, like an AKM and AKMN, to make the use of attachments a lot more of a high-tier thing without reducing the base rarity of certain rifles. That way you don't get a bunch of people running around with PSO's on AKMS rifles for some god-forsaken reason. Personally I have a lot of gripes with a lot of the gun-related stuff the devs have decided to add, but if I were to suggest any attachment-related things, that's what I'd add. hype
  8. I would hope that the static inventory is large enough to keep players from running around with airsoft vests and ALICE rucksacks. I would love to see this be a feature, but it'd suck to just start seeing endless 80L internal frame bags and load bearing rigs on """civilians""" Personally I carry a lot of my RP gear (cooking stuff, medical gear) in my clothing; it'd be a shame if I couldn't carry my stuff unless I have a massive backpack. People don't wear enough flannel +1 ( @Roland make it so I can put the campfire tripod on my back pls)
  9. Jeez I can only imagine. Quite honestly that was the idea I was trying to go for with this one, at least RP-wise; I just thought maybe specific and common politics would be nicer lore than "group of angry nationalists" or "local gopnik gang" Touché, I agree. Because we're going to be focusing more on just RP with people, we aren't really going to be doing anything big and fancy-like that involve lots of PVP. I figured the goals list would be sorta empty without adding *something * other than "survive, help people, etc." so I thought the settlement thing would at least fit in with our lore and would be a nice long-term goal to strive towards. Do you think we'd be better off with more campfire RP goals? I guess we're a "Generic Campfire RP group" disguised as a "Generic settlement group". Yeah, definitely. I really wanted to focus on more character-driven RP in this group and individual motives and whatnot (since those are what shine in group v. solo interactions) but I wasn't sure how I could fit those onto a "Group IC Goals" page. Outside of the surviving/campfireRP aspect, the only other thing these people have in common are politics (which was the reason they got together in the first place). Would we be really okay just having more generic "Campfire RP" goals instead like some other groups? I kinda dumped the settlement RP on there because I figured people would rather see server politics stuff in a IC Goals list than more small-scale RP-related stuff. Don't get me wrong though, the settlement idea was a long-term goal from the start. Yep! That's the inspiration (hopefully a placeholder logo for now).
  10. You're all just part of a fake CIA puppet ethnicity Not sure about that lag part, but the attacks and fighting were definitely a big problem. We won't be siding too heavily with big PVP factions that are fighting wars so hopefully we can avoid the fighting. Personally I really enjoy Cerna Liska's hostileRP, they keep to themselves away from settlements, and don't focus very much on PVP (except that whole CPG thing) so I don't think their fighting will be a problem. It was more Kamenici and their fights with the "allied" groups in Grishino that caused the problem.
  11. TL;DR we're gonna try and emulate what New Grishino was for a short while, but do it even better. Thanks! I haven't had a chance to interact much with y'all but in the few times that I have, it's been a blast. Hope to see y'all around some more. We aren't Russian, per se. We're Russian in the same way you could say Cerna Liska is Russian. If anything, (lore-wise) we're more Armenian than Russian. I said this previously, but we're panslavic nationalists first, secessionists second. I would explain some more here, but that'd ruin the fun of us talking and (hopefully) working together IC Also , a shoutout to any ethnic Armenian characters out there! It'd be cool to have some lore-accurate ethnicities instead of just Russians and Czec- I mean Chernarussians.
  12. Oh definitely, I completely agree. Trying to brainstorm some stuff we could actually achieve in-game that's unique to our lore right now. Currently in-progress~ Thanks for the feedback!
  13. I considered that option already but it just doesn't really fit with the lore. For starters, the group was founded upon a pre-outbreak political interest group made up of the Panslavic Nationalists, so it kinda makes sense that they kinda hang out under the same name. Also our goal really isn't to turn Chernogorsk into a settlement; we'd probably settle somewhere that borders with Russia instead. Also, the group before the outbreak was much more interested in the long-term goal of seceding South Zagoria (or a part of South Zagoria) which (I'm assuming to be) has a significant (majority) ethnic Russian population, as with many other ex-soviet border states (ex. Crimea had a majority Ethnic Russian). Which is why I think Chernarussian (or Chernarus, idk) People's Republic, or using some sort of regional name instead of a municipality, works. What we hope to do isn't to collect 30 people and strongarm a settlement, but instead enlist the help of other groups to create a settlement that people actually want to go to; it won't have some sort of overreaching government, you won't be buying houses, you'll just hang around, set up your own shop or clinic, trade, get medical attention, RP, what have you. (that doesn't mean @Sylvacan't give speeches though) Once we've established that, we can focus more on the organization/politics part of the settlement. I feel like a lot of other attempts at settlements focus too much on the internal-RP aspects and barricading a police station or w/e instead of interacting with the many people who travel through the area and make them want to stay.