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  1. @Ducky @Kerkkoh You people are the heros we need, but don't deserve. Godspeed
  2. Yeah that's definitely true, hence the tweaking of magazine rarity. I didn't even realize 7.62x39mm was also treated as basically identical lol. This should definitely be fixed as well. I don't think I would want every gun in the game to 1-shot people though. Do you know if damage scales with velocity relative to muzzle velocity? I think it would be nicer if people used a varity of weapons instead of just using the same guns all the darn time. It would also be significantly more realistic. From what I've noticed in=game, 7.62x39 does do significantly more damage to the infected than the other two, so I think you may be right. I there is a variation in stats between 5.56 and 5.45, then the stats are already realistic. This thread can be closed if the admins deem it necessary. TIL 5.45x39 is actually better than 5.56 in the vanilla version of the game. I already said this earlier, but I don't think the devs will go out of their way to model a 6L31 or some snowflake mag for the AKs in 5.45. I think a reduction in big boy mag spawns would be easier to implement.
  3. Well if it were actually better in-game, (I like to think that) people would totally use it. I'd rather not resort to just adding more meme magazines to make people want to use it, although that's still better than nothing; the devs would also have to model a 6L31 or something instead of just switching some numbers around, although I'm not a dev so I don't really know if one is really simpler than the other. Edit: Also I just realized that since most PVP on DayZRP happens within 20m, some PVP players might not wanna make the switch due to the reduced benefit. It'd still improve the rifle for people who wanna use it for PVE at greater ranges though.
  4. I just think it'd be nice to actually see rifles that you would realistically see absolutely everywhere while I'm RPing instead. Oh, sorry. I probably should've specified that. For starters, the focus would be on the round itself, not the rifles that accept it. 5.45 is essentially just a Soviet improvement on the 5.56 NATO produced during the cold war. To sum up their differences without going into too much detail, (assuming this is just M193 vs 7n6, since ammunition in-game is homogeneous aside from tracers) 5.45 loses velocity much slower, performs better at lower velocities than 5.56, has greater soft tissue damage capabilities at greater ranges, and significantly reduced recoil (the numbers that are usually thrown around are about almost half of that of 5.56, and I can vouch for that personally). The cartridge also has much less reduction in performance caused by a shorter barrel length compared to 5.56, although there's no SBR AR in-game so it's not as relevant. Some argue the 5.45 is generally better at defeating armor, although when only taking into account M193/7n6, the velocity-dependent one is the clear winner in terms of usefulness. It's basically it's main strong point over 5.45 at closer ranges. Obviously the differences are far more nuanced than that, even without considering all of the variants in use, but these are what I think are relevant to the changes that could be made. I can elaborate on anything if you want. Edit: the armor pen between the ball variants is kind of disputed fyi and what I said about it is partially my own opinion on the matter. The 7n6 does defeat armor far better than M193 at greater ranges thanks to both its construction and ballistic properties.
  5. Nobody seems to use any of the 5.45x39 AK variants because people wanna PVP, not look cool. Perhaps if we changed the stats of the round to better reflect real life, more people would want to use them? Edit: I should probably explain that in the current state of the game 5.56x45 and 5.45x39 are identical afaik, so people gravitate towards the NATO one because it has the big boy magazine and people wanna be airsofting nerds.
  6. Should've retextured the buckshot so it's crimped smh (jk this is wonderful ty)
  7. It'll pave the path for more 12ga variations and meme rounds. I will suck your di- give you beans if you add incendiary shotgun rounds at some point
  8. This sounds cool as frick. Maybe make it a different color though? I wouldn't want to mix up my slugs and beanbags in my hotbar. My only concern is damage to clothing, which would really suck. I'd totally volunteer for a test. Low health doesn't cause unconsciousness, only blood. Low blood causes shock, which causes unconsciousness. I don't recall the devs ever removing the shock stat but I could just have shit memory. Maybe you're mistaking it with the meme bone stat or something?
  9. You guys should fix up the clothing names too (since y'all did the gats)
  10. +1 yes please. Maybe a little orthodox cross necklace too.
  11. -1 your taste is disgusting. Also Im pretty sure the MTs255 isn't pump action? If more shotguns are going to be added, I'd at least want an MP153 first, or maybe a MTs 20-01, or maybe a TOZ106. Overall the game is really lacking in terms of regional firearms so I'd like to see things like these added long before your meme guns.
  12. How the hell would barely adopted western weapons find themselves in Chernarus? If the game has snowflake western guns, I want my AN-94. If the devs and DayZRP admins wanted realistic firearms in Chernarus, they would've done so long ago. Also is it too much to ask for an AK105 or other modernized AK variants too? Can we have an SVD with wooden furniture?
  13. The last time I blocked off a house, I blocked it off on the other server as well. It doesn't take much effort to do unless you've got some massive base or something. That's how I do it too. It's unfortunate that only like half the server seems to do this, with the other half sticking to one server and treating the other one as some other alternate universe.
  14. I mean, the DayZ clothing system is a massive clusterfuck already; I think I'd rather have the admins focus on tidying it up instead of adding more features to let people carry more stuff. I'm sorry this actually useful piece of military gear doesn't match with your airsoft meme aesthetic.
  15. Now I'm not as into the whole base-building thing as other people are currently, but I have no trouble finding nails all over the place when I travel around the map. I would almost argue that they're far too common compared to a few months ago (along with tools to make them), but maybe that's just my imagination.
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