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  1. What some of you guys think, is this going to be solved by the end of the year?
  2. Uncle

    New Grishino


    This is tonight?
  3. But how the sleeping bags will be used, there is not an actual option to sleep in DayZ, so is it going to be used for storage like tents?
  4. Good job fellas, i love that we are making new stuff for DayZ community, awesome.
  5. There are times when i cant find anybody to RP with or when i am fully equiped so i am not scavenging for anything and those are the times i would like to spend practicing shooting, i am sure more people would use this for their time killing so i suggest to add targets to our military collection whenever the time comes for mil collection to be revealed. Thank you for your attention...
  6. Is this possible in this version, i know what stuff are needed for that but i am not sure does that work in this version of the game....
  7. Dont like that i must say, the feature that we all waited for so long is is useless, i just dont know whose fault is that, server or BI...
  8. OK, can bases be made to stay persistent?
  9. seriously, how can it "wipe persistence" lol
  10. Hello mate Welcome One question How can you be a volunteer and payed in the same time? Thank you Have a good one
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