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  1. Born into a lodger's house in 1990, Eldwin grew up fast to adapt to the wild woods near Walker. The nights were long and the days short in his youth, scarcely remembering any of it. The log-cabin he had lived in was decades old even when he entered the world. The mother was a frantic frail woman whom was ill more than not, the father hailed from Denmark and spoke little English. He picked up asatros from reading the translated books from his father's collection. The father solemnly talked to Ed and the mother busy looking after the garden. Ed loathed the attention given to the plants and not him: Aging him to be a quiet non-talkative lumberjack, like his father. On his eighteenth name-day he decided that splitting wood wasn't the only thing in this world, thus traveling East. East to where the world ended and the sea lept into the abyss. He traveled the states hitch-hiking all the way to the port-city Norfolk. He worked as a harbor worker for the next few months gathering funds to travel further East. The constant barrage of fishers' boats had acquainted Ed to the sound of grumbling fishermen fumbling with their cages filled with fish. The vessel he traveled in was called "The Last Winter", it bore rust along its under-curves and bowed with barnacles. The trip was nauseating and long. He arrived in France, Royan a month after departure from Norfolk. Though in a new land, it felt different, the architecture Gothic and the people friendly. He continued his was East until caught in the mess that is Chernarus. Trapped and no way out, he decided that if this is the place that he was destined to be, it ought to be a place he could call home.
  2. Boleslav Nowak is a 24-year-old mechanic assistant whose life is dominated by solving the murder of his friend, Ivan Loshka. Ivan was strangled in 2011 and the killer was never brought to justice. Nowak grew up in a working class neighborhood. His mother left when he was young, leaving him with his father, who was a drunk. Despite his father being verbally abusive his entire life, he still strives to become someone of his own making. His early-life identity was solely to spite his father, he didn't realize at the time how much his father dominated his life. When he went abroad to study, he found that he was extremely interested into how machines worked mechanically. Nowak moved back to Chernarus to improve the infrastructure of the region.
  3. Flashlights and sources like glow-sticks do work, they're not supposed to be spot lights, having such a powerful light source should be rare. Gas powered handhelds could be added (not the gas lamps). But night time should be re-added because it could add another layer to what is already being played out.
  4. Night time being re-added to one of the servers would add another level of roleplay and survival. The way it is now with constant rain doesn't help and isn't very immersive/realistic. Night time is best time!~
  5. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    I physically want to die.
  6. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed Media Thread

  7. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed Media Thread

  8. Great Roleplay from @Arcarius, @Cid, @Lyca, @Gunslinger_01, @AuroraSky @Greeny, and @Ender. Great amount of walking and talking ? Edit: Adding person to list ?
  9. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed Media Thread

  10. SpaghettiCPD

    Spaghetti's Scenery

    Yeeto on that misquito I found some neeto images
  11. Not directly mine, but still fits here, can't find out how to remove it ?
  12. Leave your thoughts here; All opinions are welcome of course
  13. As most of you know, Beta was released today, alongside modding tools. Many modders have already gone to work; I want to see if we can add most of the guns from .62 to .63 There is already a redux pack of the weapons that act as placeholders. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559317235&searchtext= Already with custom weight, tags, ammo, functionality, and some animations. Quote(SteamWorkshop; Not A Banana): "Weapons this adds: Colt 1911 (And engraved variant), AK101, AK74, AKS74U, Amphibian, Aug, Blaze 95, Desert Eagle, FAL, Glock19, Longhorn, M249, P1, Saiga12k, Scout, Sporter 22, Trumpet, VSS, and Winchester 70." Issues: Mags currently don't appear in the world model or in the inventory model, but still act as a mag. Direct Copy and Paste from Workshop: This mod's aims is to bring back most if not all of the guns missing to .63 back into the game in a placeholder state, as well as some other guns from the game files that have never been in game until now. Not all guns are in yet, but we will hopefully have all of them in within the next week. The animations are all placeholder, we are learning how to use the animation tools and will have weapon specific animations soon. Weapons this adds: Colt 1911 (And engraved variant), AK101, AK74, AKS74U, Amphibian, Aug, Blaze 95, Desert Eagle, FAL, Glock19, Longhorn, M249, P1, Saiga12k, Scout, Sporter 22, Trumpet, VSS, and Winchester 70. Known Issues; Mags currently do not show up in weapons. Some animations fit less than others. For server hosts: Here's the key and types.xml, it's very WIP, please contact us with any feedback you have for it. We recommend doing a database wipe as well (Delete storage folder) to speed up the CLE using these new items. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rb93iwpdmmc2117/types.xml?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/87r0eyardyylwpu/WeaponRedux.bikey?dl=0 Item classnames: gp_colt1911, gp_colt1911Engraved gp_AK101, gp_ak101_Black, gp_AK101_Green gp_AK74, gp_ak74_green, gp_ak74_black gp_AKS74U, gp_AKS74u_Green, gp_aks74u_back gp_MKII gp_AugSteyr gp_Blaze95, gp_Blaze95_green, gp_Blaze95_black gp_DE gp_FAL gp_Glock19 gp_LongHorn gp_M249 gp_P1 gp_Saiga12kShotgun gp_Scout, gp_scout_black, gp_scout_green gp_Ruger1022, gp_Ruger1022_black, gp_Ruger1022_green gp_trumpet gp_vss gp_Winchester70, gp_Winchester70_Black, gp_Winchester70_Green
  14. @Arcarius I hope to run into you again also!
  15. SpaghettiCPD

    S1, NWAF No reason for execution, BadRP 10-24-18 23:27

    @DatTurtle no, I believe you, I'm just trying to figure out who it was
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