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  1. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed Media Thread

  2. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed Media Thread

  3. Great Roleplay from @Arcarius, @Cid, @Lyca, @Gunslinger_01, @AuroraSky @Greeny, and @Ender. Great amount of walking and talking Edit: Adding person to list
  4. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed Media Thread

  5. SpaghettiCPD

    Spaghetti's Scenery

    Yeeto on that misquito I found some neeto images
  6. Not directly mine, but still fits here, can't find out how to remove it
  7. Leave your thoughts here; All opinions are welcome of course
  8. As most of you know, Beta was released today, alongside modding tools. Many modders have already gone to work; I want to see if we can add most of the guns from .62 to .63 There is already a redux pack of the weapons that act as placeholders. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559317235&searchtext= Already with custom weight, tags, ammo, functionality, and some animations. Quote(SteamWorkshop; Not A Banana): "Weapons this adds: Colt 1911 (And engraved variant), AK101, AK74, AKS74U, Amphibian, Aug, Blaze 95, Desert Eagle, FAL, Glock19, Longhorn, M249, P1, Saiga12k, Scout, Sporter 22, Trumpet, VSS, and Winchester 70." Issues: Mags currently don't appear in the world model or in the inventory model, but still act as a mag. Direct Copy and Paste from Workshop: This mod's aims is to bring back most if not all of the guns missing to .63 back into the game in a placeholder state, as well as some other guns from the game files that have never been in game until now. Not all guns are in yet, but we will hopefully have all of them in within the next week. The animations are all placeholder, we are learning how to use the animation tools and will have weapon specific animations soon. Weapons this adds: Colt 1911 (And engraved variant), AK101, AK74, AKS74U, Amphibian, Aug, Blaze 95, Desert Eagle, FAL, Glock19, Longhorn, M249, P1, Saiga12k, Scout, Sporter 22, Trumpet, VSS, and Winchester 70. Known Issues; Mags currently do not show up in weapons. Some animations fit less than others. For server hosts: Here's the key and types.xml, it's very WIP, please contact us with any feedback you have for it. We recommend doing a database wipe as well (Delete storage folder) to speed up the CLE using these new items. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rb93iwpdmmc2117/types.xml?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/87r0eyardyylwpu/WeaponRedux.bikey?dl=0 Item classnames: gp_colt1911, gp_colt1911Engraved gp_AK101, gp_ak101_Black, gp_AK101_Green gp_AK74, gp_ak74_green, gp_ak74_black gp_AKS74U, gp_AKS74u_Green, gp_aks74u_back gp_MKII gp_AugSteyr gp_Blaze95, gp_Blaze95_green, gp_Blaze95_black gp_DE gp_FAL gp_Glock19 gp_LongHorn gp_M249 gp_P1 gp_Saiga12kShotgun gp_Scout, gp_scout_black, gp_scout_green gp_Ruger1022, gp_Ruger1022_black, gp_Ruger1022_green gp_trumpet gp_vss gp_Winchester70, gp_Winchester70_Black, gp_Winchester70_Green
  9. @Arcarius I hope to run into you again also!
  10. @DatTurtle no, I believe you, I'm just trying to figure out who it was
  11. Then I'd be stumped, because I then I'd have to ask around a bit longer, I'm still new to the group and learning names.
  12. SpaghettiCPD

    S1: BadRP 25/10/18 3:10

    My active character is the same name, Allen Vaughn, I changed alias' to Gordon because I was being followed at the time in game
  13. I believe it was DatTurtle. He left after we killed Sal. When we robbed Micheal and Joshua, it was only me and tripz. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I am a bit slow. Blackboonie: me Camoboonie: DatTurtle Wolf mask: tripzkill
  14. ======== EDIT: Allies involved: tripzkill (FrancisReyes In-Game) ========= Sal's murder: I was under the impression of false info (the savior's thought they were being sold out by the Bank to the house) and we saw a yellow armband; We followed Sal and forced into a hangar where interrogated him, I ended up shooting him because I thought he was lying. Joshua's murder: We held up Micheal Winston and Joshua McHale, again, due to their armband. I told them to drop their radios and destroyed them, both dropped a radio. A little while up the road I asked Joshua to drop his bag so I could search it because I originally didn't see two radios, my friend Reyes did. I checked his bag and found a second radio, I proceeded to shoot him on the basis of lying to me. *It could've been a glitch, but when we went back down I found 3 radios, 1 from when I searched Joshua, and 2 from the initial encounter.