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  1. SpaghettiCPD

    Fletcher's Character / DayZ Artwork

  2. SpaghettiCPD

    S1 Cherno 0 UTC; BadRP, Troll RP, KOS, NVFL

    Murdoch's POV: I was in the main center tower at the entrance of the base. I had been running with the Wolf Pack for 3 days at the time. The initial trolly part was mostly the constant running in and out of the base just to get a reaction. Then squatting outside being outright nuisances. This continued for ~10+ minutes. I had been told that if this continues, give them a final warning and afterwards give a command to leave. I threatened violence and gave them a countdown, at first I was just counting to atleast get them out of here without any gunfire, but when that didn't work I had to redo the countdown this time giving an ultimatum; Leave or die. Upon hearing this, the person(s) I had directed this at, presumably Zacc or @RavenousRP, ran down the road and turned the corner again to shoot at us. I had been taken out early during the fight. Never wanted any bloodshed to begin with, but it was starting to cause me OOC frustration at the point.
  3. Hi, I was temp banned due to my character page being invalid (backstory). I have revised it and was wondering if I could get my banned removed. Thank you!
  4. Father was quiet and seemed to always look over his shoulder Never talked to me about anything, always moving, always restless. The only time father would speak is when he told me of his family, his time, and his life, but not his to own his words were cold and distant. Scared he seemed to me at the time, all the time, always scared, like a frightened animal. Why was father scared? He had to be scared of something, for something. He had loved someone, had no love for me, he saw me as a creature, a curse, he hated me, despised me, he could barely look at me. A burden on his soul chained to him by a promise he had made to someone, I wish I knew… knew what had happened, why he was scared, and why he didn’t like me. I know of no other time than with him. Now, there is solace in life, for life is full of sorrow, solace and salvation, salvation found in the dead, cold night, and the everlasting winter. I was taught this by nature herself, oh beautiful nature… The bird, yes… the bird, an owl! I had watched on one of the moonless nights when the stars were the only light, but for an owl, there is always light. Light in death, light in heart, light in soul! The feathered friend had always had an eye out for me, always cocked its head and shriveled its feathers when it saw me, in only a way that it can be told as, acceptance. Now the bird, the wise owl, hunted, and waited. The one who accepted me, the one who watched me, now watched for prey. It hadn’t saw me as prey, but it did see me, it saw through me. The hunter, with its freedom, a creature of nature, without fear, or hate, or sorrow, it only knew survival. Now my father, he didn’t know survival, he knew of fear, sadness, and ale. I can’t even see him as a father, he doesn’t look anything like me, he doesn’t THINK like I do. Now a light shines on him, a light that shone on things with no spark, no thought… I must leave, leave this place, not for fear, but for survival, I will bring the owl, oh sweet owl.. The carving knife brought life to a lifeless branch of wood, now it brings life to me, ever red, and never less a home for me. Goodbye, father. Murdoch
  5. Flashlights and sources like glow-sticks do work, they're not supposed to be spot lights, having such a powerful light source should be rare. Gas powered handhelds could be added (not the gas lamps). But night time should be re-added because it could add another layer to what is already being played out.
  6. Night time being re-added to one of the servers would add another level of roleplay and survival. The way it is now with constant rain doesn't help and isn't very immersive/realistic. Night time is best time!~
  7. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed - We Are Survivors [HARDCORE IC RECRUITMENT]

    I physically want to die.
  8. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed Media Thread

  9. SpaghettiCPD

    The Unnamed Media Thread

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