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  1. Raised in Fairbanks Alaska, living under modest conditions through the Alaskan cityscape, Jacob found joy in adventuring with their brother Ashton. Generally a quiet one and often found away from any confrontation, Jacob was generally found playing in the dirt while their brother watched over them. Finding academics difficult and often times boring, scraped by through school... Barely graduating and achieving his GED. The majority of the time spent in Fairbanks was often on the outskirts of the large Alaskan town, playing in the forest and often returning after dark. Yearning for the simplicity of nature and the bare-bones of living off the land, Jacob lead their brother onto a journey to a place where they could start fresh. Alaska had often been at times gloomy, had an attic's worth of cobwebs, and more than a lifetime's worth of missed opportunity. With their sights set on a newfound journey, any rural environment caught their eye... Starting their search originally in Alaska, then eventually expanding outside of the continent... Settling their eyes on Chernarus. In hopes of a new home.
  2. Murdoch's POV: I was in the main center tower at the entrance of the base. I had been running with the Wolf Pack for 3 days at the time. The initial trolly part was mostly the constant running in and out of the base just to get a reaction. Then squatting outside being outright nuisances. This continued for ~10+ minutes. I had been told that if this continues, give them a final warning and afterwards give a command to leave. I threatened violence and gave them a countdown, at first I was just counting to atleast get them out of here without any gunfire, but when that didn't work I had to redo the countdown this time giving an ultimatum; Leave or die. Upon hearing this, the person(s) I had directed this at, presumably Zacc or @RavenousRP, ran down the road and turned the corner again to shoot at us. I had been taken out early during the fight. Never wanted any bloodshed to begin with, but it was starting to cause me OOC frustration at the point.
  3. Hi, I was temp banned due to my character page being invalid (backstory). I have revised it and was wondering if I could get my banned removed. Thank you!
  4. Flashlights and sources like glow-sticks do work, they're not supposed to be spot lights, having such a powerful light source should be rare. Gas powered handhelds could be added (not the gas lamps). But night time should be re-added because it could add another layer to what is already being played out.
  5. Night time being re-added to one of the servers would add another level of roleplay and survival. The way it is now with constant rain doesn't help and isn't very immersive/realistic. Night time is best time!~
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