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  1. POV: We rolled up to novaya and saw a big group of people at the clinic so Shroud and I walk and up rp with them for about 5-10 minutes. Once the rest of our boys show up we decide to initiate and we killed the ones who didn’t comply.
  2. POV: I was in the triangle area looting up as I did not have much, I cant remember what exactly Zombru said all I remember is that he said he got robbed at the airfield. I then met up with @Shroud at VMC and he gave me a plate carrier and a mp5. I head over towards south barracks and I see a man aiming his gun around on top of the tisy building and I describe what hes wearing to zombru. Zombru comfirmed this was the man who robbed him so I killed him.
  3. Me @JoeyLahey @IbbyRed @Darren Sullivan @Mats-
  4. POV: Me and @Dew met a man at green mountain who said he was ex military and he said he wanted to trade a scar he had in his base for Dew's m4. He said we were gonna go to his base to trade but then changed his mind and wanted to go all the way to Lopatino Castle. We asked him if we could just go to pustoshka as it was a lot closer and he says 2 of his friends were coming. On the way there we RP with him and have a nice talk. Once we get there we wait for his friends and he then says they were at the church. We run into only one of his friends so @Puncture rolled up with us and started talking to them. We then ask where his other friend was, At this point we were sketched out and thought we were getting jumped. He says his friend was providing overwatch, so Dew pulls me aside to talk about the situation. We decide to initiate and Dew says "Both of you put your hands up" in which one of them raised their gunto shoot so we shot him.
  5. Bobby Sullivan POV: We decided to take someone hostage at vybor Industrial, while we were taking him we saw another guy who saw us take the hostage run away so we try and look for him but we lost eyes on him. We took the hostage inside the shed right outside industrial and I was mute in comms. When someone who was in the shed with us said there was someone outside. I then unmute and run outside and hear that we are fighting and he was on top of the warehouse. I then loop around to get an angle and it looked like he was aiming down then I shoot him
  6. Bobby Sullivan POV: We had just finished rping with someone between Zeleno and pulkovo, and then were making our way towards VMC. Thats when we ran into a guy running out from the GM woods so we decide to go up to him, Dusty then initiates on him and he complied. I am not exactly sure what was said between them because I went into GM woods to make sure he didnt have friends to try and come and kill us. All I know is that we let him go and guy and gave him his gun back. So then we kept going towards vmc until we heard someone talking on the megaphone playing some very loud music inside GM so we went up the gate to talk to them. At this moment in time there was NO gunshots at all and we all had our guns on our backs except Sassy, after finally getting the attention of the people inside we started to get shot at by some people in orange or red armbands. Me and Sassy were the only ones who survived the initial shots and I eventually got killed when I was inside the compound.
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