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  1. BobbySullivan

    The Boys From the Ends Media Thread

  2. POV: I was with the blokes on the way to zeleno and along the way we got split up so we agreed to meet at zeleno military, While I was on the way I heard massive amounts of gunshots and a sniper shot coming from the treeline I was right next to. The boys called out they were getting shot by the sniper. I spotted the sniper and then killed him.
  3. BobbySullivan

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/451140145 this is hunters stream, im going to just put in some timelines and point things out for staff. 15:13 @Dusty starts his initiation makign it clear who is initiating, who is beign initiated on, where the initiation is coming from etc. At this point all the people inside the industrial compound are told to put their hands up or they will be shot. This initiation ends at about 15:23. 15:25 - you can see hunter up on the top floor (where we breached from) telling another of his group to stay there and to point a gun at the top door and listen incase anyone tries to come through. This is proof they knew there was an entry and exit point seperate from the main doors. 15:37 you see the "complying victims" run into the side room and are evebtually told by hunter that the room isn't safe as the attackers can shoot into that room. 15:45 (more than 20 secs after the initiation the girl who is supposedly a "complying hostage" is still running around inside and doesn't have her hands up showing she is in fact not complying and we have been granted attackers rights on her. 15:47 you can see hunter go back into the room and the male is still with their hands up. 15:49 the male drops their hands and are no longer complying meaning we now had attackers rights on this person. it looks like that at some stage after the male runs out they decide to comply. 16:58 - the girl informs @Dusty that she has her hands up, the male remains silent 17:02 @Dusty acknowledges that he has heard her and says good. 17:05 @Dusty states "If you have your hands up then come out" giving further instructions to anyone that is complying inside. Anyone not complying with this then becomes a non-complying hostage and we also gain the right to kill them. 17:07 Hunter tells them not to go outside 17:15 the girl asks hunter whether they should go out, hunter tells her not to go out. 17:21 @Dusty gives clear instructions (which is also a further initiation)to come out or die 17:23 Hunter again tells them not to 17:33 the girl hostage then states she doesn't want to be there but this isn't conveying anything to anyone other than a person not wanting to be where a hostile situation is underway. 17:41 the male asks "if we just come out can we leave?" - again not complying. 17:43 Hunter then tells them that the attackers wont just let them leave 17:49 @Dusty tells them if it is just the child they are fine. 18:01 @Dusty again tells them to come out with their hands up. At this point neither of the so called "complying hostages" have actually complied with any further instructions for about 44 secs. 18:09 Hunter tells them to stay in there and they will be fine (again telling them not to comply) 18:15 the male says something along the lines of they will be trapped in there for hours in response to hunter. 18:18 dusty responds by again telling them to come out with their hands up. 18:25 all 3 people inside are talking over each other, after watching it several times trying to work out what is being said, i can see that he said something about not being able to come out, but at the time this wasn't clear. then you hear the female say something about the codes. Again at this point neither of them are actually even trying to comply, they are still in the room, not even moving toward an exit. 18:28 @Dusty informs them that everyone in there will die unless they come out with their hands up then the male says he doesn't know the codse so they cant get out. Again, there is no effort to actually move towards an exit and they are not complying with the demands they have been given. 19:15 @Dusty tells the wolf pack to stop using the girl as a human shield and to let them out. 19:21 @Dusty tells them again to send her out. 21:04 @diamond again tells the people inside to come out with their hands up 22:09 @dew (i think) tells the female to come out with her hands up 22:11 hunter tells them not to, the so called "complying hostages" make no effort to even get to a doorway or to go up the ladder when they themselves can see that hunter is aiming up at the ladder. To claim that they cant get out at this point is just a lie. 29:26 hunter states that he can hear us climbing the ladder outside and is still aimed up at the ladder, the hostages can hear and see this and still make no attempt to leave despite clearly knowing at this point that there is a way out other than the door 2 floors below them. 29:37 you can clearly hear us running on the top floor and hunter is even saying IC that it is us. He is still aiming up the ladder in full view of the hostages. 29:47 the female makes a noise and hunter tells them to be quiet, she obeys his instructions 29:51 the female is moving around as can be seen in the video. 31:57 - hunter begins to metagame, discussing people coming to possibly join the fight over the radio without actually talking in game. This is not OOC information, this is direct information relating to people coming into the area. at around 30 minute mark they are aware that we are on the top floor. 33:49 hunter states that we are on top of their place right now. This is said right in front of the so called "complying hostages" 34:40 hunter repeats that we are on the roof. At this point, even if they could not have seen hunter aiming up at the ladder for like 12 minutes (which they both clearly did) or heard the multiple other instances of hunter saying they are above them on the roof (which they both clearly did), it is obviously both IC and OOC that there is a way out other than the door and that they can go up. 38:55 Allah, hearing the kafir taunt his loyal followers and question his greatness guides my grenade onto 5 of the non-compliers and they die. So lets just summarise this: Initial non-compliance by female to the original demand granting us rights. Initial compliance then non-compliance by the male, granting us rights, then he changes his mind again and complies to the initial demand again. ignoring further commands given by the attackers in favour of those in the building with them thereby granting us rights again (even though we already had rights). Continuing non-compliance for over 21 minutes by refusing to come outside (again granting us rights which we already had). At least 12 minutes of knowing IC that there was a way out up top and still not complying with the multiple times they were told to come out with their hands up. Again, even if they didn't know beforehand, they had at least 12 minutes of knowing and intentional non-compliance to the multiple demands to come out of the building even if we assume they didnt know when the initiations were dropped. Clear meta-gaming by hunter (unless I am blind and have missed the mic icon come up). Lying in a report by both accusers False report
  4. Bobby Buckets was born in South London but moved to East London when he was 8. He had a rough childhood His mother was a crack addict and his father was killed in a drive by stabbing. Bobby got into slinging when he was about 12 years old, he needed to make some money so that he could buy food and clothes. As time went on he gained prestige in East London as a well respected slinger and he got his hands on a smooth 6 inch knife. As Bobby grew older he gained his stripes by doing his first stabbing. He stabbed an opp for selling on his turf without giving him a cut of the profits. The kid wanted to take his turn so Bobby ended the mans life. Once Bobby shanked his first chav he quickly gained a reputation for not being messed with. He want on to shank more people and then was wanted by the police. Him and the boys decided to go to a football game in Russia, the night got wild and the next thing you know the lads woke up in Chernarus. East Europe was somewhere they always wanted to go so there they were.
  6. BobbySullivan

    S1: Novaya Petrovka Industrial Unreasonable Hostage Demands & Invalid Kill (roleplayed)

    POV: After negotiating didnt work out with them we leave for a bit and then come back and initiate, time goes by and I get on the roof. Demands were made and nobody was complying so I decided to throw the nade down the ladder. Both of you could have easily gone to the ladder 10m in front of you and came out with your hands up to show you were complying instead of listening to the non compliers and hiding behind them as they had guns raised ready to shoot at us.
  7. POV: I met up with the boys in cherno, After a couple minutes being there we started to get shot at by the people inside the compound. We then defend ourselves and only shoot the people inside who were shooting at us. The only person I killed was someone who shot at us first.
  8. POV: I killed a guy that killed 2 of my group mates and a bit later the guys inside the compound initiated on everyone so I killed 2 of them inside the compound because some of our guys were saying they were getting shot at from people inside the compound
  9. BobbySullivan

    S1 Lopatino Castle Invalid Kill 19:32

    Yea I noticed this after I made that post, I’m being 100% rn I didn’t really know about this I just made the montage uploaded it then came on the forums and posted it. And I wouldn’t really say he’s my “boy” I don’t really talk to anyone in the house on a daily basis I just play every once in a while.
  10. BobbySullivan

    S1 Lopatino Castle Invalid Kill 19:32

    I uploaded the video on Wednesday (May 8th) and then was called in on Thursday (May 9th). I had no clue this report was up until I was called in.
  11. BobbySullivan

    S1 Lopatino Castle Invalid Kill 19:32

    Everytime I finish a montage I delete the clips right after to save space
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