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  1. I made a post about this a couple hours ago and it was marked as solved but Im still getting kicked for not being whitelisted. I was perm banned by JimRP then he unbanned me a couple minutes later and now I get kicked for not being whitelisted
  2. I got perm banned a couple days ago by JimRP and then he unbanned me like a couple minutes after and now I get kicked for not being whitelisted. I went to help desk and was told to come over and make a post here
  3. Arma 3 Joey the kid has never let go of a keyboard and mouse ever in his life
  4. BobbySullivan

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

  5. Is this your definition of roleplay?
  6. BobbySullivan

    S1 - Invalid Initiation and RDM 11/11/2018 10:00pm US EST Time

    Bobby Sullivan POV: I was at the two barns in the field down the hill from green mountain waiting for Kermit to meet up with him. He then says he has a bunch of people chasing him with guns out, when we finally meet up the guys are still chasing him so we run up towards green mountain and then we saw someone else cut us off and he was wearing a red bandana like the guys who were chasing Kermit. I was really far ahead so I wouldn’t have been able to hear anyone. I asked Kermit if he could hear him trying to talk and he said he could as you can hear in the video but it wasn’t any initiation or anything. So we keep going and then I see the guy raise his gun and start shooting so me and Kermit took cover behind a couple trees and I manage to kill 1 before dying. i don’t think we got any of of their names
  7. BobbySullivan

    S1 - NVFL and Baiting - Vybor Industrial - 11/08/18 00:22

    Bobby Sullivan POV: We were heading to vybor because our friend Josh said some Russians were at the industrial and not letting him drink water. On the way there I run into a man close to the crossroads and he tells me that kamenci own vybor and industrial and to stay the fuck away, and generally being toxic. We then were planning on initiating on them but they initiated on josh first so we started shooting.
  8. Uh I was trying to aim down but it threw me off lmfao
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the verdict wasnt fair because what was stated wasnt our intention at all, We didnt want a 10 second robbery and strip him naked and then kill him. Our mindset was completely different than what was said in the verdict. Also I believe I didn’t do anything wrong because all I did was initiate and ask him to drop his guns and backpack because with this patch you can pull out a gun really quickly and start shooting which has happened before. After I initiate you can see me walk away to see if he had a friend that was going to come help him and I didn’t shoot a single bullet. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'd just like to explain more about why we told him to stop talking, my friend Josh Rizzo was following this man around for around 5 to 10 minutes and he saw a couple people around in the area. When I approached we had a small conversation in which he told me he was going to over to grishino in which we were at grishino earlier and there was a situation going on there, and we weren't fans of that area and Josh was robbed by the people who run grishino. So we decided to rob him, I did not tell him to strip naked or anything I just wanted him to drop both his guns and his backpack, because he had an alice backpack he could be carrying more weapons. As for when we told him to stop talking we didnt want him reaching out to a friend to save him, As stated earlier Josh said he saw a couple other people in the area and they may or may not have been his allies. We believed he was stalling to try and get his friend over to help him. We believe that because its happened before, Where my friend Josh and couple others were robbing someone and the guy was saying he was dropping it over and over and it turned out he was double micing and his friends came over. I just want to be clear out intention was NOT to kill him he just simply didnt meet the demand we were giving him and Josh decided to shoot him. We just wanted to make sure he wasnt reaching out to his friends. If he would have complied and once we made sure he did not have a way of reaching out to his friends we would have let him talk and continue with the RP scenario. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: What I would like to achieve in this appeal is hopefully an unban and 1 ban strike removed, because for the time that ive been here and played it has been incredibly fun and I was enjoying the time on here a lot, And I would like to keep on playing here. I know its just a 5 day ban and not a perm like im making it out to be but there isnt much games out there that I find enjoyable as much as I did the past days. What could you have done better?: Things that I could have done better is maybe the "Stop talking" demand shouldnt have been done and now I understand it shouldnt be done anymore, Instead of telling him to stop talking I could just take his communications device. Or maybe instead of shooting him like what was said in the verdict punch him or something. and overall just to try and have better RP. I apologize for what I did and I completely understand and will try better next time.
  10. Bobby Sullivan POV: So bassically, Josh was keeping an eye on this guy from afar watching him and telling me where he was going, and the plan was to rob him. I then have a conversation with him and I tell him to put his hands up/drop the weapon. I told him not to talk but he maybe didnt hear me cause that music was pretty loud. He then kept talking and he was told multiple times to stop talking and he kept talking. It then got the point where he didnt stop talking that my friend decided to shoot him.
  11. Bobby Sullivan POV: I was playing with my friend @Dew It was my first time on the server and we were rolling around and he was teaching me the ropes, I was at northwest gearing up and he told me he was at VMC. He then says "Oh I see 2 people Im going to roleplay im going to mute" I then decide to go make my way towards vmc, I enter the compound from the northern side and I dont see anyone at first. I then walk towards the admin building and I see 2 people aiming at my friend telling him to put the gun away and I took it as initiation as they were both pointing guns toward him making a demand. Dew then unmutes and we go on about our night. Also I logged out because it was server restart, as the logs show I logged out 3 seconds before the restart, I then went to go refill my bottle of water and I then had to search for the server. Which what took me 5 minutes to rejoin.
  12. Born and raised in lakeside, always looked up to his father and how much of a great police officer he was and how he always wanted to help others by putting others before him. Bobby was easily peer pressured into doing bad things while in school and his father was trying to get that out of him cause he knew it would get him into no good in the future. Lakeside was a terrible place to live in at that time, constant gang fights with police officers, frequent bank robberies. One day Bobby's Father died in a gang fight. Thats when Bobby decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a police officer. As the years go by Bobby is one of the highest ranking officers in the force, which means he's known to all the gangs and of their targets. Some gang members were his friends back in highschool, so they took him hostage and forced him to leave the PD and join them. After a couple months the National Gaurd arrived into Lakeside to stop all these gangs. Bobby and a group of his friends decided to flee to chernaurus to continue their gang activity there. One day a zombie outbreak arose and Bobby was seperated from his friends now he has to learn how to survive by himself.
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