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    The Tsepovs

  2. Alek Tsepov has 3 brothers and is part of the Tsepov family. His legendary father, a truly hard motherfucker, He was one of the elite members of the family and brother of Igor. Like his brothers Alek grew up tough. Growing up he was never one to pick on people or try fighting others, but if anything came his way he knew how to handle himself. Dealing with his idiot of a brother Maksym who always tried fighting everyone for little to no reason. Alek was always the most reasonable child of the rest so he was the most trusted. The family became a big part of his life, and during his younger years he was introduced to the family life style...Exstortion, drugs, weapons and so on. He then was sent to New York and worked on behalf of the Tspov Family. He worked in New York for about 3-4 years, During his time there he learned how to speak like an American and adapted to their culture. Family means everything to Alek, so he would occasionally return to Chernarus to see his family and make sure everyone was healthy and well. During one of his visits to Chernarus the flu broke out so Alek stuck to his family and remembered the values he had grown up with.
  3. Bobby

    The Tsepovs

    good luck my brothers
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      i hate @Nik


  4. @Stagsview 10/10, gotta put more time in on v++
  5. Talked with the boys and we are over it, accidents can happen. Drop the report
  6. Server and location: S2 Livonia Outside Gliniska Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:04 Your in game name: Bobby Slaughter Names of allies involved: @Max Simons @Dew @LumenRP Name of suspect/s: @Squillium & Someone else Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Hatchback (friendly) Sedan (enemy) Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Someone stole our car at soup kitchen so we took our other car in search for it. We head out towards Gliniska and we then see another car, @Dew is the driver and he goes in front of the other car to get it to stop. @Squillium Gets out of his car first, pulls out his gun and yells out "get out of the car and you're dead" but I was already in the animation of getting out of the car, its not like I can cancel the animation. As soon as the animation is finishing he says "Wait don't" and shoots me instantly.
  7. Bobby

    The Saints

    You know the fuckin vibes
  8. Bobby Slaughter POV: We roll up to sitnik and see 2-3 people on the road talking. When we go up to try and talk to them @Safron starts running away so we chase after him. When we get by the clinic he says he wanted to see a doctor or somethin like that but he just kept running away from the clinic. I chase after him and initiate, He raised his gun and shot so he was killed.
  9. I got static in my city, who fuckin wit me?
  10. I rolled up when this was over, Had nothing to do with this situation.
  11. Bobby Slaughter POV: I was on yellow health from zombies so I was not there when @Dew was talking with him on the road. I finally heal up around the time that @Red5 ran away. @Shroud caught up to him and hid inside a couple bushes, Thats when Dewski spotted them and he raised his gun and initiated on him telling him to stop running. @Red5 then started running again, We told him again to stop running from us and he then got behind a hay bale, and pulled out his pistol initiated and was aiming at Dewski so he was killed.
  13. To clarify, I initiated I waited 2-3 seconds they started to fan out and try and get positions/push me and then I started shooting after the first guy tried going for cover after initially stopping. @purple kisses Also did not put her hands up but since she stood still without her gun out I did not shoot her and then took her hostage. I want to make this very clear, The initiation was to put their hands up NOT for them to fan out to try and get positions/push me. Therefore, they were not complying and I fired upon them.
  14. I waited around 2-3 seconds and then they started to fan out. No video evidence from me
  15. POV: I was following this group of 5 in the field outside of vmc they went into Vybor Industrial, I dropped an initiation, they began to fan out showing obvious signs of non compliance.The initiation was very clear "Everyone put your hands up or I'm gonna shoot you" they failed to put their hands up, 1 stopped then started backing up towards a fence (didn't comply) so I shot him, 3 tried to push (didn't comply) and died. The only one who complied was @purple kisses, @Nik roleplayed with her for about 10 minutes and after she kept saying that she just wanted to die over and over Nik decided to let her go. My bad I wrote it out a while ago but I forgot to hit submit reply
  16. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I got banned for "ruleplay" when I just killed a person who KOS'd Dew, I believe if I killed the rest of wolfpack that had nothing to do with the killing then it would have been ruleplay. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There is a bit of relevant history that our group has with the Wolf Pack. The two groups have had multiple gunfights with each other, there has been losses on both sides, and both sides have started them. Hostages from both groups have been taken Our group members IC for the most part DO NOT LIKE the Wolf Pack and view most of them as "weak" (please see our group page regarding this) An arrangement at peace was attempted and this resulted in the death of Nik and I by members of the Wolfpack who basically backstabbed us/and or was really an ambush in our eyes. This information was given to the Jackals through IC means by someone present at the situation, Basically as it seemed to our members IG, the actions were done by people low in the WP ranks and the higher ups didn't really do much about it in the way we would have expected them to deal with it (eye for an eye minimum). After this, peace was somewhat achieved and we moved into the compound with the WP. Please note that this is at best what could be described as a very fragile peace. We roleplayed with the wolfpack that were in the truck the whole way up, figuring out what had happened, why they did it etc. We told them that we wanted them outside the prison and I believe Dustup said he wanted them tied up. Hutch tells us these 2 were not high ranks within wolfpack, and knowing what happened last time where the leaders of WP did not do anything about it, we were going to deal with it on our own. When we showed up, we were faced with two still armed members not tied up as requested on at least 1 occassion, and us with by a few WP members in view and not knowing whether there were more hidden in the prison building, or any other surrounding building that had eyes and positions on us on us. As the stream shows the two murderers didn't give a shit about what they had done. No fear, no attempt to get ahead and try and apologise, no concern shown etc, just a very uncaring "im here what do you want" attitude. There was absolutely no emotion shown at all despite them KNOWING what they had done and why we were likely there. This leads us to the only conclusion we could, that they didn't care what they had done, and to us they had to die for their actions, and this had to be done quickly to avoid anyone trying to interfere or rescue them and to deny us our justice. We had good IC reasons for all of this. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed and hopefully ban too What could you have done better?: Talked to them a little more than just saying "Dewski sends his regards" and then shooting them
  17. "I'm a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon" - John Lennon December 8, 1980, Juice WRLD December 8, 2019. RIP
  18. Rest in peace to a real one 


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  19. Im down If I cant escape from my weeb prison maybe I can escape on this
  20. Bobby

    Free the boys

    The blood of your waifus cleanses the path of the righteous
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