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    Hi! Sorry for the scare, but I did notice the profile on steam. You know how hard it is to find girls playing video games today ?? Well, I'm glad I stumbled upon this little proof because I have to say..you are cute !! ^^ (Sorry for scaring, no problems) well .. I was wondering if you would play cs: go with me (I'm a global elite so I can carry my little princess if needed. = -}) because I really want someone to play with me .. hey hey, maybe even I could get you a knife as a small gift. You like Tiger Tooth? Me too, me too. but, maybe you have Skype? (No scare, no scare, I'd like a face2face.) If we skype, I think we could get some good talk. :)) (I can even mute my dubstep music if you want ..) add me if you want Thanks, I need friend maybe even boyfriend, to play with. I can be the perfect guy for you !! i buy you anything, okay ?? You need to pick up that phone and call ?

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